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A Moving Tribute to Gianni Giaroni

Before the tournament dealers were ordered to shuffle up and deal, tournament director Thomas Kremser first made the sad announcement of the death of the popular Italian poker player, Gianni Giaroni.

Palovic's PokerStars Logo Brings Him Luck

The man who has recently had the PokerStars logo dyed into the back of his head, Dag Palovic, has just doubled up through an overly aggressive Gianni Giaroni.

The Return of the Bubble Boy

At every major tournament there is always one unfortunate soul who just doesn't quite make it into the money. We call this poor soul the bubble boy. At EPT Vienna the bubble boy was Gianni Giaroni.

The Bubble Has Burst!

After 16 hours and 30 minutes of exciting and exhilarating poker we came down to the snail pace of the hand for hand bubble action. The vultures flew around the tables waiting for the inevitable carcass to be thrown out into the throng.

Gianni Giaroni Eliminated in 4th Place (€25,262)

After seven hands without showing interest at all, Gianni Giaroni suddenly woke up again on the big blind, after Freddy Deeb had raised preflop to 14k.

Hands # 65-70, One Flop, Two Walks

You might not think it's the same tournament which flew through the first two tables, but maybe because they've done so the two players with the most chips do still have a lot of options.

Holy Giaroni Batman!

Hand #64: Freddy Deeb opened preflop and Gianni Giaroni pushed all-in for about 46,000. Deeb got a count on the stacks before saying, "I'll gamble with you, what the hell.

Hands #45-7 Mizzi Regains Momentum

Gianni Giaroni came out raising a huge 60k straight off the bat again preflop, and as usual, no callers. Then two hands in a row Sorel Mizzi raised to 7,500 reflop. The first got him the pot, but the second picked up Freddy Deeb.

Giaroni Thought He Was for the Chop; He Was

Hand #24 Gianni Giaroni just fourbet shoved his remaining chips in preflop over Roger Hairabedian, who'd made it 29k. To call: 45,400 more. Into the tank with Hairabedian, who took a minute or so to consider before making the call.

Giaroni Gets Gutsy

After seeing Gianni Giaroni take off during brief periods of large-scale preflop raising which generally won him some decent chips, he's been quiet up until now.

Lellouche Unlucky

We didn't see the exact pre-flop action but Antony Lellouche had his opponent, Gianni Giaroni all in preflop. Lellouche was holding pocket jacks, and Giaroni .

"Moi Crazier," Says Hairabedian of Giaroni, While Doubling Off Him

Sorel Mizzi set it all off with a standard raise preflop which saw Roger Hairabedian just ship it in for 44,900.

Top Set + Overpair = Huge Pot

On a flop of , Gianni Giaroni checked being first to act. Viotto Rintala checked as well and action fell on the third player in the hand, Corneliu Cretu, fired 2,425. Giaroni called before Rintala raised to 6,425.

Gianni Giaroni Eliminato - 2009 EPT San Remo

Subito dopo la sua eliminazione abbiamo fermato un Gianni Giaroni visibilmente deluso che ci ha fornito le sue impressioni a caldo riguardo la sua uscita.

Gianni Giaroni Eliminated in 10th Place (€78,800)

Dragan Galic has just claimed another victim in Italian Gianni Giaroni, setting the stage for our unofficial nine-handed final table. Action folded around to Galic in the small blind who made it 60,000 to go.

Galic Wins with... Something

The situation on the rail has gotten a little crowded. With only two tables left -- one of them the feature table -- most of the media are concentrated on the rail by the secondary table. It's become difficult to follow the action.

Another Hit for Galic

Dragan Galic is not enjoying Day 4 nearly as much as he enjoyed the first three days of this tournament. He had Gianni Giaroni all in on a board of . Each player showed down ace-queen, but Giaroni held the .