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Tag: preflop strategy

Donkey Poker: Do You Play Too Many Hands?

Poker author Steve Selbrede discusses what constitutes a winning "VPIP" for live & online.

Running a Large Semi-Bluff on the Turn

Consider how you'd have played this one, described by Jonathan Little as "an odd hand."

Five Bankroll Depleting Thoughts That Sabotage Stacks

Sometimes our own ill-advised thinking can be the most challenging opponent at the table.

Hand Review: Four-Bet Bluff Small or Just Shove?

Consider how you would play this hand from a WSOP-Circuit side event.

Donkey Poker: Low-Stakes Live Games Differ from Online

"Donkey Poker" series author Steve Selbrede highlights ways live poker is unlike online.

Understanding the Value of Position in Poker

Learn about position by imagining playing the same hand in position and out of position.

Hand Review: Out of Position Against a Maniac

Mo Nuwwarah analyzes a tricky hand played in a recent WSOP Circuit event.

Postflop Poker in No-Limit Hold'em: Don't Fear It, Focus On It

New NLHE players focus a lot on preflop strategy, but to improve they need to go further.

Facing Limpers in a $5 Buy-In Kitchen Table Tournament

Jonathan Little shares a preflop problem in a home-game hand.

Patriots Use Their One Time in Super Bowl Comeback

Recasting the swingy win probability graph of Super Bowl LI as a series of hold'em hands.

How to Win a Hand by Understanding an Opponent's Range

888poker Ambassador Dominik Nitsche analyzes a high-stakes NL cash game hand.

Theo Jorgensen Battles with Bottom Set in High-Stakes Pot-Limit Omaha

Jorgensen and Ryan Laplante analyze a €90K PLO hand Theo won at 888Live Rozvadov Festival.

Can Randy "Nanonoko" Lew Fold Pocket Kings Preflop?

Enjoy the suspense as Randy Lew talks through a hand in which he actually might fold KK.

Passive or Aggressive? Ranking Different Calls in Hold'em

Examining crying calls, hero calls, overcalls, flat calls, smooth calls, and cold calls.

Looking Back: Kenny Hallaert Revisits Decision in November Nine Hand

Nov. Niner looks back on WSOP Main Event final table hand he might've played differently.

Postflop Aggression: Facing the Dreaded Turn Check-Raise

Jonathan Little turns a flush, but an opponent's check-raise gives reason for concern.

Three No-Limit Hold'em Moves You Can Use

Poker author Ashley Adams reviews the squeeze play, set mining, and the float.

Hand Review: Would You Fold a Set Deep in This Tournament?

Analyzing a set-over-set situation late in the PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event.

How to Play Pocket Aces Multi-Way on a Scary Board

Jonathan Little gets pocket aces, but faces multiple opponents and a board that's becoming increasingly scary. Watch and listen to how he plays the hand.

Hand Review: Bluffing Dutchman Jasper Meijer Executes Another

During heads-up play at the EPT Prague Main Event, Jasper Meijer boldly bluffs in a hand where both he and his opponent are playing the board.