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Flopped Set vs. a Check-Raise -- What Do You Do Here?

You flop top set with A-A and bet, but get check-raised. LearnWPT considers the options.

Hand Review: Turning Kings Into a Bluff Deep in PSC Panama

Reviewing an interesting postflop sequence deep at PokerStars Championship Panama.

7 Tips to Take Your Poker Game From "Meh" to Amazing

The author of "Modern Small Stakes" with advice to help break-even players start winning.

Can Randy "Nanonoko" Lew Fold Pocket Kings Preflop?

Enjoy the suspense as Randy Lew talks through a hand in which he actually might fold KK.

How to Play Pocket Aces Multi-Way on a Scary Board

Jonathan Little gets pocket aces, but faces multiple opponents and a board that's becoming increasingly scary. Watch and listen to how he plays the hand.

How to Play Top Pair, Top Kicker on a Coordinated Board

Hand analysis: Jonathan Little makes top pair, top kicker but might be beaten.

Your Opponent Is a Maniac: How Far Do You Go With Pocket Jacks?

Normally you want to avoid huge all-in confrontations with pocket jacks, but if your opponent is a maniac you may have to rethink, says Jonathan Little.

How Wide of a Range Do You Call All In Against a Tight Opponent?

Jonathan Little reviews a hand from a European Poker Tour Main Event involving deep stacks, premium starting hands, and a lot of preflop reraising.

A Bold Bluff and a Sick Spot: Sin Melin Discusses Hands from 888Live London

English pro Sin Melin discusses a couple of interesting hands from her Main Event run at the recently completed 888Live Poker Festival London.

2016 WSOP on ESPN: More Tough Decisions -- "And It's the Main Event As Well"

We play another round of "What Would You Do?" in hands from late on Day 6 of the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event as they played down to 27.

Don't Let Strong Starting Hands Trick You Into Thinking You "Deserve" the Pot

Being dealt a big starting hand in no-limit hold'em is no guarantee you'll collect a big pot afterwards. Sometimes you have to fold those strong starters.

Morten Mortensen on Keeping Your Head in the Game

Danish player Morten Mortensen discusses a big queens-versus-aces hand in the EPT Barcelona Main Event and the need to keep your cool after losing big pots.

How to Extract Value? Flopping Top Set in a Five-Bet Pot

Jonathan Little reviews a hand from the WSOP Main Event in which he flopped a set of aces, then tries (and in his view, fails) to maximize value thereafter.

Getting Check-Raised with Pocket Aces on a King-High Board

Jonathan Little analyzes a hand from last year's WSOP in which he has pocket aces, the board is king-high on the turn, and his opponent check-raises big.

Everybody Folds When You Finally Have a Big Hand? Here’s How to Fix It

Does everyone seem to fold when you pickup a premium starting hand? You might be raising too much or too infrequently, and thus giving away too much info.

Jonathan Little Finds a Fold After a Bad River Card

Jonathan Little analyzes a WSOP hand in which he flops top pair, top kicker, turns the nut flush draw, then has to fold after a bad river card comes.

Three Common Poker Ideas to Banish From Your Mind

If your thoughts are contaminated with wrong ideas, bad decisions will result. Here are three common poker ideas you should purge from your mind now.

Four-Bet Sizing: Thinking About Postflop Pot-to-Stack Ratios

A hand from the 2015 WSOP Casino Employees event illustrates how it is important to consider the effective stacks left after building a big pot preflop.