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Throwback Thursday: Watch What You Meat

What type of meat should you eat? Find out in this week's Throwback Thursday video.

Stay Stacked: Keep Your Focus With Breathing and Mantras

Mental skills coach, Alessandra Farley, M.A., discusses a popular combination of techniques she works on with her poker-playing clients -- circle breaths and mantras.

Stay Stacked: Making Positive Changes

Freelance poker writer and Needy Helper, Lee Davy, uses his challenging life experiences for good by dedicating himself to helping others make positive changes in their lives.

Stay Stacked: Get in the Flow with Jared Tendler

Jared Tendler shares a concept from his second book, The Mental Game of Poker 2, about "The Flow", which is the ideal mental zone to be in, between anxiety or boredom.

Stay Stacked: Juice-Cleanse with Ryan D'Angelo and Ronit Chamani

In this episode we join Ryan D’Angelo and Ronit Chamani at the farmer’s market to discuss their pre-WSOP Main Event preparation with a five-day juice cleanse.

Stay Stacked: Clean Eating with All American Dave

Lynn Gilmartin joins Dave Swanson at his new All American Dave food truck to find out why his clean meals are so loved, and how you can "clean up" your meals at home.

Stay Stacked: Your Three Simple Basics

This week we're joined by naturopath-in-training Suzie Weber to discuss the basic way to begin living your Stay Stacked life.

Stay Stacked: Is a Massage at the Table a Necessity or Luxury?

Stephanie Courtenay from Best Hands joins Lynn Gilmartin to discuss the importance of massage, specifically while playing poker.

Stay Stacked: Health Coaching with Melissa Ambrosini

If you feel overwhelmed with where to start in making healthy changes to your lifestyle, working with a health coach will help you get into full gear. One of Australia's most popular coaches, Melissa Ambrosini, joins Lynn Gilmartin to discuss.

Stay Stacked: Quick and Easy Yoga Routine with Tula Living

Yoga gives you clarity and emotional control, which allows you to perform better, give off less tells, and perhaps handle swings easier. Roshini Mccartin shares a quick and easy routine to begin your day at the felt.

Stay Stacked: Multiple Personality Disorder - You've Got It!

Lynn Gilmartin speaks with mental-game coach, Jamie Glazier, about "Multiple Personality Disorder", and how each and every one of us has it.

Stay Stacked: Snacks for Your Game

Lynn Gilmartin shares her suggested snacks for a day on the poker grind.