APPT Macau Main Event

Drawing Dead? Not Quite...

In a huge preflop confrontation David Van Brakel was all in against Harri Suni. Bob Binsky was also interested in the pot but after some deliberation he decided to fold.

Brakel flipped {K-Hearts}{K-Spades} to be in trouble against Suni's {A-Spades}{A-Hearts}, but things got worse for Brakel when Binksy announced that he had folded pocket kings, leaving Brakel virtually drawing dead before the flop!

At least that's what he thought, until the board fell {5-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}{J-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{9-Clubs} giving Brakel an amazing running straight to take the pot and leave Suni in shock with just one green 25-denomination chip left!

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Amateurs Have Come Ready to Mix It Up

Vanessa Rousso
Vanessa Rousso
The amateur players in today's field are not showing any signs of fear in the face of some of their more experienced opponents. Jay Kinkade, Johnny Chan and several other pros have raised preflop, only to see an amateur behind them reraise and push them out of the pot.

Vanessa Rousso is one notable exception. She was heads up on the turn, with the board showing {5-Diamonds} {3-Hearts} {6-Hearts} {K-Spades} and over 4,000 chips in the pot. On the river {J-Spades}, Rousso checked to her opponent, who bet 1,500. She then raised to 3,000, eliciting a fold. She showed {A-Diamonds} {A-Hearts} before collecting the pot.

Rousso currently has about 17,000 in chips.

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The Mood is Light

The mood seems light-hearted on the tournament floor to start the day. Michael Pedley noticed Chad Brown sitting directly underneath a PokerStars.net ad featuring... Chad Brown. "Is he supposed to be somebody important?" Pedley joked.

Charles Chua is also joking with his table. "How can I be the only Asian on a poker table in Macau?" he asked of his tablemates in mock outrage, all of whom are white.

Today's Field

Today's field is a much larger one than yesterday with an estimate of around 180 players taking to the felt today.

There are many PokerStars qualifiers and plenty of big name professionals including Julian Powell, Van Marcus, David Saab, Mel Judah, Johnny Chan, Yevgeniy Timoshenko, Jay Kinkade and Team PokerStars Pros Vanessa Rousso, Chad Brown and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier.

Today's Format

Today we'll be playing seven levels, which is the same as yesterday. There will be no dinner break, just a ten-minute break after every two levels.

Players will start with a 10,000 chip start bank with the blinds at 25/50.

Shuffle Up and Deal!

Why aren't you smiling?
Why aren't you smiling?
Cards are in the air. Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, dressed as the villian "The Joker" from the Batman franchise (complete with dyed hair and face paint) called out the magic phrase "Shuffle up and deal! Hahahahahaha."

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Lion Ceremony Underway


As we did yesterday, we are starting the day today with a traditional Chinese lion ceremony. J.J. Liu, Vanessa Rousso and Chad Brown got things started on the cymbals, drum and gong respectively. After a couple of ceremonial "first bangs", they turned the instruments over to the professionals, who are banging away as I type this while three dragons wander through the tournament area, blessing each table and chasing away the evil spirits.

For a sense of what it was like, watch the video from yesterday's lion ceremony.

Welcome to Day 1b

Welcome back to the Grand Waldo Hotel and Casino here in glorious Macau for the second day 1 flight of the 2008 APPT Macau Main Event.

Yesterday we saw 125 starters reduced to 45 by the end of the day's play. We are expecting a much larger turnout today with the poker room to be buzzing in anticipation.

The action kicks off at 1:30 p.m. local time with the PokerNews Live Reporting Team on the floor to bring you every flop, turn and river live as it happens! Stay tuned!