$100,000 Challenge

Gimme a G

Tony G

Tony G raised to 40,000 to start the action, and Mikhail Smirnov three-bet to 150,000 from the small blind. That covered The G, and he called all in for his last 140,000. The cards were turned up, and it was a horse race.

Tony G: {10-Diamonds} {10-Clubs}
Smirnov: {K-Clubs} {J-Spades}

The {9-Spades} {2-Clubs} {A-Hearts} flop was a good start for Tony G, now just two cards from the double. The turn {3-Spades} was safe, too , and the river {5-Hearts} cinched up his double.

That pot moves Tony G back into the mix with 292,000, while Smirnov's stack barely shows any sign of that encounter. He's still got about 1.2 million chips and more than half of all in play.

Player Chips Progress
Mikhail Smirnov ru
Mikhail Smirnov
ru 1,200,000 182,000
Tony G lt
Tony G
lt 292,000 40,000

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