Event #15: $560 Super Survivor

Event Info

Buy-in $560
Prize Pool $172,660
Players 356
Players Left 35
Average Chip Stack 254,286
Total Chips 8,900,000

Players Info - Day 1

Players Left 35
Entries 356
Event #15: $560 Super Survivor
Day 1 Completed

Super Survivor Winners


The tournament saw 34 players secure a $5,000 payday, while the 35th-place finisher received about half of that. Here's a look at all those who got paid.

Emily Larson$5,000
Apostolos Vasiliadis$5,000
Bartholomew Golik$5,000
David Chang$5,000
Dejuante Alexander$5,000
Scott Koplik$5,000
Constanti Mamakos$5,000
Michael Haas$5,000
Stephen Eckelmann$5,000
Philip Corhan$5,000
Michael Cannon$5,000
Michael Nye$5,000
Michael Sosa$5,000
David Finley$5,000
David Fried$5,000
Rafal Kordys$5,000
John Kostelac$5,000
Elan Branas$5,000
Paul Lambrakis$5,000
Richard Salaices$5,000
Michael Miller$5,000
Everton Taylor$5,000
Manuel Jo$5,000
Giedrius Bagdonas$5,000
John Mcguinness$5,000
Adel Jo$5,000
Patrick Ibrahim$5,000
Timothy Dalessandro$5,000
Glenn Spector$5,000
Gilmar Ribeiro Cattapreta$5,000
Yordan Petrov$5,000
Josias Santos$5,000
John Lee$5,000
Mario Concepcion$5,000
Grigoriy Shvarts$2,660

Survive and Get Paid in Event #15: $560 Super Survivor!


Coming up at 5 p.m. is Event #15: $560 Super Survivor NLH with $50,000 Guaranteed.

What that means is approximately one in ten players will win $5,000! Play will continue until only 10% of the entrants remain and those Super Survivors will collect $5,000 in cold, hard, cash!

The tournament starts players with 20,000 in tournament chips and late registration and re-entries will remain open through the break at the end of Level 8. Levels 1-16 will last 30 minutes each, and after that, they'll shift to 40 minutes in length.

The results for this event will be published once PokerNews receives this from the organization.

Event #15: $560 Super Survivor
Day 1 Started