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€5,300 EPT San Remo Main Event

Man of Constant Winning

Also doing well (though nowhere near the epic doing-wellness of Dragan Galic) is the amusing Dutchman, Constant Rijkenberg.

There was a raise to 6,000 from the button, but Rijkenburg countered it with a reraise to 18,100, from the small blind (not sure the extra one hundred chips was doing much, but it is his right.) After some consideration, the button folded, and Rijkenberg is on 135,000.

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Galic Starting to Really Upset His Table

Galic - in shirt no. 3
Galic - in shirt no. 3
More extraordinary chip accumulation for Dragan Galic and endless woe for tablemate Emanuele Rugini.

Down to mere shrapnel, Rugini got his very last in with {6-Diamonds} {10-Hearts}, only for Galic to wake up with {A-Diamonds} {K-Diamonds}. However, the board came down {5-Hearts} {Q-Hearts} {9-Hearts} {J-Diamonds} {K-Hearts} to give Rugini the four flush, and he stayed in.

Still dangerously short, he shoved again the next hand and this time he thought he'd be good with {A-?} {K-?}. Unfortunately for him, Galic looked down at his cards, found pocket aces and called.

A jack and a ten came down on the flop, and Galic was actually calling for a queen to double up the hapless Rugini, but it was not to be and the Galic steamroller continues on a disturbingly more-than-double-the-next-biggest-stack 500,000.

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Tommi Gone

Tommi Etelapera is busto, his {A-?} {Q-?} staying behind all the way down a raggy board against diminutive Frenchman Tristan Clemencon's {A-?} {K-?}. Clemencon, who looked genuinely sorry to be busting his opponent, is now up to a very comfortable 145,000.

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Some Chip Updates

Josh Prager: located in the very back corner of the room, buried under a hat. He's nursing 52,000 chips.

Dragan Galic: up to 450,000 and still crushing his table.

Dan O'Brien: has the look of a condemned man but is hanging tough with 50,000.

Tom McEvoy: still looks strange to us with his beard, but it has hindered him yet. He's on 65,000.

Asa Smith: just raised his button and folded to push from the small blind. That loss knocked him down to 60,000.

Barbosa Gets No Callers

There was a raise to 5,700, to which EPT Warsaw champion Joao Barbosa responded by pushing for around 46,000. It folded right back around to the original raiser, and after the very briefest of pauses, he folded too. Barbosa below average but still fairly comfortable on 55,000.

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The internet connection here in the media room at the San Remo Municipal Casino has become extremely suspect over the last 60 to 90 minutes. We'll try our best to continue to bring you live updates, but if there's a long gap between posts, you'll know why.

Thierry Van Den Out

Van den Berg - sick
Van den Berg - sick
Just before the break, Thierry van den Berg busted out to his buddy Lex Veldhuis.

After folding {A-?} {Q-?} to Veldhuis the hand before, van den Berg was certain that his pocket kings would be good -- but in a cruel blow, Veldhuis had the aces and after a king-free board was dealt, van den Berg made his exit. "So sick," he lamented. "Sick," agreed Veldhuis, now commander of around 90,000 in chips.

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Break Time

The players who have been on a dinner break are itching to get back to the felt, but they're going to have to wait another 15 minutes.