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€5,300 EPT San Remo Main Event

Giuseppe Argento Eliminated in 11th Place (€45,700)

Argento - not so golden any more
Argento - not so golden any more
Giuseppe Argento just limped in on the cutoff, and young American William Reynolds raised to 68,000 from the button. Small blind folded, big blind folded, action back around to Argento, and a call. A flop.

Flop: {2-Spades} {4-Diamonds} {7-Clubs}

Argento checked to Reynolds, and then called a 76,000 bet. Onwards.

Turn: {6-Hearts}

Argento checked again, and this time Reynolds made it 145,000, his mouth gaping. Argento sat back in his seat. Then he announced all in. An INSTANT call from Reynolds.

Argento: {3-Hearts} {3-Spades}
Reynolds: {K-Spades} {K-Diamonds}

River: {9-Hearts}

Thus, we are down another Italian, and our runners are only ten.

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Ewww... Dirty

Danilo D'Ettoris must be wondering right now if anyone will be able to beat Dragan Galic in this tournament, considering how good Galic is running. D'Ettoris raised preflop to 62,000 and was called by Galic from the button and Ovidiu Mihai Balaj out of the big blind. The flop was a bit ragged, {8-Hearts} {4-Diamonds} {10-Clubs}. Balaj checked to D'Ettoris, who followed up with an 80,000-chip continuation bet. Galic was the only caller.

When the {9-Diamonds} hit the turn, D'Ettoris slowed down and checked. That prompted Galic to bet 102,000, a bet that D'Ettoris quickly called. He was much, much more deliberate on the river {5-Spades}. He checked and then dove deep into the think tank after Galic bet 200,000.

After almost two minutes, D'Ettoris asked Galic, "Will you show?" Galic, as he has before when asked that question, shook his head no. That seemed to tip D'Ettoris into making a call. It was a poor decision. Galic showed down {5-Diamonds} {5-Clubs}, a hand that had made a set of fives with the dirty, dirty river. As a result, Galic increased his stack by half a million chips.

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Argento is Golden

Argento - no handshakes for him from Rijkenberg
Argento - no handshakes for him from Rijkenberg
With Gustav Sundell and Constant Rijkenberg already in the hand, Giuseppe Argento shoved for roughly 400,000 total. Rijkenberg flat-called, Sundell decided it was a bad idea, and over went his hole cards. Argento was fighting for his tournament life.

Rijkenberg: {A-Diamonds} {Q-Diamonds}
Argento: {A-Hearts} {10-Hearts}

Board: {7-Diamonds} {J-Hearts} {4-Hearts} {6-Spades} {3-Hearts}

Argento proceeded to celebrate (although he refrained from knocking over any side tables, as he did yesterday when he won a big pot). Constant Rijkenberg, not very happy about this at all, declined to shake the Italian's hand upon his fortunate double up...

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Sami Kelopuro Eliminated in 12th Place (€45,700)

Down to 120,000, Kelopuro pushed under the gun, and received a swift call from Dragan Galic.

Kelopuro: {K-Diamonds} {9-Diamonds}
Galic: {A-Hearts} {3-Hearts}

Board: {8-Clubs} {7-Spades} {10-Spades} {4-Hearts} {10-Hearts}

It was a desperate move from a desperate stack, and though he got it in live, he never came out at all. Sami Kelapuro's first ever live tournament cash will be for 12th place.

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Kelopuro Tarred and Feathered

Sami 'LarsLuzak' Kelopuro has just been chopped down to a meager 129,000 chips -- the result of a heads-up confrontation with table neighbor Danilo D'Ettoris.

Action folded around the table to Kelopuro in the small blind, who made it 64,000 to play. D'Ettoris then opted to reraise, making it approximately 254,000 to go (the actual amount was hard to count due to the restricted/congested area around the non-feature table). The action then returned to Kelopuro, who slid the remainder of his stack across the betting line and announced, "All in." D'Ettoris made the call after a brief dwell, and a showdown ensued:

Kelopuro: {A-Clubs} {Q-Spades}
D'Ettoris: {Q-Diamonds} {Q-Hearts}

The community cards came {9-Spades} {Q-Clubs} {6-Clubs} {8-Spades} {10-Diamonds} and an ecstatic D'Ettoris raked in the pot with a set of queens, all the while making sure let Kelopuro know how he felt:

"No respect. No respect. You may fold this. You must fold."

After the hand, D'Ettoris stacked up just over one million in chips.

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Mercier Trying Something New

[user75032] has been streaming their live feed of Day 4 here at the EPT, producing and broadcasting the coverage from the theatre on the ground floor of the casino. Host Thomas Kremser has been welcoming guest commentators all day, giving everyone out there a bit of insight into the mind of a pro poker player. Johnny Lodden took the first quick shift, and then Greg Raymer stepped in for a few solid hours. Raymer seemed right at home behind the microphone, and his knowledge of the game was apparent from the color he was adding to the broadcast.

Now, returning from dinner we have a new guest host in the booth. The 2008 champion of this EPT San Remo event, Jason Mercier, is trying his hand at broadcasting for a little while. Things are going well so far it appears, and Mercier is settling into this alternate poker role quite nicely. As he himself mentioned, he'd much rather be at the table than in the booth, but for now he seems content to watch the action from afar and offer an occasional quip.

Check out the PokerStars EPT Live feed here.


A wide-eyed dealer has just delivered the very last of the 10,000 denomination chips to the tables. "Finish!" he said, for some reason breathless. Looks like we'll be on to the 25,000 chips soon...

Galic Wins with... Something

The situation on the rail has gotten a little crowded. With only two tables left -- one of them the feature table -- most of the media are concentrated on the rail by the secondary table. It's become difficult to follow the action. Thus I beg your indulgence for not being able to report what Dragan Galic tabled in a hand against Gianni Giaroni. Galic called a raise from the big blind, with both players checking the {5-Spades} {K-Spades} {5-Hearts} flop. Galic bet 70,000 when the turn fell {8-Diamonds} and another 70,000 on the river {Q-Clubs}. Giaroni called both bets, but mucked his hand after Galic threw his hand into the center of the table. We were never able to see what it was before the dealer pushed the pot and cleared the board.

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Fitzgerald Getting Feisty

Alex Fitzgerald has wasted no time making his presence known over on the non-feature table. The Seattle, Washington native took down the first two pots he played at his new table, earning each without a showdown.

In the first hand, action folded around the table to Ovidiu Mihai Balaj in the small blind, who made it 57,000 for Fitzgerald to play. Almost immediately, Fitzgerald announced, "I'm all in," and Balaj eventually surrendered.

Seconds later, now in the small blind and facing a raise to 70,000 from Dragan Galic in the cutoff, Fitzgerald reraised, making it a total of 202,000 to play. Galic tanked for what seemed like an eternity before eventually letting go of his holecards.

Thanks to his short surge, Fitzgerald now has right around 800,000 in chips.

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