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Main Event

Britain Builds an Empire in Portugal

Toby Lewis - chip leader by a whisker

This has been one of the fastest Day 4s that we have ever experienced at an EPT, and as we head into the final table the British contingent dominates.

Less than six hours has passed since we reconvened in the Casino Vilamoura with 24 players. When we arrived, Swedish EPT Budapest finalist Martin Jacobson had a two-to-one chip lead over his nearest rival and although the three British players in the field - live tournament specialist Sam Trickett, Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis and former English international footballer Teddy Sheringham - were not among the biggest stacks, they were not exactly the smallest either.

Sam Trickett found himself short early on but quickly recovered and thereafter experienced a steady upward movement in the chip counts all day, busting short stacks left and right, while Toby Lewis enjoyed a huge double up through Martin Jacobson to propel him to big stack status. The two of them took turns holding the chip lead for the rest of the day, and while Trickett had the lead when they went to a single nine-handed table, Lewis managed to just pip him to the overnight chip lead by busting the super-short Erik van den Berg in ninth place. There are just 4,000 chips in it between the two chip leaders. Their fellow countryman, football legend Teddy Sheringham, is in third place.

"We may have all the chips but we can still find a way to burn them all," said a cheerful Lewis as he headed out into the afternoon sun. That would be a feat indeed - between Lewis, Trickett and Sheringham, Britain holds 73% of the chips in play.

It's not over yet, though - among the shorter stacks who made the final are Dutch legend and EPT winner Rob Hollink, the aforementioned young Swedish serial do-weller Martin Jacobson and American online pro Jason “JaspudUF" Lee. However this pans out, it is going to be very, very exciting.

When we reconvene at noon GMT+1, the table and the chips will look like so. Join us back here then.

Seat 1: Teddy Sheringham - 1,783,000
Seat 2: Toby Lewis - 3,322,000
Seat 3: Martin Jacobson - 441,000
Seat 4: Jason Lee - 1,167,000
Seat 5: Sergio Coutinho - 872,000
Seat 6: Sam Trickett - 3,318,000
Seat 7: Rob Hollink - 259,000
Seat 8: Frederik Jensen - 375,000