2022 888poker XL Winter Series
EPT Barcelona Main Event
EPT Barcelona Main Event
Day 2 Completed

Day 2 Complete

The final 56 players have redrawn for seats and will return to play tomorrow at 5pm. They will play down to the final 7.

As soon as the end-of-day chip counts are official, they will be updated in the "chip counts" tab at right.

Check back in with Poker News tomorrow at 5pm Barcelona time for live updates, chip counts, photos, and videos.

We're In the Money!

When the money bubble approached, the poker room became a zoo. Although the tournament area was roped off, railbirds stood five and six people deep to catch a glimpse of the most exciting part of a poker tournament. Several media reps and spectators stood up on chairs to catch a better glimpse of the action. When there was any action, the players at other tables who were not in the hand would rush over to the table to sweat the action. Aggressive players with big stacks took advantage of the tentative play of medium and smaller stacks, thereby adding more chips to their already monster stacks.

With Martin Wendt busting the bubble boy, the remaining 56 players have made the money. Each player is guaranteed to win at least €10,500.

57 Players Remaining

We are officially on the money bubble. The tournament clock has been paused and hand for hand play will commence shortly.

Paul Wasicka Eliminated

Paul Wasicka
Paul Wasicka
The player to Wasicka's right moved all-in blind and Paul Wasicka called. Wasicka turned over 7-7 and found himself in a race situation with his opponent's K-Q. Unfortunately for Wasicka, his opponent flopped a straight and he was eliminated just before the money.

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Mohamad Kowssarie Passes 300K

Mohamad Kowssarie has been steadily amassing a monster stack all day and is our first player past the 300,000 mark.

Here's how our current top five stand:

Mohamad Ali Kowssarie 301,000
Mark Teltscher 250,000
Christopher Ulsrud 200,000
Patrick Bruel 177,000
Dag Martin Mikkelsen 150,000