Main Event

Basil Yaiche Eliminated in 5th Place ($141,440)

poolshir • Level 32: 200,000-400,000, 400,000 ante
Basil Yaiche

Basil Yaiche shoved from under the gun and action folded to Liran Twito in the big blind who asked for a count. The dealer confirmed Yaiche had 7,200,000 behind. Twito contemplated his options for a while and then decidedly put in a stack for the call so the cards could go on their backs.

Basil Yaiche: {6-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}
Liran Twito: {8-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}

The flop came {4-Spades}{a-Clubs}{8-Hearts} to hand Twito a set of eights immediately.

The turn was the {j-Hearts} for Yaiche to be drawing dead and the {q-Clubs} was dealt on the river as a formality to complete the board.

Yaiche busted in sixth place for $141,440 and now Twito has more than half of the chips in play.

Player Chips Progress
Liran Twito il
Liran Twito
il 37,600,000 7,400,000
Basil Yaiche fr
Basil Yaiche
fr Busted

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