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Live Updates August 1
Live Updates August 1
Day 1 Completed

End of Sunday Updates - See You Next Week!

partypoker Tournaments
partypoker Tournaments

As the clock strikes past 2 am CEST, the end of the partypoker Sunday LIVE updates have come for the blog.

There are currently still five players left in The Grand with Michael Gathy in the lead. Joel Nystedt, Egor Slipenko, Vlad Darie, and Gonçalo Castanheira are also still in the running to win the lion-share of the $239,166 prize pool.

Final Table Results of The Grand August 1

1  $46,797
2  $32,664
3  $22,562
4  $15,161
5  $11,150
6Dzmitry UrbanovichBelarus$9,017
7Joakim AnderssonMalta$7,412
8Norson SahoBrazil$6,171
9Nino UllmannAustria$5,169

There are two more starting flights for the final day of the Grand Prix KO #10 High Roller which features a wonderful guarantee of $500,000. The final day kicks off at 9:05 CEST on Monday, August 2 and 127 players are already in to battle for their share of the bounty.

Markus Prinz is in the lead over there with Bruno Bernandino, Thomas Boivin, Elaine Yeomans, and David Llacer joining him in the top five.

On the other hand, the Grand Prix KO #07 Main Event has 685 players for their final day with more to join over the next hours. Simon Grabenschweiger is in pole position for a chunk of the $500,000 guaranteed prize pool with 3,749,300 in chips. He is joined by Edvin Makic, Liam Hughes, Jimmy Larsen, and Augusto Hagen in the current top five for the final day.

Make sure to return to PokerNews to see who makes it through, who takes them down, and all the other exciting partypoker news!

partypoker Tournament Dollars, Satellites With a Twist

partypoker Tournament Dollars
partypoker Tournament Dollars

Satellite tournaments are extremely popular in the online poker world because they give players the opportunity to play in events they would not ordinarily be able to afford. Tournament dollar satellites take these tournaments to the next level by giving players the ultimate in flexibility. T$ satellites are available at partypoker.

Tournament dollar satellites play the same way as a traditional satellite but with one key difference. They pay out tournament dollars (T$), hence the name, instead of seats into specific tournaments and events.

This virtual currency gives you more flexibility when it comes to playing in higher stakes tournaments because you can spend them on multi-table tournament entries, to buy into Sit & Go tournaments, partypoker’s jackpot SPINS, and even the site’s online tour events. You can even use T$ to enter more satellites, including satellite dollar satellites!

Read on to find out more

Still 8 Players Left in The Grand


With over 30 minutes of play on the final table of The Grand, there are still eight players left in it for that first-place prize of $46,797.

Joel Nystedt is still in the lead and is followed by Vlad Darie, Egor Slipenko, Michael Gathy, Norson Saho, Joakim Andersson, partypoker Ambassador Dzmitry Urbanovich, and Gonçalo Castanheira.

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Final Table of The Grand is Underway


Only eight players are left in The Grand which means that the final table is already underway. Nino Ulmann was the first player to leave that all-important table while Joel Nystedt is in the chip lead.

Vlad Darie, Egor Slipenko, Joakim Andersson, Norsson Saho, partypoker Ambassador Dzmitry Urbanovich, Michael Gathy, and Gonçalo Castanheira join Nystedt on the final table.

This is how they are seated right now:

The Grand Final Table
The Grand Final Table

22 Players Advanced to the Grand Prix KO #10 High Roller Final Day


Out of 147 entrants, 22 players are through to the final day of the Grand Prix #10 High Roller on Monday, August 2.

Markus Prinz goes away with the biggest stack of this day with 1,791,493 which is good for the overall chip lead on the Final Day too. Thomas Boivin, Sergei Koliakov, Bernardo Dias, and Thomas MacDonald are joining him for the top five honors in this flight.

Other familiar faces to have found a bag at the end of the day include Paraskevas Tsokaridis, Claas Segebrecht, partypoker Ambassador Dayane Kotoviezy, Niklas Astedt, Dalton Hobold, Franco Spitale, Martin Stausholm, Espen Uhlen Jorstad, and partypoker Ambassador Jeff Gross. Pavel Veksler also bagged but only 327 in chips.

63 Players Advanced to the Grand Prix KO #07 Main Event Final Day


After 3 hours and 24 minutes of play, another Day 1 of the Grand Prix KO #07 Main Event has come to an end.

Sixty-three of them have found a virtual bag to put their stacks in at the end with Lars Annerstedt holding the biggest one with 1,847,584. This will be good for 6th place at the start of the final day as Simon Grabenschweiger is in the lead with 3,746,300 in chips.

Leonardo Duarte, Juan Melendez, Sebastien Proulx, and Andre Figuireido join Annerstedt in the top five of this Day 1.

Other familiar names to have made it through include Ema Zajmovic, Viktor Zsemlye, Dalton Hobold, Andrew Hulme, Thomas de Rooij, Christopher Andler, Renato Ribeiro, Daniel Rezaei, Mickey Petersen, Martin Mulsow, Renato Nomura, Patrice Brandt, and Upeshka De Silva.

Closing in On the Bubble on Day 1 of the Grand Prix KO #07 Main Event


With 68 players left in the field, the end of another Day 1 of the Grand Prix KO #07 Main Event is coming near as only 63 of them will make the final day on Monday, August 2.

Sebastien Proulx is in the lead and joined by Lars Annerstedt, Dominik Horak, Andre Figuereido, and Benjamin Ulrich in the top five.

Down to Two Tables in The Grand


The Grand is down to its final two tables with Dalton Hobold in the lead.

Joel Nystedt and Markus Prinz are joining him in the top three while partypoker Ambassador Dzmitry Urbanovich is sitting in 10th place. Jaime Staples was eliminated in 24th place for a cash of $2,459, missing out on a pay jump.

All 16 players have secured at least $2,970 while first place is worth $46,797.