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Live Updates September 26
Days: 1

Live Updates September 26

Day 1 Completed

Final Table of The Grand Underway; End of Sunday Updates

The Grand Final Table September 26
The Grand Final Table September 26

As the final table of The Grand has been reached with Leonard Maue in the lead, this also signals the end of the Sunday updates here on the blog.

Ivan Zufic, Damian Salas, Robert Bickley, Leon Sturm, Ramiro Petrone, Guja Imerlishvili, Simon Higgins, and Derk van Luijk are left in the running to win the top prize of $41,556 while they have all already secured at least $4,707.

This is what they are still playing for:


At the same time, the final table of the partypoker MILLIONS North Cyprus Main Event has also been finalized, read all about the amazing players and action on that live reporting page.

The PokerNews team will be back next week to bring you more updates from the virtual felts of the partypoker tables!.

Ten Players Left in The Grand

Leonard Maue is leading the final ten players in this week's The Grand. They have all secured at least $3,889 while a seat at the final table earns players at least $4,707.

Ivan Zufic, Robert Bickley, Leon Sturm, Damian Salas, Derk van Luijk, Ramiro Petrone, Guja Imerlishvili, Rayan Chamas, and Simon Higgins are all in for the battle for that final table seat.

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Players seeking free study tools will be pleased to learn that partypoker recently launched the revolutionary MyGame Whiz to its poker client.

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Down to 14 Players in The Grand

Rayan Chamas is leading the final 14 players in The Grand while partypoker Ambassador Patrick Leonard busted in 20th place for $2,746.

Leonard Maue, Derk van Luijk, Ivan Zufic, and Robert Bickley complete the top five with more familiar names joining them on the final two tables.

Formula 1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo Knows When to Pit

McLaren Racing
McLaren Racing

McLaren Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo knows what it's like to operate at peak performance. Both he and his car need to operate at the outer limits of their ability on race day to stand a chance of winning, or even making it to the end of the race. But he also understands that being at your peak means being in control.

At the poker tables, players don't need to worry about spinning off the track into the wall from a momentary lapse of concentration, or a tire blowout at 200 kph because they didn't pull into the pits. But every poker player has experienced some proverbial version of those when they lose control and don't know when to take a break to fix the machinery.

"Only when we're in control are we in charge of our own race," Ricciardo said in a recent video. "It's sometimes important to hold back, take a break and take stock. It's important to know when it's time to pit."

Gambling and Auto-racing have a lot in common as McLaren Driver Ricciardo explains

Dimov Bubbles The Grand

Ognyan Dimov has just bubbled The Grand which means that the rest of the field has now secured at least $2,222 for their efforts in this tournament today.

partypoker Ambassador Patrick Leonard is still in but with one of the shorter stacks while Robert Bickley is in the lead.

Aidan Hynes, Claas Segebrecht, Leonard Maue, and Simon Higgins complete the top five.

Closing in On the Bubble in The Grand

There are currently 34 players left in The Grand with 31 of them getting paid. This means that three more players need to bust before the rest cashes at least $2,222.

Claas Segebrecht is in the lead and followed by Robert Bickley, Aidan Hynes, Chris Klodnicki, and Leonard Maue in the top five.

What Are The Best Features of the partypoker Mobile App?


Modern smartphones are the perfect medium to play online poker on, especially now it’s possible to play on partypoker with their excellent mobile poker app.

Online poker sites invest countless hours and dollars into creating the perfect mobile app for their customers, partypoker included.

The partypoker mobile app is almost unrecognizable from a couple of years ago. You can tell from the second you fire it up that so much thought has gone into the latest incarnation.

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The Grand Update

Aidan Hynes is in the lead with 47 players left in The Grand. With 31 of them getting paid, they're getting closer to the bubble.

Barry Hutter, Leonard Maue, Pedro Neves, and Ognyan Dimov complete the top five.