2020 PACOOP 888poker Millions Superstorm 2020 WPT World Online Championships
Event #4: $20K GTD NLH

Event Info

Players 216
Event #4: $20K GTD NLH
Day 1 Completed

"Gohednpopoff" Wins WPT Online Borgata Series Event #4 ($10K GTD NLH) for $9,078

Event #4 Final Table
Event #4 Final Table

Another tournament smashed its guaranteed prize pool in the WPT Online Borgata Series powered by the partypoker US Network Event #4: $10K GTD NLH on Wednesday night. The event culminated with "Gohednpopoff" defeating Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd heads up for the title, outlasting a field of 216 for the first-place prize of $9,078.

The total number of 216 entries generated a prize pool of $43,200, more than doubling its guarantee to pay out a top prize that was more than 90% of the guaranteed prize pool. Registration remained open for two-and-a-half hours, at which point 84 remained with the top 32 due to receive some sort of payday.

Despite levels increasing to 12 minutes in length once the late registration period closed, eliminations still occurred steadily and it took less than 90 minutes before reaching the money. Just over 90 more minutes then passed before Michael “IIIIIIIIIIIII” Haberman was eliminated by Dodd in ninth place to bring about the final table.

Event #4 Final Table Results

2Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd$6,847 

"Gohednpopoff" took the chip lead into the final table and increased it shortly thereafter when they eliminated "steveeee" in eighth place in a flush-over-flush scenario. Four more eliminations then occurred over the next three levels, with "joey1way" taking fourth place to punctuate the string of bust outs after their king-queen suited fell to Dodd's ace-ten.

From there "Gohednpopoff' still had the chip lead entering three-handed play though all three stacks were relatively close and increasing blinds made that even truer. Nearly four full levels saw each player take multiple turns claiming the chip lead until "Stonniepokes" lost a coin flip with king-queen to Dodd's pocket jacks to take third place.

The heads-up match started with Dodd holding nearly 75% of the chips in play, and he pulled slightly ahead as if he would never relinquish the lead. However, momentum quickly shifted thereafter "Gohednpopoff" found themselves winning almost every pot until they had a two-to-one chip lead of their own. A few hands later, their queen-jack suited hit trips against Dodd's ace-eight and the tournament became all said and done.

This concludes PokerNews coverage of the WPT Online Borgata Series Event #4. Be sure to come back Thursday at 7:30 p.m. for Event #5: $535 Progressive KO $25K GTD.

Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd Eliminated in 2nd Place ($6,847)


In Level 37 with blinds of 60,000/120,000 and an ante of 15,000, "Gohednpopoff" raised to 240,000
on the button and Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd three-bet jammed in the big blind for 3.2 million. "Gohednpopoff" called.

Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd: {a-Clubs}{8-Hearts}
"Gohednpopoff": {q-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}

Dodd was a favorite but didn't remain ahead for long as the flop {q-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{9-Diamonds} gave "Gohednpopoff" top pair. The turn {q-Hearts} gave "Gohednpopoff" trips, leaving Dodd drawing dead to the River {k-Hearts} to result in him finishing the tournament in second place.

"Gohednpopoff" has become the most recent series champion. A recap of the action will follow shortly.

Gohednpopoff us 1,080,000 -6,120,990
Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd us Busted

"Gohednpopoff" Increases Their Lead


In Level 37 with blinds of 60,000/120,000 and an ante of 15,000, "Gohednpopoff" opened to 240,000 on the button and Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd defended his big blind. The flop fell {6-Clubs}{j-Spades}{j-Hearts} and Dodd check-called a continuation-bet of 255,000 from "Gohednpopoff."

Both players checked the turn {3-Spades} and the river came {4-Clubs}. Dodd bet 510,000 and "Gohednpopoff" called.

Dodd showed {7-Clubs}{6-Diamonds} for two pair, jacks and sixes, and "Gohednpopoff" showed {10-Diamonds}{6-Spades} for the same hand with a higher kicker, earning the pot to claim a two-to-one chip lead in the match.

Gohednpopoff us 7,200,990
Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd us 3,599,010

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The Start of the Match


Play is nearing the end of Level 36 with blinds of 50,000/100,000 and an ante of 12,500 as the two remaining players find themselves on what should be the final five-minute break of the night.

The first few minutes of the heads-up match started with Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd extending his lead slightly before playing a hand in which he raised to 220,000 on the button. "Gohednpopoff" defended their big blind and the flop dropped {4-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}.

"Gohednpopoff" checked and Dodd made a continuation-bet of 138,500. "Gohednpopoff" check-raised to a minimum value of 279,000 and Dodd called, bringing the turn {10-Spades}. "Gohednpopoff" checked again and Dodd fired 307,000. "Gohednpopoff" put in a second consecutive check-raise, this time for 913,000, and Dodd folded.

"Gohednpopoff" found themselves with a stack of 3.85 million, and has since increased it by another 500,000 or so.

Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd us 6,455,635 -1,466,650
Gohednpopoff us 4,344,365 1,466,650

"Stonniepokes" Eliminated in 3rd Place ($4,816)


In Level 36 with blinds of 50,000/100,000 and an ante of 12,500, "Gohednpopoff" opened to 200,000 on the button and "Stonniepokes" three-bet to 3 million in the small blind. Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd was in the big blind and jammed for 4.2 million, resulting in a fold from "Gohednpopoff" and a call all in for 3.4 million total by "Stonniepokes".

Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd: {j-Spades}{j-Clubs}
"Stonniepokes": {k-Hearts}{q-Clubs}

"Stonniepokes" found themselves in a coin flip situation for their tournament life. The flop {9-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{8-Diamonds} didn't help, but the turn {q-Spades} put them ahead for the moment. Unfortunately for them, the river {10-Diamonds} came behind it to give Dodd a straight and eliminate "Stonniepokes" in third place.

With the pot, Dodd now takes a nearly three-to-one chip lead into the heads-up match with "Gohednpopoff."

Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd us 7,922,285 2,673,593
Gohednpopoff us 2,877,715 -82,075
Stonniepokes us Busted

Dodd Doubles Through "Stonniepokes" To Regain Chip Lead

Ryan Dodd
Ryan Dodd

In Level 35 with blinds of 45,000/90,000 and an ante of 11,250, "Stonniepokes" was in the small blind and put Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd all in, who was in the big blind. Dodd called.

Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd: {j-Spades}{j-Clubs}
"Stonniepokes": {a-Spades}{8-Hearts}

Dodd faded the ace and backdoor wheel draw as the board ran out {7-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{2-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{q-Diamonds} and he found a double, taking the chip lead by a sizeable margin along with it.

Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd us 5,248,692 2,430,846
Gohednpopoff us 2,959,790 -54,563
Stonniepokes us 2,591,518 -2,308,783

Level 35 Begins


Level 35 has begun with blinds of 45,000/90,000 and an ante of 11,250. The three-handed match has continued to go back and forth, with Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd coming back to take the chip lead for a moment before it became "Stonniepokes" turn to do so. Here are stack sizes one-third of the way through the level.

Stonniepokes us 4,900,301 2,025,754
Gohednpopoff us 3,014,353 -2,007,829
Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd us 2,817,846 -85,425