2017 PokerStars Championship Macau

Main Event
Day: 1a
Event Info

2017 PokerStars Championship Macau

Final Results
Winning Hand
2,877,500 HKD
Event Info
42,400 HKD
Prize Pool
20,796,800 HKD
Level Info
150,000 / 300,000

Main Event

Day 1a Completed

Zigao Yu Takes Early Lead at PokerStars Championship Macau Main Event

Level 6 : 250/500, 75 ante
Zigao Yu
Zigao Yu

A great call midway through the day propelled China’s Zigao Yu to the top of the counts on Day 1a of the PokerStars Championship Macau Main Event, ending the night with 162,400.

The first PokerStars Championship Macau Main Event ever kicked off early Monday afternoon at the City of Dreams resort. Day 1a got underway at noon local time with six 75-minute levels on the schedule. A total of 193 entries put up the HKD $42,400 buy-in throughout the day with 117 surviving through to Day 2.

Joining Yu at the top of the leaderboard was majority Day 1a leader Daniel Laidlaw from Australia (135,400) and Canada’s Ryan Yu (125,900).

Other notables securing a seat on Day 2 include Yan Li (107,700), Albert Paik (98,900), “Billy the croc” Argyros (96,800), Dong Guo (88,200), Bryan Huang (83,400) and Daniel Dvoress (65,000).

Many of the game's elite took a shot on Day 1a. Some familiar faces seen around the room were John Juanda, David Peters, Sam Greenwood, Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Fabian Quoss, Davidi Kitai, Xuan Liu and Maria Ho.

Liu’s tournament came to an end when the Canadian pro ran into a wall. Well, two walls really, but mainly Vinay Agarwal’s. Liu had flopped top two-pair but unfortunately, Agarwal and another tablemate both flopped flushes, Agarwal’s being best.

Ho also fell victim to an early exit. Facing a call for her tourney life on the river, Ho slid her remaining chips in the middle only to see her opponent table a straight as she took her leave. Tom Alner, Philipp Gruissem, JC Alvarado and Nick Wong were also among the casualties on Day 1a.

The start of Day 1b will be pushed slightly ahead on Tuesday to give players a chance to fire away in the HKD $200,000 Single Day High Roller, which will commence at noon local time. Day 1b of the Main Event will start at 6:00 p.m. with six 75-minute levels on the slate.

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And, of course, follow along with the video coverage as Sarah Herring forces players into some interesting shenanigans.

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Full End-of-Day Chip Counts (full)

Level 6 : 250/500, 75 ante
Player Chips Progress
Zigao Yu cn
Zigao Yu
162,900 2,900
Daniel Laidlaw au
Daniel Laidlaw
135,300 5,300
Ryan Yu ca
Ryan Yu
125,200 5,200
Dmytro Denysenko ua
Dmytro Denysenko
118,000 20,000
Yan Li cn
Yan Li
107,700 17,700
Yuki Ko jp
Yuki Ko
Van Sang Nguyen vn
Van Sang Nguyen
101,400 12,400
Lau Man Yuen hk
Lau Man Yuen
99,700 -5,300
Albert Paik us
Albert Paik
98,900 19,900
Johnjin Kim ph
Johnjin Kim
98,300 3,300
Billy Argyros au
Billy Argyros
96,800 30,800
Vinay Agarwal sg
Vinay Agarwal
94,100 -25,900
Tamara Bremner ca
Tamara Bremner
88,800 88,800
Dong Guo cn
Dong Guo
88,200 23,200
Jianbo Jiang cn
Jianbo Jiang
87,200 87,200
Jack Salter gb
Jack Salter
86,900 25,900
Bryan Huang sg
Bryan Huang
83,400 11,400
Sergio Aido es
Sergio Aido
80,300 38,300
Wen Chen cn
Wen Chen
79,800 79,800
Sai Wu cn
Sai Wu
79,000 79,000
Hiroyuki Noda jp
Hiroyuki Noda
78,800 78,800
Wenlong Jin cn
Wenlong Jin
78,700 78,700
Fabrice Soulier fr
Fabrice Soulier
77,000 2,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Michel Abecassis fr
Michel Abecassis
76,700 21,700
James Tian us
James Tian
74,000 74,000

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No Day 2 for Li

Level 6 : 250/500, 75 ante

During the last five hands of the day, David Peters raised to 1,400 and picked up three callers including Vladimir Troyanovskiy on the button. Hua Li then moved all in with his short stack in the small blind and Shinobu Tanaka reshoved to get everyone else out of the way.

Li flipped over {9-Diamonds}{6-Hearts} and Tanaka had the {Q-Hearts}{J-Hearts}. The board came {Q-Clubs}{6-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{4-Spades}{7-Clubs} and Li was eliminated, while a frustrated Troyanovskiy bagged up less than the starting stack.

Player Chips Progress
Yuki Ko jp
Yuki Ko
101,900 -8,100
David Peters us
David Peters
35,100 -4,900
WSOP 2X Winner
Shinobu Tanaka jp
Shinobu Tanaka
30,200 30,200
Vladimir Troyanovskiy ru
Vladimir Troyanovskiy
27,800 -3,200
Hua Li cn
Hua Li

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Luo Takes a Bite From Aloev

Level 6 : 250/500, 75 ante

Russia’s Asker Aloev probably wishes the ‘last five hands’ announcement came five hands ago after taking a hit at the hands of Xiaoyang Luo almost instantly after this proclamation.

We caught the action on the {10-Hearts}{j-Hearts}{3-Clubs} flop in the three-way hand involving Aloev, Luo and Troy Quenneville, that latter of whom had just checked from the big blind.

Aloev led out for 3,500 and both Luo (button) and Quenneville made the call, keeping the action three-way to the {10-Clubs} turn. Quenneville checked again and Aloev tossed out three yellow 5k chips for a bet of 15,000.

Luo quickly moved all-in and after Quenneville got out of the way Aloev called just as fast and the cards were turned over.

Asker Aloev: {q-Spades}{10-Spades}
Xiaoyang Luo: {j-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}

While Luo was technically the at-risk player the fact he had turned a boat and left Aloev drawing to the decks two remaining queens minimized his chances of busting.

The {6-Clubs} river saw Luo earn the double and climb to around 42,0000 while Aloev dropped down to roughly the same.

Player Chips Progress
Asker Aloev ru
Asker Aloev
42,000 19,000
Xiaoyan Luo cn
Xiaoyan Luo

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Ko Rivers Shi

Level 6 : 250/500, 75 ante

Just when the last hands of the day were announced, Hui Shi was spotted all in for her last 26,425 on the {A-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{3-Hearts}{4-Clubs} turn. Less than half an hour ago, Shi had open-shoved from under the gun for around 16,000 and then doubled soon after. Her sole remaining opponent this time was Yuki Ko from two seats over, and the Korean spent a long time in the think tank.

Vladimir Troyanovskiy eventually called the clock on him and Ko dropped in the chips with less than 30 seconds into his one minute of consideration.

Hui Shi: {6-Spades}{6-Clubs}
Yuki Ko: {K-Clubs}{J-Clubs}

Shi needed to dodge a club in order to double, however the {8-Clubs} on the river gave Ko the nut flush and sent Shi to the rail just shy of making Day 2.

Player Chips Progress
Yuki Ko jp
Yuki Ko
110,000 18,000
Hui Shi cn
Hui Shi

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Five Hands Remain

Level 6 : 250/500, 75 ante

The clock has been stopped with 15 minutes left on the level and the draw for the last hands of the night was made. There will be five more hands until bagging and tagging, the T-25 chips will be raced off prior to that as well.

Abecassis Doubles Through Lee

Level 6 : 250/500, 75 ante

On the heads-up flop of {7-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}, Changhun Lee bet 5,600 in the big blind and Michel Abecassis called on the button. Both then saw the {5-Clubs} appear on the turn and Lee waved with his hand to see the stack of Abecassis. The Frenchman had around 18,000 left and Lee moved his big chips forward to announce all in.

After brief consideration, Abecassis called and turned over the {8-Diamonds}{8-Spades}. Lee only had {5-Spades}{2-Clubs} and the {6-Hearts} on the river gave Abecassis even an eight-high straight. The Frenchman doubled for 18,425 and boosted his stack up to more than average.

Player Chips Progress
Michel Abecassis fr
Michel Abecassis
55,000 55,000
Changhun Lee kr
Changhun Lee
50,000 50,000

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Kogotkov and Quoss Battle in Blinds

Level 6 : 250/500, 75 ante

We are a little less than 60-minutes away from the end of play and the action has slowed down a little. Over on Sam Greenwood’s table the Canadian is still busy plugging away at that crossword and action folded around to Russia’s Sergey Kogotkov in the small blind who elects to check his option.

Big blind Fabian Quoss decided to play for a little more though and raised it up to 1,700. Kogotkov shot Quoss a sidelong look before deciding to re-raise and makes it 4,000 to go.

It is Quoss’ turn to shoot his opponent a sidelong glance but after a few seconds the German elected to call and the two are off to a flop of {9-Hearts}{5-Spades}{j-Diamonds}.

Kogotkov continuation bet 4,500 and Quoss thought it over before sliding a single yellow 5k chip into the middle of the table and the dealer burns and turns the {j-Hearts}.

Neither player seemed too thrilled about it and the action went check, check to bring in the {j-Spades} river. Both players are playing the sidelong stare-down game, attempting to eye each other up as the river comes off the top of the deck without being caught eyeing each other up. This makes for interesting viewing and it looks like Quoss won that battle as Kogotkov is the man to look away first.

Unfortunately for Quoss this is all he wins in this particular hand as Kogotkov was looking away to determine his bet size and leads for 3,500 and Quoss quickly folds.

Greenwood is still plugging away at his crossword as we leave, so it must be a tough one.

Player Chips Progress
Sergey Kogotkov ru
Sergey Kogotkov
Fabian Quoss de
Fabian Quoss
19,700 -12,300

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