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Main Event
Day 1b Completed

Former Runner-Up Sylvain Loosli Through to Winamax SISMIX Day 2

will_shill • Level 14: 2,500-5,000, 500 ante
Sylvain Loosli
Sylvain Loosli

It was another record-breaking day at the Winamax SISMIX festival, with an astonishing 458 entries on Day 1b of the Main Event. This smashed the 369 from last year and, in addition to the 276 yesterday meant that there are a total of 734 entries with Day 1c to go.

There were plenty of Winamax Team Pros in action on Day 1b, with Gaelle Baumann, Leo Margets, Bruno Lopes, Pierre Calamusa and Sylvain Loosli in action. From these five, only Loosli will advance to Day 2, looking to improve on his second place in 2015 the year that Jerome Sgorrano was victorious.

Sgorrano himself was in action today, firing two bullets in Day 1b, but falling short twice in quick succession.

The chip leader on Day 1b is Jean Chenonier. The Frenchman amassed a total of 611,000 chips, slightly ahead of Slovenian Roman Gombosi (555,000). These are the only two players over the 500,000 chip mark, but both still trail yesterday's chip leader Mantas Petrauskas with 643,000.

Other big stacks include Jean De Haas (479,000), Clement Lefevre (473,000), Remi Blanc (453,000), Jamal Tahtah (431,000), and Yannick Ansenne (430,000).

These players will resume play at midday on Saturday, but there is one more Day 1 for players to play in their attempt to make Day 2. That kicks of at midday tomorrow (12th May) with a further 14 levels played.

Stay tuned to for full updates from the final update, with organisers eyeing a record crowd, with 1,078 the number to beat from the 2017 Main Event.

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End of Day 1b Chip Counts (full)

will_shill • Level 14: 2,500-5,000, 500 ante
Jean Chenonier FR
Jean Chenonier
FR 611,000 191,000
Roman Gombosi SI
Roman Gombosi
SI 555,000 175,000
Jean De Haas fr
Jean De Haas
fr 479,000 479,000
Clement Lefevre FR
Clement Lefevre
FR 473,000 213,000
Fernandez es
es 470,000 470,000
Remi Blanc fr
Remi Blanc
fr 453,000 298,000
Perez ES
ES 453,000 453,000
Jamal Tahtah MA
Jamal Tahtah
MA 431,000 431,000
Yannick Ansenne be
Yannick Ansenne
be 430,000 430,000
Kamel Atoui fr
Kamel Atoui
fr 385,000 385,000
Tayeb Ouldji ma
Tayeb Ouldji
ma 384,000 154,000
Raphael Roques FR
Raphael Roques
FR 371,000 371,000
Axel Colin FR
Axel Colin
FR 365,000 -35,000
Mickael Denoyelle fr
Mickael Denoyelle
fr 363,000 53,000
Sami Fraiji FR
Sami Fraiji
FR 363,000 363,000
Salim Sefiat fr
Salim Sefiat
fr 361,000 61,000
Alexandre Blanc fr
Alexandre Blanc
fr 359,000 359,000
Mathieu Maroccini fr
Mathieu Maroccini
fr 355,000 30,000
Mathieu Morel fr
Mathieu Morel
fr 350,000 -30,000
Steven Prouteau fr
Steven Prouteau
fr 338,000 68,000
Raphael Montefalcone FR
Raphael Montefalcone
FR 334,000 334,000
Mathieu Gomez fr
Mathieu Gomez
fr 327,000 327,000
Hamamsi Elmadani MA
Hamamsi Elmadani
MA 325,000 325,000
Moundir Zoughari fr
Moundir Zoughari
fr 319,000 199,000
Ugo Taurines FR
Ugo Taurines
FR 319,000 319,000

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Last Three Hands

will_shill • Level 14: 2,500-5,000, 500 ante

There will be three more hands before players bag up ahead of Day 2.

Interview with Winamax Team Pro Sylvain Loosli

will_shill • Level 14: 2,500-5,000, 500 ante
Sylvain Loosli
Sylvain Loosli

We caught up with Winamax Team Pro Sylvain Loosli in the last level of the night to ask him how he felt about the Winamax SISMIX Main Event.

"It's a fun tournament," said Loosli, "It's always fun to play a Winamax tournament, especially here, because most people know us and they play differently. Some people are kind of scared, some like to win hands against us. It's alwaysfun.

"It's an amazing structure and it's good fun."

Loosli has a commemorative button and a bottle at the TheatrO night club to give away should someone bust him, but he says that people don't tend to play so differently against him while at the tables.

"Usually not so much, but I would say they tend to call too much against us thinking we're bluffing a lot It's good fun. I finished second in this tournament three years ago so it would be nice to improve on that."

Loosli wouldn't be the first Winamax Team Pro to have success here in Marrakech, after Bruno Lopes took down the tournament two years ago. We asked him what winning the tournament would mean to him.

"It would be a nice accomplishment," he said, "It's not one of the biggest tournaments on the tour, but there are still a lot of good players. Naturally, it's not my main goal of the year but it would be really nice to win. Winning a tournament is alway amazing. I mean, you can only win a certain amount of tournaments a year."

The Winamax stable of Team Pros has been growing steadily with the acquisitions of Leo Margets, Joao Vieira and Mustapha Kanit, but Loosli says that there is still a real community atmosphere among the Team.

"We had a seminar before EPT Monte Carlo with the new guys; it was really cool to get together for a few days. We did a few activities, talked poker and mental game. That kind of stuff and got to know each other a little bit more. There's a really strong team spirit, which is good. It's very important in poker, it's nothing new for me to say, but it's important to have a group of people you can work with and share things with. That's really nice."

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