Main Event
Main Event
Day 1cd Completed

Records Tumble in Winamax SISMIX Main Event Day 1c

will_shill • Level 20: 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante
Winamax SISMIX 2019
Winamax SISMIX 2019

The 2019 Winamax SISMIX is now the largest six-max tournament in poker history, with over 2,000 players entering across the four starting flights.

The figure of 624 on Day 1c also broke the record for biggest starting flight, twelve months after a similarly monster Day 1c helped the 2017 SISMIX break the record for the largest poker tournament ever held in Africa.

Now held at the Gran Casino Costa Brava in Lloret de Mar, the Winamax SISMIX has continued its meteoric rise from just 670 players in 2014, a number that was almost surpassed on Day 1c alone!

Record-Breaking Field


Organizers had already had to adjust the format from a single reentry per flight to a freezeout over the first three starting flights, meaning that the 1,573 entrants that Days 1a, 1b and 1c amassed were unique entries.

This alone would have broken the record, but thanks to the Turbo 1d flight the figure of 2,000 was also surpassed.

Day 1 Chip Leaders and Notables

A total of 132 players survived Day 1c, joining the 201 from Days 1a and 1b. In an unusual occurrence, two players in 1c tied for the flight lead. Both Laurent Verrac and Nicolas D'Agostin bagged 576,000, but they are still a bit behind the 870,000 Day 1b chip leader Vincent Cavailles bagged up yesterday.

Guillaume Diaz (127,000) is the sole Winamax Team Pro advancing, after former champions Davidi Kitai and Ivan Deyra busted during the day. Romain Lewis was holding strong towards the end of the night, but he ran ace-king into kings late on, meaning he will have to make it through Day 1d to continue in the event.

Day 2 starts at midday on Saturday, May 25. There will be 18 35-minute levels with the blinds starting at 3,500/7,000 with a 7,000 ante.

Stay tuned to PokerNews for full chip counts from Day 1d upon its conclusion and continued live updates from the biggest six-max tournament ever!

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End of Day 1c Chip Counts (full)

will_shill • Level 20: 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante
Laurent Verrac FR
Laurent Verrac
FR 576,000 66,000
Nicolas D'Agostin FR
Nicolas D'Agostin
FR 576,000 91,000
Youness Ait Hssain fr
Youness Ait Hssain
fr 572,000
Leandry Ainonkpo fr
Leandry Ainonkpo
fr 557,000
Óscar Gallego
Óscar Gallego
Roman Volkov es
Roman Volkov
es 495,000 -5,000
Dorian Petrone
Dorian Petrone
Joël De La Torre
Joël De La Torre
Adrien Guyon fr
Adrien Guyon
fr 476,000 146,000
Wei Hu
Wei Hu
469,000 -1,000
Raul Bello ES
Raul Bello
ES 448,000
Vincent Pastourel FR
Vincent Pastourel
FR 447,000
Cedric Schwaederle fr
Cedric Schwaederle
fr 436,000
Mattia Nacleiro
Mattia Nacleiro
Stefan Baczynskyj fr
Stefan Baczynskyj
fr 419,000
Benjamin Gelin
Benjamin Gelin
Jeremy Gautrand
Jeremy Gautrand
Nicolas Jahan fr
Nicolas Jahan
fr 380,000
Guiseppe Carlizzino
Guiseppe Carlizzino
Nicolas Sole
Nicolas Sole
Jeremy Conan FR
Jeremy Conan
FR 374,000
Hervé Regis fr
Hervé Regis
fr 370,000
Frederic Ledoux
Frederic Ledoux
Sjors Harmens nl
Sjors Harmens
nl 361,000
Anthony Boyer FR
Anthony Boyer
FR 357,000

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Last Three Hands

will_shill • Level 20: 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante

There will be three more hands before play bags up at the end of Day 1c.

Stay tuned for a recap of the day's action.

Updates from Day 1d

will_shill • Level 20: 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante

With the turbo 15-minute blind structure, several big names are still in Day 1d. Jan Ander Vallinas and Winamax team Pro Pierre Calamusa have both increased their chip stacks and sit comfortable just past the midway part of the day.

Meanwhile Jerome Sgorrano was facing a bet on a {3-Spades}{9-Hearts}{3-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{7-Spades} river against an opponent. He had the clock called on him and eventually called, but mucked when shown {q-Hearts}{10-Hearts} by his opponent for a flush.

Updated Chip Counts

Jan Ander Vallinas: 200,000
Pierre Calamusa: 160,000
Ludovic Moryousef: 70,000
Aladin Reskallah: 70,000
Erwann Pecheux: 50,000
Antonin Teisseire: 40,000
Bruno Lopes: 40,000
Julien Montois: 35,000
Jerome Sgorrano: 20,000


2,000 Entries!

will_shill • Level 19: 2,500-5,000, 5,000 ante

The tournament clock for Day 1d shows a total of 432 entries with a handful of levels left of late registration. That, coupled with entries from the other three flights, means the figure of 2,000 has been surpassed.

This makes it the largest six-max tournament in history! An incredible achievement from an incredible poker festival.


Winamax Beer Pong Open Video

will_shill • Level 18: 2,000-4,000, 4,000 ante

Weren't there in person to sample the atmosphere of the Winamax SISMIX Beer Pong Open? Check out this highlights video!