$10,000 No Limit Hold'em Championship

Sowers, Nguyen Driving the Action; Walsh Eliminated

Pat Walsh - 5th Place
8:34pm -- Break Time

Players are on a break.

8:27pm -- Cimpan Not Going Gently

Andrew Cimpan is down but definitely not out. He moved all in for a total of 1.485M after Mike Sowers opened for 250,000. Sowers asked for a count but ultimately elected to fold. Cimpan flashed one card, the {3-Spades}; Sowers claimed to have folded pocket threes.

"Show him the bad penny, Andrew!" shouted one of Cimpan's supporters from the rail.

8:17pm -- Pat Walsh Eliminated in 5th Place ($310,694)

A series of preflop raises culminated with Binh Nguyen pushing all in. I'm not sure how many chips Pat Walsh had left when he called all in for less. It couldn't have been a large number, given the hand he turned over: {A-Diamonds} {2-Spades}. He was dominated by Nguyen's {A-Hearts} {J-Hearts}. Walsh's nine lives finally ran out on a board of {10-Diamonds} {7-Hearts} {10-Spades} {3-Diamonds} {5-Hearts}, although the flopped board pair let the crowd have a good sweat to see if Walsh could suck out a chop. He could not, and was eliminated in fifth place, earning $310,694 in prize money.

8:12pm -- Wow! Sowers Doubles Through Nguyen

Talk about showing some moxie. Mike Sowers opened the action with a raise to 250,000. Binh Nguyen was next to act and reraised to 750,000. That folded all other players back to Sowers, who calmly pushed all in for 2.7 million total, making the raise back to Nguyen about 2.0 million. Nguyen thought it over, asked for an exact count, then called for what was by far the biggest pot of the tournament!

Sowers: {K-Clubs} {Q-Clubs}
Binh: {7-Spades} {7-Clubs}

The crowd was on its feet, with competing camps yelling for a seven, or a king or a queen. The Sowers camp was delighted to see a flop of {Q-?} {5-?} {3-?}. The turn was another {5-?}, leaving Binh looking for one of the two remaining sevens. He didn't get it; the river fell {10-?}.

Sowers is the new chip leader after dragging this pot worth 5.5 million chips. If Nguyen had won that pot...

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