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Main Event
Day 1b Completed

Theodocion Bags Overall Chip Lead, Moscati and Hawkins Among the Leaders after Day 1b

ajlamers • Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 4,000 ante
Pete Theodocion
Pete Theodocion

The second and final starting flight of the World Series of Poker Circuit $1,700 Main Event has come to an end after another full 16 levels were completed. It was another impressive showing at the Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort with 697 total entries for Day 1b. There were 115 survivors from Saturday night and Pete Theodocion topped them all with a whopping stack of 613,000 chips.

Outside of Jacksonville, the rest of Theodocion's recorded cashes have come from Las Vegas throughout his poker career. As a recreational player, Theodocion mostly just enjoys playing some local events but has proved that he can hang with the big boys on a big stage. Theodocion was cruising under the radar for much of the day until around the 14th level when he appeared as the chipleader with over 500,000. He continued to run up his stack and bagged the overall chip lead heading to Day 2.

The leaderboard was also filled with some notable names including Vincent Moscati (540,000), Ryan D'Angelo (490,000), and Maurice Hawkins (483,000). Moscati has been a regular on the WSOP Circuit for quite some time and has plenty of results to show for it. Just recently, Moscati finished second in the Main Event at Choctaw for over $157,000 and will be looking to add another six-figure score to his name.

D'Angelo had an exciting day at the table capped off by one of the most interesting hands of the evening. In a four-bet pot, D'Angelo was on the button and heads up with the small blind. The small blind check-raised a nine-high flop and then check-called when a deuce hit the turn. The river was an eight and the small blind checked to D'Angelo who shoved all in. His opponent folded and D'Angelo scooped the pot to move over the 400,000 chip mark.

It was a much busier start to the day with over 200 players taking their seats to kick things off. That number continued to escalate as players filtered into the event center. With 697 entries after late registration closed, a total field of 1,057 resulted in a prize pool of over $1.6 million. There were 115 players that bagged chips on Day 1b which means 174 players will return for Day 2.

A few more notables to maneuver their way through the field today included Elilton Gouveia (543,000), Adam Wandler (427,000), Ryan Eriquezzo (265,000), Marius Conan (263,000), Martin Kozlov (236,000), and Richard Seymour (203,000). There were many players that failed to make it through, some of them using up multiple bullets in the two starting flights. Warren Sheaves, Heather Alcorn, Eric Salazar, Mo Nuwwarah, Allen Kessler, Adam Cedric, Cosmin Joldis, and Kevin Eyster were a few to hit the rail.

When the action resumes at noon local time on Sunday, there will be 174 players in their seats with just 159 of them reaching the money. The money bubble is just on the horizon which could make for some slow play until it bursts. The blinds will resume on level 17 at 2,000/5,000 and a 5,000 big blind ante. The levels will be 60 minutes in length with 10 levels on the schedule for tomorrow.

Keep it locked here for all of the live updates throughout the entire tournament from your PokerNews live reporting team.

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Day 2 Seating Assignments

ajlamers • Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 4,000 ante
TableSeatPlayerChip CountBig Blinds
101Adam Wandler427,00085
102Gene Harrill285,00057
103Mark Somero209,00042
104David Jackson165,00033
105AJ Kelsall248,00050
106Michael Cox103,00021
107Dinh Ba275,00055
108Adam Jones185,00037
109Christopher Lackey256,00051
111Asaf Benshushan185,00037
112Leo Chen253,00051
113Amy Haas76,00015
114Aaron McEvoy136,00027
115John Sherrool100,00020
116Thu Le144,00029
117Stanislav Angelov334,00067
118Pete Theodocion613,000123
119Jason Turck56,00011
121Demetric Ferguson359,00072
122Billy Cashwell133,00027
123Dustin Holladay110,00022
124Marius Conan263,00053
125Juan Man199,00040
126Dali Jonas118,00024
127Vincent Ciarrocchi217,00043
128William Romaine78,00016
129David Juden96,00019
131Joshua Huie76,00015
132John Bowman106,00021
133Chris Conrad68,00014
134Avinash Koneru87,00017
135Jeff Riberdy76,00015
136Jay Blumenstook290,00058
137Carlos Loving446,00089
138Russell Sullivan73,00015
139Vincent Moscati540,000108
141Dann X293,00059
141Nicholas Mandikos262,00052
142Asher Conniff248,00050
143Tyler Loftis324,00065
145Julian Powell109,00022
146Steven Grybas184,00037
147Chris Lane263,00053
148Jonathan Moseley133,00027
149Brian Feck81,00016
151Todd Millroy323,00065
152Jon Lobland98,00020
153Ken Aldridge76,00015
154Spencer Taylor289,00058
155Joseph Lamkin51,00010
156Ryan Leng195,00039
157Matthew Green217,00043
158Tyler Payne151,00030
159Forrest Raleigh134,00027
161Greg Paryani180,00036
162Larry Gurney229,00046
163Ryan Brown150,00030
164Stanley Lee102,00020
165Kobie Wilkerson441,00088
166Jason Underhill287,00057
167Jimmy Ellington300,00060
168Nicholas Schuman-Werb156,00031
169Darren Martin150,00030
171Joseph Russell169,00034
172Martin Kozlov236,00047
173Stephen Bierman297,00059
174Ken Gurganus147,00029
175Brian Clements74,00015
176Milan Dragic320,00064
177Daniel Lowery159,00032
178Nicholas Gee72,00014
179Mark Merritt168,00034
181Andrew Campbell128,00026
182Chi Tran89,00018
183Erik Gonman112,00022
184Joshua Martin271,00054
185William Looper42,0008
186Richard Seymour203,00041
187Alesia Smith72,00014
188Larry Slater144,00029
189Robert Pound69,00014
191Jonas Wexler149,00030
192Vittorio Faricelli51,00010
193Dennis Brand367,00073
194Mike Wommack171,00034
195Robert L. Gregory360,00072
196Josh Meltzer285,00057
197Joseph Crutchfield118,00024
198Elilton Gouveia543,000109
199Marshall White146,00029
201Scott Drobes425,00085
202Srikanth Yadlapati117,00023
203Chris Carey84,00017
204Sam Blankenship114,00023
205Quinterol Mallette385,00077
206Sean Troha25,0005
207Josh Reichard132,00026
208Jason Brauda162,00032
209David Peay109,00022
211Maurice Hawkins483,00097
212Scott Sanders404,00081
213Travis Dorsey162,00032
214Kevin Parker151,00030
215Norman Mckeldin197,00039
216Nelson Robinson98,00020
217Ed Yancey31,0006
218Wayne Whittinghill66,00013
219Jason Resha181,00036
221Corey Bierra475,00095
222William Oneal130,00026
223Shawn Daniels341,00068
224DJ Alexander100,00020
225Brett Silverman140,00028
226Thomas Alcorn140,00028
227Robert Hankins225,00045
228Scott Born317,00063
229James Porter124,00025
232Keith Woernle188,00038
233Brad Albrinck504,000101
234Michael Owen49,00010
235Brad Wilson130,00026
236Shawn Mcclanahan211,00042
237Srinivasa Vadlamudi33,0007
238Sonny Franco296,00059
239Howard Setzer249,00050
241Radwan Khuri136,00027
242Donnie Phan152,00030
244Tim Eller46,0009
245Kate Reissner147,00029
246Rob Reed133,00027
247Scott Naylor140,00028
248Steve Buell147,00029
249Kelly Wolfe72,00014
251Hank Sitton119,00024
253Brian Pemberton323,00065
254Antonio Payne82,00016
255Richard Kelley Farrar175,00035
256Nabil Abdulrahman122,00024
257Lucuas Wise133,00027
258Kendall Dalton154,00031
259Robert Georato159,00032
262Carl Norris85,00017
263Irene Carey100,00020
264Steven Flanigan60,00012
265Rodney Seymour137,00027
266Jesse Reckawitz287,00057
267Kenneth Packer202,00040
268Jonathan Hanner106,00021
269Dang Tran83,00017
271Randy Lowery190,00038
272Brandon Livengood170,00034
273Dennis Powell249,00050
274Andrew Sexton67,00013
275Adam Hendrix180,00036
276James Garst38,0008
277Ryan Eriquezzo265,00053
278David DW Williams158,00032
281William Kennedy135,00027
282Clinton Eason112,00022
283James Holland62,00012
284Tu Nguyen155,00031
285Kindah Sakkal58,00012
286Daniel Magnuson274,00055
287Christopher Underwood195,00039
288Dwayne Pelham191,00038
289Ryan D’Angelo490,00098
292Greg Whittington64,00013
293Paul Polo56,00011
294Michael Hudson141,00028
295Charles Johnson102,00020
296Anthony Bart Bogart109,00022
297William Watson133,00027
298Akkina Murthy197,00039
299Shawn Wheeting45,0009

End of Day Chip Counts (full)

ajlamers • Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 4,000 ante
Pete Theodocion us
Pete Theodocion
us 613,000 121,000
Elilton Gouveia us
Elilton Gouveia
us 543,000 543,000
Vincent Moscati us
Vincent Moscati
us 540,000 270,000
Ryan D’Angelo
Ryan D’Angelo
490,000 490,000
Maurice Hawkins us
Maurice Hawkins
us 483,000 343,000
Corey Bierria
Corey Bierria
475,000 475,000
Adam Wandler us
Adam Wandler
us 427,000 427,000
Quinterol Mallette us
Quinterol Mallette
us 385,000 385,000
Dennis Brand us
Dennis Brand
us 367,000 367,000
Demetric Ferguson us
Demetric Ferguson
us 359,000 359,000
Stanislav Angelov us
Stanislav Angelov
us 334,000 201,000
Todd Millroy US
Todd Millroy
US 323,000 -2,000
Brian Pemberton us
Brian Pemberton
us 323,000 276,000
Milan Dragic
Milan Dragic
320,000 320,000
Scott Born US
Scott Born
US 317,000 317,000
Jimmy Ellington
Jimmy Ellington
300,000 300,000
Dann X
Dann X
293,000 293,000
Jay Blumenstook
Jay Blumenstook
290,000 290,000
Spencer Taylor us
Spencer Taylor
us 289,000 34,000
Jason Underhill us
Jason Underhill
us 287,000 287,000
Gene Harrill us
Gene Harrill
us 285,000 285,000
Dinh Ba us
Dinh Ba
us 275,000 275,000
Daniel Magnuson us
Daniel Magnuson
us 274,000 274,000
Joshua Martin us
Joshua Martin
us 271,000 271,000
Ryan Eriquezzo us
Ryan Eriquezzo
us 265,000 116,000

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Levels 13-15 Update

ajlamers • Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 3,000 ante

The players returned from break knowing late registration was closed no more re-entries would be possible. The short stacks seemed to tighten up a little while the bigger stacks tried to apply more pressure. The prizepool and payouts were announced with a total of 1,057 entries, just shy of the number put up the previous year. There will be over $1.6 million up for grabs with 159 places being paid. A min-cash will be worth $2,550 while the winner will take home a WSOP Circuit ring along with $271,234.

Casey Christy got things started off with a bang as he banged the table and celebrated after spiking a huge river to eliminate his opponent. On a flop of {j-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}{4-Spades}, the action was checked to Christy who shoved all in for 84,000, well over the size of the pot. His opponent quickly called and Christy was not happy about the situation. Christy tabled {5-Hearts}{5-Clubs} while his opponent revealed {a-Hearts}{j-Hearts}. However, the {7-Hearts} and {5-Diamonds} runout gave Christy a full house to send his opponent packing and scoop a large pot.

In the next level, Martin Kozlov was seen raking in a massive pot himself to climb near the top of the leaderboard. On a {10-}{5-}{2-}{j-} board, Kozlov's opponent jammed all in for around 100,000 and Kozlov snapped him off with a set of deuces. His opponent held ace-queen for a straight draw but the river held true to form for Kozlov to eliminate his opponent.

In one of the last hands before the final break of the night, Ryan D'Angelo was heads-up with the other big stack at his table. The board read {k-Hearts}{j-Clubs}{7-Spades}{2-Clubs}{j-Spades} and D'Angelo checked from the small blind. His opponent put together a bet of 52,000 from the hijack into a pot of around 140,000. D'Angelo tank-called with {k-Spades}{8-Spades} to pick off his opponent's bluff with {q-Spades}{10-Spades}.

Leading the way thus far is Pete Theodocion who at one point accumulated over 500,000 chips in the 14th level. He has since slipped under that mark but is still the clear chip leader with one level remaining. Some notables that have been eliminated include Mo Nuwwarah, Eric Salazar, Jarod Minghini, Ben Petrillo, Stephen Zablonski, and Paul Sokoloff.

The players will return for one more level that will be 60 minutes in length or until 112 players remain. The blinds will increase to 2,000/4,000 with a big blind ante of 4,000. A full list of chip counts of those moving on to Day 2 along with a recap of the day's action will be posted shortly after.

Pete Theodocion us
Pete Theodocion
us 492,000
Ryan D'Angelo us
Ryan D'Angelo
us 366,000 129,000
Todd Millroy US
Todd Millroy
US 325,000 55,000
Vincent Moscati us
Vincent Moscati
us 270,000 118,000
Martin Kozlov au
Martin Kozlov
au 227,000 144,000
Adam Jones US
Adam Jones
US 216,000 79,700
Richard Seymour us
Richard Seymour
us 206,000 206,000
Marius Conan fr
Marius Conan
fr 160,000 122,500
Ryan Eriquezzo us
Ryan Eriquezzo
us 149,000 119,000
Maurice Hawkins us
Maurice Hawkins
us 140,000 105,000
Stanislav Angelov us
Stanislav Angelov
us 133,000 18,000
Ari Engel ca
Ari Engel
ca 106,000 11,000

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Prizepool & Payouts

ajlamers • Level 14: 1,000-2,500, 2,500 ante

The numbers have been confirmed and with a total of 1,057 entries, the 2019 WSOP Circuit Cherokee Main Event proved to be another great turnout. There will be $1,601,355 up for grabs over the next two days and there will be 159 places paid. A min-cash will be worth $2,550 while the winner will be taking home $271,234. A full list of the payouts can be found via the 'Payout' tab.