Event 32 - $2,000 Seven Card Stud

Not-So-Musical Chairs

Players are back from break, but have spent the last 10 minutes or so getting reorganized at their new tables in the Amazon Room. We should begin play shortly.

Could Tony G Play Three?

Tony G has brought to our attention a scenario in which he could possibly play three events at once tomorrow:

- He beat Sam Farha in Round 2 of the Heads-Up Championship, meaning he'll play one more match tonight. If he wins, he'll be back tomorrow for Day 2.

- He eliminated Yuebin Guo from the Seven Card Stud tournament just before the break and has run his chip stack up to 3,800 (he was down to 600 at one point in the tournament). Were he to make the final table tonight, play would continue tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. PDT.

- Finally, he plans to play in the $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha rebuy event tomorrow afternoon.

Though it might be a long shot, it's certainly not out of the question. Stay tuned for more on Tony G's Quest for Three.

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Dinner Break

Players are now on dinner break; they will reconvene at approximately 10:50 p.m. PDT.

30 Miles Rolled-Up for "Miami" John

Just before the break, "Miami" John Cernuto looked down at rolled-up tens, aka 30 miles, and was happy to get involved in a three-way pot with Allen Kessler and an unknown opponent.

Cernuto bet out on sixth street, which got rid of one opponent, but Allen Kessler hit a third king, which kept him in the hand. Unfortunately for him, Cernuto had made tens full, which would ultimately earn him the checkmark for the hand.

Afterwards, Kessler said to "Miami" John, "I knew I shouldn't have raised you!"

Cernuto is rolling at break with 8,700 chips.

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Dicken Returns to Green with Aces Up

Darrell Dicken got the better end of a fourth-street betting frenzy, showing {Q-Clubs}{10-Clubs} against an opponent's {8-Spades}{2-Hearts}.

Both players made two pair by fifth street, and it was Dicken's aces and queens that came out on top; his opponent showed eights and deuces before mucking his hand.

Darrell now has 4,300 chips.

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The tournament staff just announced over the loudspeaker that the tournament will be moved from the Player's Pavilion into the Amazon Room after the dinner break.

Fossilman Rivers a Flush; Wins a Big Pot

Showing {9-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}, Greg Raymer called bets from an opponent on both fifth and sixth streets; his opponent's upcards were {Q-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}.

The river action went check, bet (Raymer), call, and Greg turned over {3-Clubs}{6-Clubs}{10-Clubs}, for a ten-high club flush. His opponent told the table that he had two pair and mucked his hand.

Greg now has 5,700 chips.

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Level 4

Ante: $20
Low Card: $30
Completion: $100
Limits: $100-$200

First Elimination

The first "seat open" call of the tournament was just heard from one of the tables in the Player's Pavilion; we should be hearing a few more soon, as the blinds and antes are about to go up.