Event 46 - $1,000 Seven Card Stud Hi Lo
Event 46 - $1,000 Seven Card Stud Hi Lo
Day 2 Completed

Play Has Ended For the Evening

After reaching the final eight players this evening, play has come to a close. Players will resume tomorrow afternoon at 3pm PDT. Be sure to tune in then to follow along!

Ma Continues To Survive

After being short-stacked for several hands, Tony Ma picked the right time to strike. Tony was all in on sixth street and ended up scooping the pot with aces up against Saundra Taylor's missed low hand.

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Nothing Better Than a Scotty Nguyen Chip

"Don't take my chips, baby," Scotty told Tom Schneider as Tom was selected to be moved to the other table. Since we're down to just nine players, a player is chosen at random, every 30 minutes, to be moved to the shorter table. This way each table alternates between four or five players every 30 minutes.

"There's nothing better than a Scotty Nguyen chip," Schneider replied to Scotty's request.

Verner Appreciates the River

Heads-up against Tommy Hang and showing paired sixes on the board, Hoyt Verner pushed all in after catching an 8-7 low and survived against Hang's nines. They chopped the pot and Verner lives to see another hand.

Can't Spank, Baby

While waiting for the final elimination of the evening, Scotty Nguyen told the table that he is anxious to get home to see Lucky and Jackpot. These are the names of Scotty's two pet monkeys.

"I got two monkeys, baby," Scotty said.
"Are they bad monkeys, Scotty? Can I spank your monkeys?" Woody Deck asked.
"Can't spank, baby. Too cute."

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