WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 NJCOOP 2021 MISCOOP MSPT Showdown Series partypoker Sunday LIVE
Event 55 - $2,500 Limit Deuce to Seven Triple Draw

Event Info

Prize Pool $593,400
Players 257

Level Info

Level 24
Blinds 13,000 / 25,000
Ante 0

Tanaka Tumbles

Masayoshi Tanaka, now with significantly fewer chips
Masayoshi Tanaka, now with significantly fewer chips
Abe Mosseri raised to start the action, and Masayoshi Tanaka came in from the big blind. He would draw two-one-one while Mosseri drew one card twice before standing pat on the last round. Each step of the way, Tanaka was checking and calling single bets from his opponent.

At the end of the hand, Mosseri tabled another good one: 8-7-4-3-2. Eighty-seven wins again, and Tanaka has taken a solid hit back down to 365,000. Mosseri has been hanging around 1,000,000 for a while now, and his current count sits at 965,000.

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Juanda Moving in the Right Direction

Okay, it's time for the table to take notice of John Juanda again.

In his last pot, Abe Mosseri opened with the raise, Juanda re-raised, and Mosseri was the lone caller. Mosseri took two cards and check-called a bet from Juanda after he drew one.

On the second draw, Juanda patted and bet again, and Mosseri called after drawing the same two. He would pick one more card on the final round, and it was worth a call when Juanda made one last bet.

In the end, J.J. showed down 7-6-5-3-2, and Number Three is number one for this hand. With that nice pot, Juanda has worked his stack all the way back to 375,000.

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Blair Rodman Eliminated in 5th Place ($31,818)

Blair Rodman - 5th Place
Blair Rodman - 5th Place
Blair Rodman was mixed up with John Juanda, and it ended up costing him the rest of his chips.

We pick it up on the first draw as Rodman pulled one card. Juanda checked to him, he bet, and Juanda check-raised to two bets. Rodman called the extra small bet and decided it was time to draw two cards. Juanda patted and bet out this time, and Rodman made the call, committing his final 20,000 chips to the pot.

Juanda patted again on the final round while Rodman drew one last card. He slapped his cards with his free hand and tabled 6-5-4-3-2, his straight not looking too good. Juanda turned over 8-7-5-4-2, his eighty-seven sealing Rodman's fate.

Blair Rodman put on a good show today and for the past three days, but his tournament comes to an end with four people still remaining. He'll take home $31,818 for his work.

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Triple or Nothing for J.J.

John Juanda made a raise under the gun, and both Julie Schneider and Abe Mosseri wanted to play. Each of them took two cards on the first round, and Mosseri made the first bet of 15,000. Juanda then moved all in for just 2,000 on top, and both opponents called.

They would check it down the rest of the way, drawing one card to the end. Juanda drew one more card before patting on the last round. He turned over 8-6-4-3-2, and his eighty-six will keep him around a little longer. He's tripled his way up to 141,000.

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Brad Libson Eliminated in 6th Place ($23,484)

Brad Libson - 6th Place
Brad Libson - 6th Place
Julie Schneider raised before the draw, and Brad Libson, down to just 35,000, moved all in. Schneider called the extra few thousand to put Libson officially at risk.

Both players would draw two cards on the first two rounds. Schneider stood pat on the last round while Libson still needed one good card.

In the end, Schneider showed up J-9-5-3-2, and Libson regrettably couldn't beat her jack low. He held on to 8-7-4-2, but an ace on the last draw would spell the end of his day.

With that loss, Brad Libson exits in 6th place. He was the chip leader when the final table began, but he was unable to get anything going down the stretch. He'll head for the door, but not before stopping by the clerk's desk to grab nearly $25,000.

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Short-Stack War

John Juanda came in raising under the gun, and Blair Rodman reraised in position. Juanda called and both men drew one card. Juanda checked, and Rodman bet all in for his last lonely 10,000 chips. John called him down, and he would take one card two more times while Rodman stood his ground.

In the end, Rodman showed 8-6-4-3-2, and that was good enough for a critical double up. He's now up to 110,000 and Juanda is the one riding the short stack of 47,000.

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Rodman Crippled, Scowling

Abe Mosseri raised before the draw, and Blair Rodman three-bet it from the button. Abe called, drew two cards and checked. Blair drew one and bet, and his opponent called.

On the second round, Mosseri and Rodman drew the same cards, and Mosseri again check-called a bet. Mosseri was pat for the last draw, and Rodman drew one again. Both players checked, and Mosseri turned over J-6-5-4-3. Rodman double-checked his cards and shook his head with a big scowl on his face. He flung a jack out onto the table as well, then flung the rest of his cards, scattering them across the felt. We couldn't see what he hand, but it was a worse jack low of some sort.

He's all the way down to just 58,000 now while Mosseri is flirting with 1,000,000.

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Riding the Elevator

A few hands after his double up, John Juanda gave those chips back in a tangle with Julie Schneider. Juanda open-raised, and Schneider called from the blinds. Juanda drew two-one-one, and he bet after the first and second rounds. Schneider swapped two-two-one, and she was check-calling as her opponent bet. Both players checked the last round, and Schneider had the winner with 9-7-5-3-2. That dropped Juanda down to 48,000 but he wasn't out the door just yet.


On the next hand, Juanda raised from the hijack seat, and both Schneider and Masayoshi Tanaka came along with him. Schneider and Tanaka took two and three cards respectively, and they checked to Juanda. He stood pat and bet, Schneider folded, and Tanaka called.

Juanda was done drawing, and he bet all in for 12,000. Tanaka took two cards and called, and he would draw two again after the betting was closed. He was holding 7-6-5 and drew Q-7 on the end to make a bad pair. Juanda was pat with his 9-8-6-4-3, and that pot brought him back up to 120,000.

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Juanda Clawing

John Juanda has taken the first step toward a monster comeback. He was the pre-draw raiser from the small blind, and big blind Brad Libson made the call.

Juanda drew one card and bet, and Libson called after pulling two. On the second round, both players took one card, and Juanda bet all in for his last 18,000. Libson was right there with the call to put Juanda at risk.

Both men were happy with their hands and stood pat on the final round. Juanda had 8-6-4-3-2, and that was the lucky winner. He's notched a crucial double up, back to 108,000 but still pretty low on checks. He's ahead of the 85,000-chip stack of Libson now though.

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