WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 NJCOOP 2021 MISCOOP partypoker Sunday LIVE
Event 55 - $2,500 Limit Deuce to Seven Triple Draw

Event Info

Prize Pool $593,400
Players 257

Level Info

Level 24
Blinds 13,000 / 25,000
Ante 0

Slow For Now

The action has definitely slowed a bit from the early frenzy, but the lull shouldn't last too long. With the players playing limits of 10,000/20,000 at least two of them are dangerously short. John Juanda's 125,000 chips are worth just over six big bets, and Julie Schneider is working with about nine bets right now.

Chip leader Masayoshi Tanaka has about thirty big bets to work with.

Schneider Finds an Eighty-Seven

Julie Schneider raised from middle position, and Brad Libson made the call in the big blind. Both players would draw two cards on the first round with Libson betting and Schneider calling.

One card was good enough for both on the next round, and they both checked. Each needed one more card on the final round, and Libson check-called a bet this time. Schneider tabled 8-7-6-4-2, and Libson couldn't beat an eighty-seven.

Libson - 310,000
Schneider - 200,000

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Rodman Gets Jacked

Abe Mosseri
Abe Mosseri
Abe Mosseri raised first into the pot from the cutoff seat, and Blair Rodman called out of the big blind. Both players would draw two cards before Mosseri called a bet.

On the next round, Rodman took just one card and bet again. Mosseri needed the same two cards, and he called after his swap.

Both players checked on the end as Mosseri patted and Rodman drew one. Mosseri tabled J-8-6-5-4, and Rodman had nothing to beat the jack low.

Rodman - 240,000
Mosseri - 395,000

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Honeymoon in Vegas

Everyone's eyes were diverted from the felt for a few moments as a bride and groom just made their way along the rail and into a pair of chairs set up tableside. It appears they've just gotten hitched as the bride is still veiled and carrying her bouquet. Naturally, the film crew was quick to respond to the wedded railbirds.

Masayoshi Tanaka just took down a small pot, and the happy couple stood up and cheered loudly. Tanaka went over to shake hands and hug the bride, and it looks like they may be friends of the player.

Only in Vegas can a Wednesday wedding be followed by a honeymoon in the Amazon Room.

Schneider Pats Down Juanda

Julie Schneider
Julie Schneider
Julie Schneider and John Juanda were heads up for this pot. Schneider was the first to draw, and she pulled one card and bet. Juanda took two cards before calling.

Schneider would pat the next round while Juanda traded in two more cards and called another bet. On the last draw, Juanda drew one card and both players checked. Schneider had the winner with her eighty-seven low.

Schneider - 260,000
Juanda - 148,000

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Brad Libson - 432,000
Blair Rodman - 418,000
Abe Mosseri - 342,000
Masayoshi Tanaka - 325,000
John Juanda - 220,000
Julie Schneider - 207,000

Going Nowhere

It looks like we're staying put in the green section for the time being. The floor is still awating word from the film crew about moving to the featured table, but it looks like it'll be at least 5:00 before there's any movement.

For now, the featured table lays dormant and dimly lit.

Kris Lord Eliminated in 7th Place ($17,933)

Kris Lord - 7th Place
Kris Lord - 7th Place
Kris Lord opened the pot with a raise, and Blair Rodman and Masayoshi Tanaka came along with him. Tanaka drew three cards and checked. Lord and Rodman drew two apiece, Lord bet, and Rodman raised. Tanaka called the two bets, and Lord called the one extra.

Each player drew one card on the next round, and nobody liked the one they got. They all checked, and everyone traded their card in one more time before Rodman got in a bet. Tanaka folded, but Lord made one last call.

Rodman showed down his 8-7-5-3-2, and Lord couldn't match it. He mucked his cards, leaving himself just a few chips to work with.

Rodman - 430,000
Lord - 35,000


On the next hand, Lord raised again, and Abe Mosseri was the caller this time. Lord would draw one card the whole way while Mosseri took two cards before patting twice. On the first draw, Mosseri check-called a bet. On the second, Mosseri bet out, and Lord went into the tank before calling all in for 11,000.

After the final draw, Mosseri turned over 8-7-6-3-2, and that was the winner. He's dealt the final blow to Kris Lord who exits in 7th place.

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Lord Giveth Away

Abe Mosseri raised under the gun, and Kris Lord three-bet from the button. The two men went heads up drawing two cards on the first round. Mosseri bet out after receiving his draw, and Lord made the call.

On the next round, Mosseri drew just one, and Lord discarded two before calling another bet. Both men drew a single card on the final round, and Lord called one final bet.

Mosseri turned over J-5-4-3-2, having only managed a jack on his final discard. No matter though; Lord couldn't beat it and he returned his cards to the muck.

Lord - 85,000
Mosseri - 310,000

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