2022 888poker XL Winter Series WSOPC Rozvadov
Event #3: $1,500 Omaha Hi-Low Split 8 or Better

Table of Death

tayke2 • Level 7: 200-400, 0 ante

With just under 500 players left, its not too unheard of to see two big name players sitting at the same table. Its another thing though to have four pros at the same table, but that is the case at Table 43, where Ray Henson, Scott Clements, Bill Chen, and Lex Veldhuis are all residing.

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Klodnicki Eliminated


Chris Klodnicki had the last of his money in on the board of {A-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}{5-Clubs} against one opponent. Klodnicki held the {A-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{5-Spades} and his opponent the {10-Spades}{3-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{2-Hearts}. The river completed the board with the {K-Spades} and left Klodnicki in the dust as his opponent scooped the pot.

Chris Klodnicki us
Chris Klodnicki
us Busted

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Updated Chip Counts

James Bord gb
James Bord
gb 23,000 300
Jean-Robert Bellande us
Jean-Robert Bellande
us 21,000 6,000
Jim Meehan
Jim Meehan
Roland Isra
Roland Isra
Humberto Brenes cr
Humberto Brenes
cr 16,000 -4,000
Chau Giang us
Chau Giang
us 14,200 1,200
Richard Toth hu
Richard Toth
hu 14,000 2,000
Vladimir Shchemelev ru
Vladimir Shchemelev
ru 13,000 -4,500
Erik Seidel us
Erik Seidel
us 11,500 6,000
Manny Minaya
Manny Minaya
Thor Hansen us
Thor Hansen
us 10,000
Jonathan Aguiar us
Jonathan Aguiar
us 9,700
Allen Kessler us
Allen Kessler
us 9,200 200
Josh Arieh us
Josh Arieh
us 9,000 3,000
Jeff Shulman us
Jeff Shulman
us 9,000 300
Todd Brunson us
Todd Brunson
us 7,600 1,600
Vitaly Lunkin ru
Vitaly Lunkin
ru 7,500 -2,500
Gary Benson au
Gary Benson
au 6,000
Blair Rodman us
Blair Rodman
us 5,500
Alex Kravchenko ru
Alex Kravchenko
ru 4,000 2,500
Ylon Schwartz us
Ylon Schwartz
us 3,000 -8,000
Chris Klodnicki us
Chris Klodnicki
us 2,200
Mike Matusow us
Mike Matusow
us 1,300 -700
Lee Watkinson us
Lee Watkinson
us Busted

Newlywed Rebounding

[user75311] • Level 7: 200-400, 0 ante

We caught Eric Lindgren heads up on a board of {4-Hearts}{k-Clubs}{9-Spades}{7-Clubs} and his opponent facing just one bet left. He was forced to wait about a minute before his opponent finally called and the hands were turned up. Lindgren had the lead with {A-Clubs}{A-Diamonds}{Q-Spades}{6-Spades} against the {A-Spades}{J-Clubs}{10-Spades}{5-Diamonds} of his opponent and the {10-Hearts} would keep him there.

Lindgren recently married fellow pro poker player Erica Shoenberg and after the hand he started playing with his wedding ring. It must have been good luck because the very next hand Lindgren, first into the pot, raised to 800 preflop, and found three callers.

The flop was {7-Hearts}{A-Diamonds}{8-Hearts} and the action became what you may call, "nontraditional". After one player checked, Lindgren bet 400, the player immediately to his left called and the second player in position raised, forcing the opponent out of position to fold. Lindgren called but the player who initially flatted Lindgren's bet now felt it was a good time to get in three bets and raised. Both players called.

The turn was the {A-Clubs} and Lindgren fired out, causing the flop three bettor to now fold. The third player called and the two players went heads up to see the {5-Diamonds} river. Again Lindgren bet and the player behind him just called.

"Have eight eight once in your life," Eric said jokingly when he showed his {A-Spades}{7-Spades}{6-Diamonds}{3-Clubs} for a full house. Not this time Eric. His opponent showed {2-Hearts}{3-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds} for the nut low and the two players chopped the pot.

Eric now sits at about 5,500

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It's Dutch and Go

Homer • Level 7: 200-400, 0 ante

Lex Veldhuis has dropped to about 4,000 after he held what looked to be {A-}{2-}{8-}{9-} on a {Q-}{5-}{2-}{2-}{5-} board but ran a cropper against {A-}{3-}{5-}{J-} for bigger trips.

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The Razor Gets Scooped

tayke2 • Level 7: 200-400, 0 ante

John Phan had once built his stack up to 30,000, but he has been slipping the past few hours and just took another blow. Phan raised the button following a limp from an under the gun opponent and fellow poker pro Tuan Le. Both players called and they took a flop of {3-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}. It was checked to Phan, who bet 400, only getting one call as Le folded his hand. When the {7-Hearts} hit the turn, Phan was check raised to 1600 by his opponent, and Phan opted to call. Phan called on the river when it came the {j-Clubs}, and his opponent tabled {a-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}, for an ace high flush and the nut low. Phan mucked his hand, and has slid down to 7,500.

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....And Just Like That

BenLudlow • Level 7: 200-400, 0 ante

Phil Hellmuth is out.

We didn't catch the action but his recent double-up clearly wasn't enough to keep him around.

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Poker Brat Doubles

BenLudlow • Level 7: 200-400, 0 ante

Phil Hellmuth was nursing a real short stack before this hand where he doubled up.

A player in late position raised to 800 pre-flop with calls from another player in late position and Hellmuth in the big blind.

The flop came {5-Spades}{K-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}. Hellmuth led out for 400 with calls behind from both players.

The turn was the {7-Hearts} and it was checked around to a player in late position who bet 800. Hellmuth and the other player in late position called.

The river came {9-Spades} and Hellmuth went all in for his last 700. He got one fold and one call and flipped over {A-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{4-Clubs} for the nut-high and took down the pot worth 7600 to put him near average stack.

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Mizzi Gets Much Needed Chips

tayke2 • Level 7: 200-400, 0 ante

Sorel Mizzi was down to just about 2800 when he won a hand that essentially doubled him up. Mizzi was in the big blind against an early position opponent and Joe Tehan who limped from the button. Mizzi checked his option and the players took a flop of {a-Hearts}{a-Spades}{q-Clubs}. Mizzi led out for 400, the middle position player called, and Tehan raised to 800 on the button. Mizzi called, and the other player folded, leaving the pros heads up. Both players checked the {5-Spades} on the turn and Mizzi bet 800 on the river, the {10-Hearts}, which was nearly his whole stack. Tehan called, and Mizzi said "full house" tabling {a-Diamonds}{5-Clubs} which was enough to take the pot. Mizzi now has around 5,000.

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