2011 World Series of Poker

Event #58: $10,000 Main Event
Days: 1d

Orange Rind

Level 4 : 150-300, 25 ante

We're getting a little antsy over here in the Orange section, and we've been wandering around taking inventory of the overall situation. Here's what we're seeing as we pass through the tables.

There are a ton of players drinking coffee here during their after-dinner sessions, and the cocktail servers are working up a sturdy sweat keeping up with all of the requests. We know this time of night. Coffee first, then cocktails.

Massage count: 3
People in cow costumes: 1
Women: 10 (out of 405 seats)

None of those women remaining are either Lana O'Brien or Nichoel Jurgens, both of whom appear were eliminated before dinner.

The frightening gentleman who crashed a pair of cymbals together at the shuffle-up-and-deal this morning has also been eliminated, it appears.

While Chinese Poker is all the iPad craze these days, Michael Binger has taken to a more studious game. Words with Friends. We weren't peeking or anything... but... rats, hive, noun, parched, lepers.

Ravi Raghavan didn't come prepared with an iPad, but he is using his little iPhone the best he can. Game of choice right now: Doodle Jump.

Hm, card cappers? Cyndy Violette is using three smooth stones as her good luck charms, while Darvin Moon prefers to defend his holdings with a small box of breath mints. We appreciate that Darvin. Mr. Moon has also let the beard fill in a good bit since the last time you saw him on TV, incidentally.