Event 34: $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha - Six-Handed
Event 34: $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha - Six-Handed
Day 2 Completed

Naoya Kihara Dominates Big Names on Day 2

MarcC • Level 19: 4,000-8,000, 0 ante
Naoya Kihara - the man to catch
Naoya Kihara - the man to catch

The World Series of Poker Event 34: $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha - Six-Handed came back today with 72 players all with two aims: to get in the money, and then go on and make a final table. We got to, and burst the bubble, but fell a little short of making the final table.

After 10 levels of play the field was whittled all the way down to 11 players. The player who tops the lot is runaway chip leader from Japan, Naoya Kihara with 1,548,000 chips. He had an incredible day where he busted player after player with huge hands that held, or draws that got there. When there were 24 players left he had more chips than the average player will take forward to tomorrow’s six-handed final table. Did anyone tell him this is a three-day tournament? He ended with around a quarter of the chips in play!

The field was stacked today, and will continue to be so tomorrow. Remember the name Hans Winzeler from last summer? He came second to Jason Mercier in this very tournament, earning $383,075. He’s in a great position to do a repeat, he’ll be hoping for one better though.

Here’s how the final 11 and their chip counts look heading to tomorrow:

1Naoya Kihara1,548,000
2Tommy Le965,000
3Davidi Kitai789,000
4Hans Winzeler613,000
5Chris De Maci515,000
6Dimitar Danchev469,000
7Jason DeWitt465,000
8Scott Bohlman397,000
9Daniel Hindin211,000
10Kevin MacPhee174,000
11Joseph Cheong125,000

Erick Lindgren was the unlucky bubble boy today after a strange hand versus Daniel Hindin. Check out Lee Davy’s version of events from earlier by clicking here. Other players who came back for day 2 but failed to cash included: Mike Sexton, Fabrice Soulier, Bruno Fitoussi, Antony Lellouche, and JC Tran.

Those happier to cash, although wishing they were still in included: David Benyamine, Brock Parker, Padraig Parkinson, Dermot Blain, Shaun Deeb, Tom Marchese, and Adam Junglen. For a full list of payouts click here.

Play resumes at 1:00 PM local time tomorrow. When seven players remain they will all be redrawn onto one table until one more player busts. From there the official WSOP final table begins. All the action will be covered right here on PokerNews, and streamed on WSOP.com

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Last Four Hands

MarcC • Level 19: 4,000-8,000, 0 ante

Each table will play four more hands before play ends for the night.

MacPhee Gambles to Double


Kevin MacPhee was the short stack, but not anymore.

Daniel Hindin opened to 20,000 and was called by MacPhee in the small blind before Joesph Cheong three-bet to 80,000 in the big blind. Hindin folded and MacPhee called whilst saying, "Let's gamble it up."

The flop fell {a-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{7-Hearts} and MacPhee moved in blind for his final 37,000. Call.

MacPhee: {2-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{2-Hearts} for a gutshot and flush draw.
Cheong: {k-Clubs}{q-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{10-Clubs}.

The board ran out {3-Hearts}{4-Clubs} to make MacPhee a full house.

Kevin MacPhee us
Kevin MacPhee
us 274,000 139,000
Joseph Cheong us
Joseph Cheong
us 160,000 -175,000

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Danchev Doubles Through MacPhee

Dimitar Danchev doubles through MacPhee
Dimitar Danchev doubles through MacPhee

Dimitar Danchev and Kevin MacPhee have both got it in on the flop with Danchev at risk of elimination.

Flop: {A-Hearts} {9-Hearts} {8-Spades}

Danchev{A-Diamonds} {Q-Clubs} {7-Diamonds} {6-Spades}
MacPhee{A-Spades} {K-Hearts} {7-Hearts} {3-Spades}

The turn was the {6-Diamonds} giving Danchev two-pair before the {10-Spades} on the river improved his hand to a straight. Danchev was up to 521,000 and MacPhee was down to 135,000.

Dimitar Danchev bg
Dimitar Danchev
bg 521,000 291,000
Kevin MacPhee us
Kevin MacPhee
us 135,000 -225,000

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Kihara Loses a Pot!


Stop Press! We just witnessed Naoya Kihara lose a pot! We caught the action on the turn and the board was showing {K-Clubs} {7-Spades} {6-Hearts} {Q-Hearts}. Kihara checked, Winzeler bet 28,000 and Kihara called. The river card was the {J-Hearts} and Kihara check-called a 65,000 Winzeler bet. Winzeler turned over {A-Hearts} {8-Hearts} {Q-Clubs} {10-Diamonds} for the nut flush and Kihara mucked his hand.

Naoya Kihara jp
Naoya Kihara
jp 1,375,000 -232,000
Hans Winzeler us
Hans Winzeler
us 825,000 365,000

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Sebastian Bastian Eliminated in 12th Place ($26,349)

Sebastian Bastian - 13th place
Sebastian Bastian - 13th place

We have lost the flowing red-feathered hat of Sebastian Bastian.

Bastian must have lost a pot beyond our eyesight because when he raised to 34,000 in first position he was extremely short. The action folded around to Kevin MacPhee in the big blind and he made the call. The flop was {J-Diamonds} {6-Hearts} {5-Clubs}, MacPhee put Bastian all-in and he called.

MacPhee{A-Clubs} {J-Clubs} {4-Hearts} {2-Clubs}
Bastian{K-Spades} {K-Hearts} {7-Hearts} {6-Clubs}

So Bastian was ahead with the over pair, but MacPhee had his drawing outs and the {3-Diamonds} was exactly what MacPhee ordered. The {Q-Clubs} bricking for Bastian and he was out.

Kevin MacPhee us
Kevin MacPhee
us 360,000 70,000
Sebastian Bastian bs
Sebastian Bastian
bs Busted

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Final 12 Seat Draw, And Counts


Table #446

Seat 1Jason Dewitt520,000
Seat 2Scott Bohlman450,000
Seat 3Davidi Kitai490,000
Seat 4Naoya Kihara1,607,000
Seat 5Hans Winzeler695,000
Seat 6Chris De Maci535,000

Table #447

Seat 1Daniel Hindin360,000
Seat 2Dimitar Danchev230,000
Seat 3Kevin MacPhee305,000
Seat 4Sebastian Bastian200,000
Seat 5Joseph Cheong335,000
Seat 6Tommy Le520,000
Naoya Kihara jp
Naoya Kihara
jp 1,607,000
Hans Winzeler us
Hans Winzeler
us 695,000 235,000
Chris De Maci
Chris De Maci
535,000 185,000
Jason DeWitt us
Jason DeWitt
us 530,000 84,000
Tommy Le us
Tommy Le
us 520,000 -165,000
Davidi Kitai be
Davidi Kitai
Winamax Sponsored Pro
be 490,000 -40,000
Scott Bohlman us
Scott Bohlman
us 450,000 -15,000
Daniel Hindin ru
Daniel Hindin
ru 360,000 -59,000
Joseph Cheong us
Joseph Cheong
us 335,000 -35,000
Kevin MacPhee us
Kevin MacPhee
us 305,000 15,000
Dimitar Danchev bg
Dimitar Danchev
bg 230,000 -110,000
Sebastian Bastian bs
Sebastian Bastian
bs 200,000 -140,000

David Colin Eliminated in 13th Place ($20,579)


Oh my! The beauty and the pain of Pot-Limit Omaha!

It was not that long ago that David Colin doubled up through David Benyamine to move into 2nd spot. With 13 players remaining you could forgive the young Frenchman for having a thought or two about World Series gold. Then before you could say P.L.O he was gone!

He lost back-to-back pots against Jason DeWitt before getting embroiled in a pot against our chip leader Naoya Kihara. Kihara told us that Colin check-raised the flop and moved all-in on the turn on a board showing {A-Diamonds} {2-Diamonds} {5-Spades} {8-Clubs} and Kihara made the call.

Kihara{A-Spades} {10-Spades} {8-Diamonds} {6-Diamonds}
Colin{9-Diamonds} {7-Clubs} {6-Clubs} {4-Hearts}

Kihara with two-pair versus the draws of Colin. everybody waiting with baited breath for the river card and it was the {7-Diamonds} giving Colin his straight…but also handing Kihara a winning flush.

Naoya Kihara jp
Naoya Kihara
jp 1,607,000 272,000
David Colin FR
David Colin
FR Busted

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David Benyamine Eliminated in 14th Place ($20,579)

David Benyamine - 14th Place
David Benyamine - 14th Place

The overnight chip leader, and World Series of Bracelet holder, David Benyamine, is out of this competition; and of course it was Naoya Kihara who brought down the guillotine.

Kihara raised to 18,000 on the button, Benyamine three-bet to 62,000 from the small blind and the fearless Kihara called.

Flop: {7-Spades} {4-Hearts} {3-Hearts}

Benyamine moved all-in for 125,000 and Kihara made the call.

Kihara{K-Clubs} {Q-Clubs} {10-Hearts} {3-Diamonds}
Benyamine{K-Diamonds} {K-Spades} {10-Diamonds} {5-Diamonds}

Kihara held a pair of threes and Benyamine a pair of kings.

Turn: {Q-Hearts}

Kihara made two-pair and Benyamine was gutted. The river {J-Hearts} sealing the deal and the Frenchman was out in 14th place. Kihara moved upwards and onwards with 1,335,000.

Naoya Kihara jp
Naoya Kihara
jp 1,335,000 135,000
David Benyamine fr
David Benyamine
fr Busted

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