US Poker Open MSPT $1,600 Venetian
Event #61: $300 Monster Stack No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed

Event Info

Prize Pool $973,989
Players 3491

Level Info

Level 39
Blinds 800,000 / 1,600,000
Ante 200,000

Players Info - Day 1

Players Left 1
Entries 3491
Event #61: $300 Monster Stack No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed
Day 1 Completed

Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey Claims 1st Bracelet in Event #61: $300 Monster Stack for $127,660

poolshir • Level 39: 800,000-1,600,000, 200,000 ante

And that makes it the third bracelet for the United Kingdom during the GGPoker WSOP Online Bracelet Events as Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey takes down Event #61: $300 Monster Stack NLHE 6-Handed for $127,660, the WSOP Europe package, and his first bracelet by besting Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte heads-up. The tournament attracted 3,491 entries to create a prize pool of $973,989 just shy of a million.

Stacey seems to be a relatively unknown player as he has one cash recorded on The Hendon Mob for $1,100 and looks to have scored his biggest cash ever to follow in the footsteps of Roberto Romanello and Patrick Kennedy as they have also claimed a bracelet earlier on in this series.

Stacey and Lecompte were accompanied by Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva, Arnaud Enselme, Michael "Blank0DMT" Schwartz, Hui "rrnutscn" Wang, Steve O'Dwyer, Wai Ching "KEN-C" Cheang, and Tal "tel aviv" Herzog on the final table.

Event #61: $300 Monster Stack NLHE Final Table Results

1Alexander "MightyWarior" StaceyUnited Kingdom$127,660
2Craig "Tonkaiktomni" LecompteUnited States$99,552
3Sami "ToasterBono" KoivunevaFinland$70,964
4Arnaud EnselmeFrance$50,586
5Michael "Blank0DMT" SchwartzFrance$36,059
6Hui "rrnutscn" WangChina$25,704
7Steve O'DwyerIreland$18,323
8Wai Ching "KEN-C" CheangChina$13,061
9Tal "tel aviv" HerzogIsrael$9,311

Road to the Final Table

The late registration period of the tournament lasted 210 minutes and when that timer ran out, just over 1,000 players were left in the field, and over half of them needed to bust for the rest to be in the money for at least $697. It would take almost 90 minutes before it was time for the bubble with 443 players left while only 440 would get paid.

Grigoriy "Galdhopiggen" Rodin ended up bursting the bubble by taking out Simon "sprhightrolr" Grabenschweiger in a swingy hand. Rodin held pocket treys while Grabenschweiger had king-queen. The king-trey-queen flop gave Rodin bottom set and Grabenschweiger two pair and some hope. The seven on the turn didn't change things and the river made the hand of Rodin even better as he improved to quads.

Michiel Van Elsacker
GGPoker Twitch Streamer Michiel Van Elsacker

As usual, as soon as the bubble burst, a bunch of eliminations come flying in. And it was no different here, GGPoker Twitch Streamer Michiel "Easterdamnz" Van Elsacker ran his ace-king into the ace-nine of Jiahuan "brahms" He. Another streamer, Bryan Paris fell shortly after, as did players like Alex Foxen, Samuel Vousden, Romanello, Simon Higgins, and Connor Drinan while O'Dwyer took the chip lead.

GGPoker Ambassador Daniel Negreanu was eliminated by Alexandru "Leo Messi10" Farcasanu when he three-bet shoved his 17 big blind in with king-queen. Farcasanu held jacks and those held throughout the runout of the board.

Four hours after the bubble burst, the field was down to two tables. Stacey took out Trygve "FullSendWig" Leite and Charles "TheMadQueen" La Boissonniere took care of Farcasanu to get to the final table bubble. But La Boissonniere was next to go in tenth place thanks to Schwartz.

Slow Start, Quick Finish

O'Dwyer and Wang came into the final table with the two biggest stacks worth 45 big blinds while Cheang was the shortest with eight. It would take 40 minutes before Herzog busted after others doubled up first. Fifteen minutes later, Cheang got chucked out of the tournament by Koivuneva who had also eliminated Herzog.

Steve O'Dwyer
Steve O'Dwyer finished in seventh place for $18,323

O'Dwyer had lost his chip lead when he doubled Enselme up and then got his last 14 big blinds in with ace-nine. Schwartz held kings to prevent the well-know player from winning his first bracelet. Stacey then doubled through Schwartz for the chip lead and didn't let it go anymore.

He eliminated Wang in sixth place while Enselme took out Schwartz in fifth place. But Stacey then took out Enselme to get to three-handed play. Koivuneva doubled up through Lecompte before the latter then doubled back up twice through the former to leave him short. Koivuneva then shoved his last five big blinds with ace-king and was ahead against the ace-trey of Stacey but the trey on the flop signaled the end of Koivuneva's tournament life.

Heads-up play lasted for eleven hands and in the final one, Lecompte raised and then called for his last 22 big blinds with king-queen. Stacey held ace-nine and held throughout the runout with the higher kicker to claim the win and his first bracelet.

The PokerNews live reporting team will be back on Sunday, August 16 with big selection of action to follow. Event #62: $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha starts at 6 p.m. UTC and there's the Event #64: $840 Super Turbo Bounty No Limit Hold'em at 8:30 p.m. But most eyes will be on Event #63: $500 Mini Main Event at 6:30 p.m. as that event has a whopping guarantee of $5,000,000. So make sure to come back for all the updates right here.

Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte Eliminated in 2nd Place ($99,552)

poolshir • Level 39: 800,000-1,600,000, 200,000 ante
Stacey vs Lecompte
Stacey vs Lecompte

In the eleventh hand of heads-up play, Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte raised to 4,000,000 from the button and Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey shoved with the bigger stack for Lecompte to make the call for the remaining 32,087,466.

Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte: {k-Diamonds}{q-Clubs}
Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey: {a-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}

The flop came {j-Diamonds}{j-Spades}{4-Diamonds} for Stacey to stay ahead.

The turn was the {5-Hearts} and when the river cards was slowly peeled by Lecompte, it revealed the {7-Spades} to end his tournament life. Stacey wins the WSOP bracelet and $127,660 while Lecompte collected $99,552 for finishing as the runner up.

A recap is to follow.

Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey GB 174,550,000 40,887,466
Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte us Busted

Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva Eliminated in 3rd Place ($70,964)

poolshir • Level 39: 800,000-1,600,000, 200,000 ante
Koivuneva vs Stacey
Koivuneva vs Stacey

Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva shoved from the button for 5,144,622 and was called by Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte in the small blind. Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey three-bet shoved for more for Lecompte to fold.

Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva: {a-Diamonds}{k-Spades}
Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey: {a-Hearts}{3-Hearts}

The board ran out {2-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds} for Stacey to flop a pair of treys to bust Koivuneva in third place.

Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey GB 133,662,534 10,489,244
Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte us 40,887,466 -4,144,622
Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva FI Busted

Lecompte Doubles Up Twice to Leave Koivuneva Short

poolshir • Level 39: 800,000-1,600,000, 200,000 ante
Lecompte vs Koivuneva
Lecompte vs Koivuneva

Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva shoved from the small blind with the bigger stack and Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte made the call from the big blind for 9,608,022.

Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte: {q-Spades}{10-Hearts}
Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva: {a-Clubs}{2-Hearts}

The board ran out {10-Clubs}{j-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{5-Spades}{q-Hearts} for Lecompte to double up.

Two hands later, Lecompte shoved from the button for 21,816,044 and was called by Koivuneva in the big blind.

Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte: {8-Spades}{8-Diamonds}
Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva: {a-Spades}{q-Diamonds}

The board ran out {3-Clubs}{q-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{5-Hearts} for Lecompte to double up again and leave Koivuneva short.

Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey GB 123,173,290 6,200,000
Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte us 45,032,088 29,424,066
Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva FI 6,344,622 -35,624,066

Koivuneva Doubles Up

poolshir • Level 39: 800,000-1,600,000, 200,000 ante
Koivuneva vs Lecompte
Koivuneva vs Lecompte

Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva completed his small blind and Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte raised from the big blind to 6,400,000 for Koivuneva to three-bet shove for 20,684,344 in total which Lecompte called.

Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva: {k-Spades}{k-Diamonds}
Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte: {q-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}

The board ran out {j-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}{j-Spades} for Koivuneva to hold with the higher two pair to double up.

Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey GB 116,973,290 5,100,000
Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva FI 41,968,688 13,784,344
Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte us 15,608,022 -18,884,344

Arnaud Enselme Eliminated in 4th Place ($50,586)

poolshir • Level 39: 800,000-1,600,000, 200,000 ante
Enselme vs Stacey
Enselme vs Stacey

Arnaud Enselme shoved from under the gun for 17,777,266 which Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey called in the big blind.

Arnaud Enselme: {8-Spades}{8-Hearts}
Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey: {a-Spades}{q-Diamonds}

The board ran out {4-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{a-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds}{6-Hearts} for Stacey to flop the pair of aces and turn the flush to bust Enselme in fourth place.

Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey GB 111,873,290 22,177,266
Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte us 34,492,366 -2,800,000
Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva FI 28,184,344 -1,200,000
Arnaud Enselme fr Busted

Koivuneva Doubles Through Stacey

poolshir • Level 38: 600,000-1,200,000, 150,000 ante

Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey raised to 15,600,000 from the button and Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva called for the 12,892,172 he had left in the big blind.

Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva: {a-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}
Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey: {2-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}

The board ran out {8-Spades}{k-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{a-Hearts} for Koivuneva to hit the river for the higher two pair to double up.

Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey GB 89,696,024 -12,592,172
Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte us 37,292,366 -300,000
Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva FI 29,384,344 12,592,172
Arnaud Enselme fr 18,177,266 300,000

Stacey Puts Enselme All-In

poolshir • Level 38: 600,000-1,200,000, 150,000 ante

Arnaud Enselme raised to 2,520,000 from under the gun and Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey three-bet to 8,000,000 from the big blind which Enselme called.

The flop came {8-Clubs}{2-Spades}{q-Hearts}, Staceybet 5,076,000 which Enselme called again.

The turn was the {9-Spades} and Stacey bet 14,876,000 this time and was called again.

The river completed the board with the {7-Diamonds} and Stacey barreled a bet of into the pot to put Enselme all-in for the fold.

Alexander "MightyWarior" Stacey GB 102,288,196 31,102,000
Craig "Tonkaiktomni" Lecompte us 37,592,366 -2,250,000
Arnaud Enselme fr 17,877,266 -29,002,000
Sami "ToasterBono" Koivuneva FI 16,792,172 150,000