2020 WSOP Main Event - GGPoker
2020 WSOP Main Event - GGPoker
Day 1c Completed

Vijayaratnam Leads 75 Day 1c Players in the 2020 GGPoker $10,000 WSOP Main Event

poolshir • Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 400 ante
Senthuran Vijayaratnam
Senthuran Vijayaratnam

The third and final starting day of the international 2020 GGPoker $10,000 World Series Of Poker Main Event ended up being the biggest of the three with 257 players taking a shot at making Day 2 to grab their share of the $6,470,400 prize pool which had been created. Day 1a had 246 entries while Day 1b saw 171 players rock up to play for a seat into Day 2. On Monday, December 7, the 64 survivors of Day 1a and 42 remaining players of Day 1b will return together with the 75 who were still seated at the tables at the end of the day.

Claiming the Day 1c chip lead is Senthuran "Prodigal Sen" Vijayaratnam from Canada with 966,714 in chips with a big chunk of those earned when he eliminated Samuel Vousden with queens versus sevens in the four-bet shoved pot. The UK's Jesse "sabor_de_mar" Wigan claims second place in the counts with 642,276 which also earns him a spot in second place when Day 2 starts as he has slightly more chips than Blaz Zerjav who took the Day 1b chip lead. Closing out the podium is Viacheslav Buldygin with 480,671 which still earns him a top ten spot for Day 2.

Other familiar names to return for the Main Event include players like Gediminas "NeverGambol" Uselis (433,859), Daniel Smiljkovic (405,085), Christopher Puetz (394,051), Carter Swidler (324,651), Jonas Lauck (299,372), and Damian Salas (266,036).

The Top 10 Counts of Day 1c at a Glance

PositionPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds Day 2
1Senthuran "Prodigal Sen" VijayaratnamCanada966,714193
2Jesse "sabor_de_mar" WiganUnited Kingdom642,276128
3Viacheslav BuldyginRussia480,67196
4Ruben "Sjokomelk" GravlienNorway459,03192
5Gediminas "NeverGambol" UselisLithuania433,85987
6Daniel SmiljkovicAustria405,08581
7Fazel "waterproo" DawoodSouth Africa404,09281
8Robin "HWXR_1" HegeleGermany398,19280
9Christopher PuetzAustria394,05179
10Oleg "WhiteBaron" UstinovichRussia377,12375

But with 75 players making it through, don't count out names like Hannes "BlackFortuna" Speiser, Daniel "BaccaratKing" Neilson, Vladas "Vladiator13" Tamasauskas, Christopher "Mangudai" Frank, Sung Joo "ArtePokerTV" Hyun, Alexandru Papazian, Alexandros Kolonias, Stoyan "UncleToni" Obreshkov, Ludovic "Gr4vyB04t" Geilich, or Josip "MagicKing" Simunic for example.

The Action of the Day

Many big names registered before the start of the day and the entries kept coming in throughout the first six hours of the day, by the time the first break rolled around, 155 players were registered with no one busting just yet. "ALOHADANCETV" was the first player to bust with many more following them.

PokerNews Podcast: Stoyan Madanzhiev on Winning 2020 WSOP GGPoker Main Event
PokerNews Podcast: Stoyan Madanzhiev on Winning 2020 WSOP GGPoker Main Event

Some of the more notable ones included Stoyan Madanzhiev who won the previous 2020 GGPoker WSOP Online Main Event for $3,904,686. He first lost a chunk to Markus "ober_tilter" Lechleitner and then gave the rest to Vitaliy "Durdy" Pankov. Wenling "HappyDX" Gao finished in second place a few months ago for $2,748,605 and was back in the running today too but fell during the tenth level of the night.

Stefan Schillhabel, Michael "H3R0" Acevedo, Dietrich Fast, Gianluca Speranza, Patrick "Egption" Tardif, Enrico "GTOExploiter" Camosci, Hun Wei Lee, Michael "YesPlease" Clacher, Mike Leah, Timothy Adams, Thomas Cazayous, David Peters, Martin Jacobson, Davidi Kitai, and Melika "Melirazavii" Razavi are some of the competitors who fell at one of the many hurdles Day 1c brought them.

Jack "Claashole" Sinclair won the WSOPE Main Event back in 2018 in King's Resort but wouldn't be able to add another WSOP Main Event win as he ran his ace-king into the aces of Ruben "Sjokomelk" Gravlien. Dario Sammartino fell to the hands of Johan "YoHViraL" Guilbert. Kitty Kuo was kicked out by Sang Yeon "alltimehigh" Hwang while Pete Chen was taken out by Hrair "sharkbait777" Yapoudjian.

Mikita Badziakouski busted to Dan "oiltrader" Shak who failed to keep hold of those chips shortly after. Michiel "Easterdamnz" Van Elsacker also fell victim to Smiljkovic when his open-ended straight draw didn't get there against the aces of the latter. Canada's Collin "generic" Capone won his seat for the Main Event in the PokerNews Bluff Competition but ran his kings into the ace-king of Gravlien who flopped the higher pair. Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier was the last player to bust when he first doubled up "sssssAK" and then lost the remainder to Hannes "BlackFortuna" Speiser.

Bertrand Grospellier
Bertrand Grospellier busted in the final hand of the night

Plan for Day 2

Play will resume with 179 players at the virtual tables at 6 p.m. GMT with 80 players making the money. A min-cash is worth $15,277 while making the final table will earn those nine players at least $75,360. The eventual winner on the 15th of December will walk away with $1,550,969. The first level of the day will be featuring a small blind of 2,500, a big blinds of 5,000, and a running ante of 500. Level duration will remain at 30 minutes throughout the day and play will continue until the final table has been reached.

The PokerNews live reporting team will be there from the first open seat until the final table bubble has burst so stick around for all the live updates right here.

End-of-Day 1c Chip Counts (full)

zedmaster84 • Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 400 ante
Senthuran "Prodigal Sen" Vijayaratnam ca
Senthuran "Prodigal Sen" Vijayaratnam
ca 966,714 57,200
Jesse "sabor_de_mar" Wigan GB
Jesse "sabor_de_mar" Wigan
GB 642,276 -3,240
Viacheslav Buldygin ru
Viacheslav Buldygin
ru 480,671 -2,918
Ruben "Sjokomelk" Gravlien NO
Ruben "Sjokomelk" Gravlien
NO 459,031 39,376
Gediminas "NeverGambol" Uselis lt
Gediminas "NeverGambol" Uselis
lt 433,859 52,476
Daniel Smiljkovic de
Daniel Smiljkovic
de 405,085
Fazel "waterproo" Dawood ZA
Fazel "waterproo" Dawood
ZA 404,092 118,400
Robin "HWXR_1" Hegele de
Robin "HWXR_1" Hegele
de 398,192 307,002
Christopher Puetz de
Christopher Puetz
de 394,051 27,974
Oleg "WhiteBaron" Ustinovich RU
Oleg "WhiteBaron" Ustinovich
RU 377,123 -45,600
Simon "Fireburns" Burns gb
Simon "Fireburns" Burns
gb 372,741 400
pl 344,558 11,780
Carter Swidler ca
Carter Swidler
ca 324,651
Jonathan "JA-S-N-G-T" Fhima ma
Jonathan "JA-S-N-G-T" Fhima
ma 322,095 -35,644
Jonas Lauck de
Jonas Lauck
de 299,372 50,505
Sang Yeon "alltimehigh" Hwang HK
Sang Yeon "alltimehigh" Hwang
HK 288,247
Thomas "ggmbn" Macdonald gb
Thomas "ggmbn" Macdonald
gb 282,054 -51,500
bebyair18 IL
IL 276,729 -14,680
Andriy Lyubovetskiy ua
Andriy Lyubovetskiy
ua 266,771 -40,000
Patrick "Pepsi_zero" Semrau at
Patrick "Pepsi_zero" Semrau
at 266,771 14,000
Damian Salas ar
Damian Salas
ar 266,036 -9,600
Wenbiao "mogo8846" Zeng CN
Wenbiao "mogo8846" Zeng
CN 263,415 -9,200
Marco Streda ch
Marco Streda
ch 251,767
Felipe "sonicfast" Costa br
Felipe "sonicfast" Costa
br 242,561 77,885
t0602 ru
ru 230,686 -6,000

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Day 1c Completed

zedmaster84 • Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 400 ante

A total of 75 players out of 257 contenders made it through and will join the survivors of the previous two flights when the action resumes the following day at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST).

The full chip counts and a recap of today's action are to follow.

Grospellier Last Player to Bust

poolshir • Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 400 ante
Speiser vs Grospellier
Speiser vs Grospellier

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier had lost most of his chips when he doubled up "sssssAK" with {k-Spades}{k-Clubs} against the {a-Hearts}{a-Clubs} of the latter on the {k-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}{6-Spades}{6-Clubs}{2-Diamonds} board to leave him with 2,479 in chips.

On the very next hand, he lost the remainder to Hannes "BlackFortuna" Speiser who held {9-Hearts}{9-Diamonds} on the {4-Clubs}{q-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{2-Hearts}{3-Hearts} board while Grospellier had the {k-Spades}{10-Hearts} in his possession.

Daniel Smiljkovic de
Daniel Smiljkovic
de 405,085 -50,292
Carter Swidler ca
Carter Swidler
ca 324,651 60,205
Sang Yeon "alltimehigh" Hwang HK
Sang Yeon "alltimehigh" Hwang
HK 288,247 108,290
Marco Streda ch
Marco Streda
ch 251,767 93,117
Hannes Speiser at
Hannes Speiser
at 183,568 -9,480
Bela "Teemo2018" Toth hu
Bela "Teemo2018" Toth
hu 180,407 -98,457
sssssAK CN
CN 156,532 99,308
CallTheClock DE
DE 120,208 17,999
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier fr
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier
fr Busted

Neilson Scores a Late Double

zedmaster84 • Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 400 ante
Neilson vs Galakhov
Neilson vs Galakhov

In the final hand of the night, Evgeny "AntreVolt" Galakhov raised to 8,000 and was called by Daniel "BaccaratKing" Neilson. The {q-Hearts}{4-Spades}{3-Spades} flop brought a bet worth 8,448 by Galakhov and a call from Neilson.

On the {7-Diamonds} turn, Galakhov bet 14,024 and called the jam for 84,568 by Neilson.

Daniel "BaccaratKing" Neilson: {a-Spades}{a-Hearts}
Evgeny "AntreVolt" Galakhov: {k-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds}

The {2-Diamonds} on the river was save for Neilson as he doubled right before virtually bagging and tagging his chips.

Daniel "BaccaratKing" Neilson au
Daniel "BaccaratKing" Neilson
au 197,336 94,268
Evgeny "AntreVolt" Galakhov RU
Evgeny "AntreVolt" Galakhov
RU 147,420 -99,108

Play Resumes

poolshir • Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 400 ante

Play has resumed with just over three minutes of the last level of the day left.

Final Break of the Day

poolshir • Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 400 ante

The 76 remaining players have been sent for their final break before finishing the final minutes of the last level of the night.

Velasevic Falls to Gravlien Too

poolshir • Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 400 ante

Ruben "Sjokomelk" Gravlien raised to 8,800 from the middle position and Danilo "BBRS999" Velasevic three-bet shoved from the small blind for 90,158 which Gravlien called.

Danilo "BBRS999" Velasevic: {q-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}
Ruben "Sjokomelk" Gravlien: {a-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}

The board ran out {q-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{7-Spades}{5-Spades} for Velasevic to flop top pair and pick up the flush draw but not get any further help from the turn nor river as he was eliminated.

Ruben "Sjokomelk" Gravlien NO
Ruben "Sjokomelk" Gravlien
NO 419,655 124,122
Alexandru Papazian ro
Alexandru Papazian
ro 178,853 -29,293
Stas "EndersGame20" Tishkevich IL
Stas "EndersGame20" Tishkevich
IL 143,924 -27,140
Martin "Naaaturally" Stausholm dk
Martin "Naaaturally" Stausholm
dk 122,304 61,212
Alexandros Kolonias gr
Alexandros Kolonias
gr 120,663 43,616
MarMak RU
RU 73,607 -14,698
Sbeky LI
LI 55,916 -46,214
Armin "gringo843" Rezaei at
Armin "gringo843" Rezaei
at 37,340 -21,940
Danilo "BBRS999" Velasevic rs
Danilo "BBRS999" Velasevic
rs Busted

Buldygin Busts Koop; Doubles Geilich

zedmaster84 • Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 400 ante

Niko "niNohR" Koop raised to 8,800 and called a three-bet to 27,200 by Viacheslav Buldygin on the button to see a flop of {j-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{4-Spades}. Koop elected to check-shove for 89,216 and Buldygin quickly called.

Niko "niNohR" Koop: {j-Spades}{10-Spades}
Viacheslav Buldygin: {q-Hearts}{q-Clubs}

The {9-Clubs} turn and the {7-Clubs} river brought no help to Koop and he exited close to the end of the day.

One further all-in showdown then took place when Buldygin took on a short-stacked Ludovic "Gr4vyB04t" Geilich.

Ludovic "Gr4vyB04t" Geilich: {k-Spades}{q-Clubs}
Viacheslav Buldygin: {a-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}

It seemed all but over for Geilich on a {a-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{4-Spades} flop but the Scotsman found the {k-Hearts} turn and {q-Hearts} river for back door two pair.

Viacheslav Buldygin ru
Viacheslav Buldygin
ru 483,589 267,862
Ludovic "Gr4vyB04t" Geilich gb
Ludovic "Gr4vyB04t" Geilich
gb 80,780 -118,333
Niko "niNohR" Koop
Niko "niNohR" Koop