2021 World Series of Poker
$10,000 Wynn Millions ($10M GTD)

Magnus First to Bet

AnthonyThompson • Level 9: 600-1,200, 1,200 ante
Nadya Magnus

Nadya Magnus raised to 2,500 from early position, Darren Elias called from the cutoff as did the small blind player and Sandeep Pulusani from the big blind.

The {j-Diamonds}{q-Clubs}{8-Hearts} flop was checked around to the {j-Spades} turn. Action was checked to Magnus who fired out an uncontested 5,000 bet.

Player Chips Progress
Darren Elias us
Darren Elias
us 135,000 107,000
Nadya Magnus us
Nadya Magnus
us 45,000 -3,000
Sandeep Pulusani us
Sandeep Pulusani
us 27,000 -48,000

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