$10,000 Wynn Millions ($10M GTD)
$10,000 Wynn Millions ($10M GTD)
Day 1a Completed

Peter Braglia Takes Chip Lead on Wynn Millions Day 1a

Chad_Holloway • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante
Peter Braglia
Peter Braglia

On Friday, the highly-anticipated $10,000 buy-in, $10,000,000 GTD Wynn Millions got underway. The first of three starting flights attracted 263 runners, but after 10 levels of play, approximately 90 remained with Peter Braglia bagging chip lead with 321,500.

Others to bag big stacks were Cliff Josephy (317,000), Joseph Cheong (301,500), Alex Foxen (295,500), and Jerald Saeman (280,000), who round out the top five. They were joined by Jason Koon (236,500), Vanessa Kade (168,000), Dan Smith (160,000), Ryan Riess (121,500), Chance Kornuth (113,500), Jason Somerville (105,500), Tony Dunst (90,500), David Peters (81,000), and Nick Schulman (74,000).

Of course, not everyone was fortunate enough to advance to Day 2. Among those to fall were Andrew Lichtenberger, Brock Wilson, Jared Bleznick, Chris Brewer, Frank Funaro, Erik Seidel, Maria Konnikova, Shaun Deeb, Kristen Bicknell, 2020 WSOP champ Damian Salas, and GGPoker Ambassador Daniel Negreanu.

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu

Negreanu actually busted the tournament twice, which was somewhat of a surprise given he doubled in Level 1 after making quad queens. However, his hot start cooled as he busted his first bullet in Level 2 in a particularly brutal hand.

There was four-way action that saw a {j-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}{5-Spades} flop and Nitis Udornpim continued for 1,500. Negreanu raised to 5,500 and all three opponents called bringing the {a-Spades} turn.

Action was checked to the player in middle position who fired out 1,600 and Negreanu raised all in. Action folded to Udornpim who came over the top and isolated.

Nitis Udornpim: {a-}{j-}
Daniel Negreanu: {5-}{5-}

Negreanu was ahead after flopping a set of fives but a {j-} completed the board on the river, giving Udornpim a better full house and sent Negreanu to the rebuy desk. His second bullet didn’t go any better and he exhausted his single re-entry per flight option two levels later.

The good news is that he and others have a chance to try again as there are still two more starting flights to go with Days 1b and 1c at Noon local time on Saturday and Sunday respectively. PokerNews will be on-site to capture all the action throughout the six-day long tournament, so be sure to tune in all weekend long into next week.

Cliff Josephy
Cliff Josephy

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End-of-Day 1a Chip Counts (full)

Chad_Holloway • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante
Peter Braglia us
Peter Braglia
us 321,500 31,500
Cliff Josephy us
Cliff Josephy
us 317,000 117,000
Joseph Cheong us
Joseph Cheong
us 301,500 1,500
Alex Foxen us
Alex Foxen
us 295,500 25,500
Jerold Saeman US
Jerold Saeman
US 280,000 280,000
Aram Zobian us
Aram Zobian
us 249,500 249,500
Matthew Ploof us
Matthew Ploof
us 238,000 238,000
Jason Koon us
Jason Koon
us 236,500 56,500
Dylan Smith us
Dylan Smith
us 232,500 156,900
James Calderaro us
James Calderaro
us 211,500 31,500
Toby Lewis gb
Toby Lewis
gb 202,500 52,500
Viny Lima us
Viny Lima
us 197,500 -42,500
Ap Louis Garza us
Ap Louis Garza
us 195,000 25,000
Noel Rodriguez us
Noel Rodriguez
us 193,000 43,000
Vanessa Kade ca
Vanessa Kade
ca 168,000 -8,000
Ian Matakis us
Ian Matakis
us 164,000 44,000
Dan Smith us
Dan Smith
us 160,000 -25,000
Jonathan Dokler us
Jonathan Dokler
us 157,500 157,500
Francisco Fragoso mx
Francisco Fragoso
mx 153,000 153,000
Brent Roberts us
Brent Roberts
us 151,000 151,000
Ankush Mandavia us
Ankush Mandavia
us 150,000 10,000
Joel Kuegher
Joel Kuegher
150,000 150,000
John Riordan us
John Riordan
us 149,000 149,000
Scott Baumstein us
Scott Baumstein
us 148,000 23,000
Larry Ormson us
Larry Ormson
us 146,000 96,000

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Play Has Ended

AnthonyThompson • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante

End of day chip counts and recap will follow.

Final Six Hands

AnthonyThompson • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante

The tournament dealer has just announce the final six hands of the evening.

Racener Makes His Move

AnthonyThompson • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante

John Racener raised from early position and Joe McKeehen defended his big blind to see a {7-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}{9-Hearts} flop.

McKeehen check-raised to 9,000 after Racener continued for 3,500 and Racener called. Once the {6-Spades} fell on the turn, Racener moved all in and McKeehen quickly folded.

Joe McKeehen us
Joe McKeehen
us 55,000 -15,000
John Racener us
John Racener
us 48,000 19,500

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Somerville Gets Lucky in Return to Live Poker

Chad_Holloway • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante

Until today, Jason Somerville hadn't played any poker since before the pandemic. He opted to make his return by late registering on Day 1a, and recently he got his stack of 47,500 all in preflop against a big-stacked opponent.

Jason Somerville: {a-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}
Opponent: {q-Spades}{q-Hearts}

Somerville was behind but the dealer delivered a reprieve as the {a-Spades}{2-Diamonds}{2-Hearts} flop paired his ace. Neither the {10-Spades} turn nor {7-Diamonds} river changed a thing and Somerville stayed alive.

Jason Somerville us
Jason Somerville
us 97,000 49,500

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Ormson Two Outed on River

Chad_Holloway • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante
Larry Ormson
Larry Ormson

A player got their stack of 47,000 all in preflop only to find themselves in dire straits against Wisconsin's Larry Ormson.

Larry Ormson: {q-Clubs}{q-Hearts}
Opponent: {10-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}

Ormson had the superior pocket pair and looked good through the {5-Clubs}{a-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} flop and {9-Hearts} turn. All he had to do was dodge a ten on the river, but that proved easier said than done as the {10-Spades} spiked to send the pot to his opponent.

Larry Ormson us
Larry Ormson
us 50,000 -50,000

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Mandavia Won't be Bullied by McKeehen

AnthonyThompson • Level 10: 1,000-1,500, 1,500 ante

Ankush Mandavia opened for 3,500 from under the gun and was called by Joe McKeehen on the button, along with John Racener from the big blind.

The {a-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{10-Spades} flop was checked to Mandavia who continued for 5,500. Both McKeehen and Racener called to see the {2-Clubs} fall on the turn.

Action was checked to Mandavia once again and he fired out 18,000. Only McKeehen called and the {4-Hearts} completed the board on the river.

Mandavia check-jammed after McKeehen fired out 22,500 and McKeehen quickly folded giving Mandavia the pot.

Ankush Mandavia us
Ankush Mandavia
us 140,000 35,000
Joe McKeehen us
Joe McKeehen
us 70,000
John Racener us
John Racener
us 28,500 -21,500

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