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  • Regulation is currently under discussion
  • Regulation has been discussed but no recent movement
  • Online poker is not likely anytime soon

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(Population of 952,065 as of 2016)

Back in June 2012, Delaware followed in Nevada’s footsteps and became the second state to legalize online poker.

In February of this year, Delaware Governor Jack Markell and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed an interstate online poker compact that will allow players from both states to play against players from the other.

The compact was historic and there’s no doubt other states will be eyeing it closely. That said, the compact was between two states with small populations, so it’s not going to make either rich. Both Delaware and Nevada could benefit from others joining their compact, but in order for that to happen other states must join the fray. All signs point to that happening, but it’s going to take time.

According to, Delaware’s regulated online gaming revenues in 2016 rose 62 percent, generating $3 million in net revenue. Delaware’s online gaming is all operated through the state’s three horse racinos. Due to the small market size, the revenues in this state tend to fluctuate and remain on the low end.