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Online Poker Spotlight: Carter "ckingusc" King

Online Poker Spotlight: Carter "ckingusc" King 0001

Pokernews: Hey, Carter! How has the 2009 WSOP been going so far for you this year?

King: It has been pretty good. I've had 3 cashes so far and have built a few stacks. It could be better but I really can't complain.

PN: Besides tournaments, have you been playing any cash games at the Rio? From what I hear, they are extremely soft.

King: I've played a few times, but I've been pretty busy playing tournaments. When I have time off I take the chance to get some rest.

PN: Fair enough. Do you prefer playing live poker or online? How do you adjust from online to live poker?

I really like playing live when I get the chance. The amount of information available to you at the table is great and the big prizes are huge draws for me. As far as adjusting, it all comes down to the play at your table and the structure of the tourney.

PN: Who have been your house mates for the WSOP and what’s the craziest thing you guys have done so far?

King: Ha Ha! I've actually spent most the WSOP staying at the RIO this summer. I haven't really done anything too crazy. A few nights out, but that's about it.

PN: Any good prop bets?

I have a prop bet versus Thayer for weight loss, $500 a pound, based on who loses the most. So far I think I'm winning by a decent margin but he seems confident. We'll see.

PN: That’s pretty sick. What’s your strategy or plan on how to lose a lot of weight? (If you can't tell I understand so Thayer doesn't use your tactics.)

King: Ha! Well, it has rules against binging so mostly it comes down to eating better and living a healthier lifestyle.

PN: GL with the bet! Let’s move onto the “H2H” questions now. If you are not playing poker, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

King: I usually hang out with friends or my dogs most of the time.

PN: If you could play anyone HU for rolls who would it be and why?

King: It would definitely be Guy Laliberte because I'm greedy.

PN: How do you feel about ghosting in online poker? Many people do it obv. Some people think its ok and some people don't. What are your thoughts?

King: It's one of those things that I do not do and am personally against. However, I accept the reality that it's impossible to stop so I don't get angry about it. I think it’s unethical.

PN: You are going to club XS for the night, who is in your entourage?

King: Hmmm. I would say Will Ferrel, Snoop Dogg, Phil Ivey. This is tough, LOL, Megan Fox, Jon Belush, if I can bring him back from the dead, and Bill Clinton.

PN: If you could choose a different job rather than being a professional poker player, what would you choose and why?

King: I would probably be an entrepreneur in business. Being your own boss really interests and is important to me.

PN: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Carter. We wish you the best of luck in the future!

King: Thanks Ryan!

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