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Final Episode of Antonio Esfandiari's "Strip Magic" Web Series Released

Every Wednesday for the past five weeks, Antonio Esfandiari has released a video in his six-part web series called "Strip Magic," which features "The Magician" performing street magic on the Las Vegas Strip. Now, the final episode has hit the airwaves.

In the first four episodes, we saw Esfandiari reading the crowd, dust off his bag of tricks, explain why he gave up his career in magic years ago, and help a woman find her missing ring. In Episode 5, Esfandiari messed with his audience's head by always staying one step ahead of the trick.

In the final episode of Season 1 (sounds like there will be a Season 2) of “Strip Magic,” Esfandiari tells us why performing magic is so rewarding for him. Check it out:

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