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Open-Face Chinese Poker Growing at the World Series of Poker


Open-Face Chinese Poker is the new “it” game at the World Series of Poker. The game, which exploded onto the scene in recent years, is now being played by both poker pros and recreational players alike. After wandering around the Rio to check out the satellites, cash games, and tournaments, it's become evident that OFC is the new pastime.

Since the WSOP kicked off on Wednesday, the OFC cash games have been popping up like flowers in bloom, with several games being spread from $25/25 limits all the way up to $100/100. Players can also be found grinding the popular OFC mobile app while playing tournaments. Or, if you're a baller, you can host a game in your trailer parked in the Rio parking lot.

Jason MercierOfc heaven ... This is how u wait for the next event #RVlife
John RacenerI know it's hard to believe, but my OFC table with @MattGlantz and @SLOPPYKLOD was softer then this 1k WSOP event #superfriends
Aaron SteuryJust sweated some $25/pt OFC on break, omg I will be playing that a game this summer.
Darren RabinowitzWas busy playin OFC on the iPhone instead of the Pad. Anybody at rio got an extra charger (iPhone 4)
Ray HensonWish they ran 2 flights for every tourney @wsop at 11 am and 5 pm. Bust the early flight and get to play ofc with @Gardyone #lifesgood

When asked about the appeal of the game, Mercier told PokerNews, “I really love it because the thought process that it provokes. Plus, it’s a social game so it’s just really fun to play with friends.”

Mercier also shared that his OFC competitors are typically Racener, Matt Glantz, Chris Klodnicki, and Daniel Weinman, with stakes ranging anywhere from $25 a point to $1,000 or $2,000 a point, depending on the player.

Steury, a WSOP bracelet holder like Mercier, also chimed in on the topic, saying, “I mostly just play with friends at the low stakes for $1 a point. I’m still learning the game and just having fun with it but I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the game now.”

When asked if he prefers the app over the live game, he said, “I play both live and on the app but I think live is more fun to sweat the cards and needle friends or opponents.”

OFC is still taking off, so the hype is sure to grow in the next six weeks here at the Rio in Las Vegas.

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