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New Short Film Features Team PokerStars Online’s Shane “Shaniac” Schleger

Shane “Shaniac” Schleger

The latest video in PokerStars’ popular documentary series, which features members of Team PokerStars Online, was released last week and features the roller-coaster journey of Shane “Shaniac” Schleger, who worked his way up from being a waiter in New York back in 2004 to now playing online poker on the Mexican seaside.

"It's not the typical story of triumph in poker, but it represents my relationship with the game in an accurate way, and it also represents some of the realities that I continue to face,” Schleger said.

The film captures Schleger’s ups and down over the past nine years including how he overcame a downswing and returned to top-flight competition while recapturing his competitive spirit.

"The film focuses on some of the more painful, struggle-filled chapters of my history and ignores the happier, more carefree things I get to enjoy,” said Schleger. “It definitely encapsulates the arc of my poker life in an accurate and comprehensive way: coming up into the poker life after being a lost 20-something New Yorker, succeeding in poker, struggling in poker, and the eventual need to leave my country to continue playing poker.”

To learn more about Schleger’s story, check out the PokerStars video below:

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