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This Week in Tournament Poker: August 22-28, 2010

This Week in Tournament Poker: August 22-28, 2010 0001

Another week is in the books with a few more events coming to conclusion around the world. The Borgata once again proved it’s the prominent live poker venue on the East Coast with another big event. Over on the other side of the world, Crown Casino flexed its poker muscles yet again with another amazing installment of the Victorian Poker Championships, of which we’ll highlight the two big events. Over in Europe, Finland, Spain, and the Czech Republic all held big events this past week, as well.

We’ll kick things off with the Borgata Deep Stack Re-Entry event in Atlantic City, New Jesery. This $500 + $60 buy-in event allowed re-entry as follows: “Players may register for Day 1a or Day 1b. Players may re-enter tournament on Day 1a and/or Day 1b if they bust out prior to end of Level 3 of that starting day. If player entered into Day 1a and has been eliminated from tournament, player may register for Day 1b.” That’s not a bad way to spice up the prize pool, which swelled to $215,000. Michael Silverman was the big winner, taking home $59,686. He defeated a final table that included Joe Simmons and Matt Glantz.

Borgata Deep Stack Re-Entry

$500 + $60430$215,000
1Michael Silverman$59,686
2Victor Paulino$32,324
3Yosef Tarlow$16,683
4Alex Torres$14,598
5Joseph Neiman$12,513
6Joe Simmons$10,428
7David Gross$8,342
8Matt Glantz$6,257
9Ibraim Ibraimovic$4,171

Notable Finishes: Christian Harder (44th - $772)

Next up, we’ve got the Victorian Poker Championships in Melbourne, Australia. The two events we’re going to highlight from the 18-event schedule are the AUD $10,200 High Stakes Hold’em and the AUD $2,700 Main Event.

The first of these two brought out the big guns from Down Under. Brendon Rubie, Tyron Krost, Julius Colman, Gary Benson and Billy Jordanou all took to the felt, but none made the final five spots where the money was made. A total of 24 players showed up for this event, creating a prize pool of AUD $240,000. Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis emerged victorious and pocketed the six-figure first-place prize.

Vic Champs High Stakes Hold’em

AUD $10,000 + $20024AUD $240,000
1Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” KaramalikisAUD $100,000
2James “Andy McLEOD” ObstAUD $60,000
3Shane WarneAUD $40,000
4Aaron BentonAUD $25,000
5Grant LevyAUD $15,000

The Main Event saw 269 runners fork over the AUD $2,700 buy-in. The top 27 players made the money with a top prize of AUD $160,700 going to the eventual winner. That one fortunate soul was Michael “ITSOVER9000” Egan. Grant Levy also had a deep run in this event as he did in the High Stakes Hold’em but fell just short of the final table.

Vic Champs Main Event

AUD $2,500 + $200269AUD $672,500
1Michael “ITSOVER9000” EganAUD $160,700
2Josh “jbrhythm” BarrettAUD $114,300
3Karib KaribAUD $87,400
4Martin ComerAUD $60,500
5Antonis “Toothpick Tony” KambouroglouAUD $40,350
6Michael BouskilaAUD $33,600
7David GorrAUD $26,900
8Cliff LeeAUD $20,200
9Mishel AnunuAUD $13,450
10Jackson ZhengAUD $10,100

Notable Finishes: Grant Levy (12th – AUD $7,500), Ricky “rickwaa” Kroesen (18th – AUD $7,500), Trung “DYnaSTyZz” Tran (21st – AUD $5,000), Mitchell Carle (27th – AUD $5,000)

Traveling across the world some more, there were three events held in Europe. The Finnish Open Championships, the Spanish Poker Tour Castellon 2010 and the Kings Casino €200,000 Guaranteed Tournament all came to conclusions. The three big winners were Hai Hoang, Julien Pouchain and Andreas Schulz. All three pocketed over €50,000 for the victories.

Finnish Open Championships

€2,000 + €10087€174,000
1Hai Hoang€58,986
2Toni Pettersson€37,236
3Tran Xuan€25,404
4Kimmo Kurkko€17,052
5Tommi Lindfors€12,006
6Antii Pietarinen€8,700
7Oskar Lind€6,090
8Kalle Niemi€4,698
9Ville Keranen€3,828

Spanish Poker Tour Castellon 2010

€1,000 + €100202€191,400
*1Julien Pouchain€52,500
*2Julio Doce€42,500
3Guillaume Valle€19,200
4Morel Thibaut€14,200
5Fabien Perrot€11,500
6Laura Cantero€9,500
7John Lundquist€7,600
8Norbert Domcsek€5,700
9Herman Campmans€3,800

Kings Casino €200,000 Guaranteed Tournament

€1,000 + €100491€491,000
1Andreas Schulz€75,500
2Roger Bauer€36,240
3Ladislav Mika€27,180
4Franco Cantarella€21,140
5Mersad Hackovic€15,100
6Michael Murra€13,590
7Heinz Traut€12,080
8Julian Herold€10,570
9Marian Flesar€9,060

* - Denotes a chop

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