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This Week in Tournament Poker: August 29-September 4, 2010


Another week is in the books for tournament poker, and once again, there were numerous events wrapping up all over the globe. On American soil, the Indiana State Poker Championship and Bay 101 Open both wrapped up while the Malmo Open in Sweden, the Asian Poker Tour Manilla in the Phillipines, the CAPT Graz Open in Austria and the Barriere Poker Tour in France also came to a close. It was a busy week in poker to say the least with plenty of new champions being crowned.

The Indiana State Poker Championship wrapped up and Bob Johnson was the winner of the $1,500 Main Event, taking home over $40,000. He bested runner-up Kyle Knecht, who holds multiple WSOP cashes and a gold WSOP Circuit ring. Over 100 players turned up for the event and created a prize pool of nearly $150,000.

Indiana State Poker Championship

$1,500 + $100103$149,865
1Bob Johnson$41,961
2Kyle Knecht$25,477
3Joseph Bishop$19,108
4Scott Stinson$14,237
5Gary Emberton$11,989
6Brian Brunner$10,116
7Bradford Albrinck$8,243
8Daniel Compton$6,369
9Daniel Statman$4,496

Over on the West Coast, the Bay 101 Open concluded. The 10-event series culminated with a $1,900 Spread Limit Hold’em Championship that was won by David Forster. He took home nearly $60,000 after topping a field of 88 entrants.

Bay 101 Open

$1,900 + $10088$167,200
1David Forster$58,220
2Wendell Wilkins$34,810
3Anthony Winters$18,090
4Cherie Breaseley$13,080
5Leo Mayo$11,400
7John Clenney$8,060
8Jacob Solis$6,390
9Andy Gamboa$4,720
10John Pires$2,700

Leaving the confines of American soil, we’ll next take a look at the Malmo Open in Sweden. Casino Cosmopol was the host to this series with a featured SKr 20,000 Main Event. The tournament drew 78 players, and it was Paul Christoffersson besting them all to claim the SKr 624,000 top prize. Not a human currency converter? Well, that’s about $84,000 in prize money.

Malmo Open

SKr 20,000 + 90078SKr 1,560,000
1Paul ChristofferssonSKr 624,000
2Mikael NorinderSKr 237,600
3Claes StjernbergSKr 218,400
4Daniel LundgrenSKr 156,000
5Anders GerselSKr 93,600
6Jimmy JonssonSKr 62,400
7Faraz Soltanzadeh NadiriSKr 46,800
8Hussein AqilSKr 31,200

In France, the Barriere Poker Tour’s €1,500 Main Event was won by Victor Delmas. He took home over €32,000 in victory after 68 players took to the felt. Delmas beat out Paul Ribaud in heads-up play after Arnaud Esquevin finished in third place.

Barriere Poker Tour

1Victor Delmas€32,200
2Paul Ribaud€22,200
3Arnaud Esquevin€13,350
4Herve Santais€9,350
5Guillaume Cescut€6,000
6Glen Gendrot€4,800
7David Saliot€4,000
8Michael Maitre€3,300
9Jerome Orain€2,650
10Pascal Pere€ 2,150

The final event in Europe that we’ll talk about is the CAPT Graz Open in Austria. Jonas Kronwitter scored first place in the €2,000 Main Event to help bolster his young resume. We’ve seen Kronwitter in plenty of places around the world, but maybe PokerNews coverage is bad luck for Kronwitter and it takes us not being there for him to win. Whatever it is, Kronwitter beat Lukas Baumer heads up and walked away with the first-place prize worth €39,330.

CAPT Graz Open

1Jonas Kronwitter€39,330
2Lukas Baumer€28,840
3Thomas Hofmann€20,980
4Robert Beer€14,420
5Heimo Primus€10,490
6Hans-Christian Kubitschka€7,870
7Philipp Essl€5,240
8Hesaam Refaey€3,930

Finally on this week’s list is the Asian Poker Tour Manilla in the Philippines. The event was a big one, drawing in 227 of the best players from not only Asia, but around the world. Big names such as JC Tran, Steve Sung, Nam Le, Quinn Do, Bryan Huang, David Steicke and former two-time WSOP champion Johnny Chan were all in attendance. Huang made the final table, but eventually fell in third place. The event was won by local player Michael Cua, who won his seat via a live satellite and parlayed it into $172,200 along with a seat in the APT Macau Main Event worth $4,500.

APT Manilla

$1,900 + $10088$167,200
1Michael Cua$172,200 + APT Macau seat
2Mike Puno$93,600
3Bryan Huang$44,000
4Tracy Hugh$33,000
5Li You Nan$27,500
6Tony Albano$22,000
7Lee Changhun$16,500
8Stephen Lim$11,000
9Ben Meredith$10,000
10Somyung Sim$9,175

Notable Finishes: Kai Paulsen (12th - $8,800), Tommy Le (25th - $5,500), Quinn Do (26th - $5,500)

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