World Series of Poker Europe

This Week in Tournament Poker: September 12-18, 2010

This Week in Tournament Poker: September 12-18, 2010 0001

With all eyes set on London this past week with the 2010 World Series of Poker Europe running, there isn’t much to be said about the rest of the poker world. Even with everyone focusing on the events there, plenty of poker is being played elsewhere.

First, we’ll take a look at the recent Heartland Poker Tour event that wrapped up in Black Hawk, Colorado. A field of 402 players took to the felt for a buy-in worth $1,500. The winner was an entrepreneur from Minnesota, Mark Dunbar. He took home $180,100 for his win.

Heart Poker Tour – Black Hawk

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
$1,500 + $150402$585,090
1Mark Dunbar$182,100
2John Beauprez$90,900
3Matthew Connell$54,540
4Mary Huffman$42,420
5Louis Cohen$36,360
6Daniel Sullivan$30,300
7Louie Mortellano$20,483
8Daniel Martinez$17,271
9Bryan Andrews$12,423
10David Meyer$10,302

Over in Marrakech, Morocco, the Marrakech Poker Open was held. It attracted 71 players to the tournament for a buy-in worth 50,000 MAD. That’s roughly USD $6,000 in case you’re wondering and Anthony Picault was the victor, taking home 957,440 MAD, or about $110,000. That’s not a bad score at all and is the largest of Picault’s career.

Marrakech Poker Open

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
50,000 MAD713,088,485 MAD
1Anthony Picault957,440 MAD
2Marvin Rottenmaier648,580 MAD
3Laurent Esmez386,060 MAD
4Javier Martinez Gil277,960 MAD
5Peter Roche247,080 MAD
6Khalid Lambarki200,750 MAD
7Norbert Levigne154,420 MAD
8Anas Tadini123,540 MAD
9Roger Erik Thorslund92,655 MAD

In Austria, the 2010 Bodensee Poker Championships were completed after 99 players saw action for €1,500 apiece. Italian Vito Branciforte emerged as the winner. Recent Full Tilt Merit Cyprus Classic champion Andreas Krause was also at the final table and finished in sixth place.

2010 Bodensee Poker Championships

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
1Vito Branciforte€40,910
2Bernd Wolf€29,630
3Hans-Peter Brutscher€21,160
4Stefan Rotach€14,955
5Ivo Donev€11,005
6Andreas Krause€8,040
7Apostolos Chatzopoulos€5,500
8Alfons Jaggi€3,950
9Erkan Uysal€3,105
10Jan Corneliussen€2,820

Moving action back over to the United States, the 2010 Borgata Poker Open is still running and has put up some amazing numbers as always the Borgata does on the East Coast. There are 21 events slated on the schedule and we already talked about opening deepstack event last time around. This time, we’ll focus on the four big buy-in events outside of the Main Event.

In the first $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em, Kevin Calenzo beat out notable professional Will “The Thrill” Failla to take home nearly $80,000. The $2,000 Heads-Up event drew 64 entries and the winner of that was Robert McLaughlin from Washington, DC. McLaughlin is a regular on the tournament poker scene, especially in events on the East Coast. Christian Harder and Jack Schanbacher also made the money in this event. Josh Brikis was the winner of the massive $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em event. He won just shy of $120,000 and conquered a final table that included bracelet winner Shawn Busse. Last, but not least, the $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em event was won by Daniel Spirer. He beat New York youngster Steven Levy heads up and claimed the $80,665 first-place prize. Here are all the results.

Borgata Poker Open – $1,000 NLHE

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
$1,000 + $90292$292,000
1Kevin Calenzo$79,307
2Will “The Thrill” Failla$46,735
3Steven Collins$26,908
4Gordon Eng$21,809
5Derek Buonano$16,994
6Tom Dobrilovic$14,162
7William Tonking$11,330
8Tyler Patterson$8,498
9Miguel Borrero$5,666

Notable Finishes: Robert Hwang (21st - $2,549)

Borgata Poker Open – $2,000 Heads-Up NLHE

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
$2,000 + $15064$128,000
1Robert McLaughlin$49,662
2Jesse Yaginuma$31,040
3Christian Harder$18,624
4Jack Schanbacher$12,416
5Matthew Lombardi$6,209
6Hayden Fortini$6,209

Borgata Poker Open – $1,500 NLHE

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
$1,500 + $150303$454,500
1Josh Brikis$119,034
2Dennis Summers$66,130
3David Diaz$41,000
4Scott Anderson$33,065
5Shawn Busse$25,571
6Star Moore$21,603
7Alexander Rocha$17,415
8Andrew Dykeman$13,006
9Gary Lobello$8,818

Notable Finishes: Joanne Moneavaro (10th - $5,732), Leonard Cortellino (11th - $5,732), Manny Minaya (15th - $4,409), Gavin Smith (18th - $3,747), Jason DeWitt (21st - $3,306), Brian Lemke (22nd - $3,306), Roy Winston (23rd - $3,306), William Beasley (24th - $3,306), Robert Hwang (29th - $2,645), Steve Dannenmann (30th - $2,645)

Borgata Poker Open – $1,000 NLHE

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
$1,000 + $90297$297,000
1Daniel Spirer$80,665
2Steven Levy$47,534
3Steven DeWayne Wiggins$27,368
4Sam Husaynue$22,182
5Chris Bonita$17,285
6Marc Lome$14,405
7William Haley$11,524
8Daniel Johnson$8,643
9Michael Hallen$5,762

Notable Finishes: John Myung (16th - $2,881), David Zeitlin (19th - $2,593), Matt Marafioti (23rd - $2,593), Sirous Jamshidi (25th - $2,593)

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