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Video Vault: Patrik Antonius

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a soft place in my heart for Patrik Antonius, not because he looks like a government experiment in human perfection, but rather, because he is Finnish. See, I was an exchange student to Finland in high school, but I never thought my Finnish experience would be put to good use in poker. Antonius is legendary for being a difficult one to get anything out of, he is very reserved and generally non-emotive. Over the years, I have had the pleasure to chat with him many times, and I’m proud to say with each video his word count increases exponentially.

Durrrr and Patrik at Aussie Millions 2009

In the olden days, Patrik accepted the "durrrr Challenge" from Tom Dwan, and as luck would have it the two pros were in the Million Dollar cash game at the 2009 Aussie Millions. Tom wasn’t faring too well heads up with Patrik but came back when the table filled out to end the night on a high note. I managed to snag the two together at the break between heads-up and the full table. Patrik was clearly more comfortable on camera as the winner. Oh yeah, and by the way, the "durrrr Challenge" with Patrik is still technically going on.

WSOP Europe 2010

The annual Full Tilt Poker press junket held during the World Series of Poker Europe is the place to be to chat with one of the best teams of pros in the world. Patrik was in his best form I've ever seen, chatting, joking with his fellow pros and generally charming the press. The Finn is more comfortable now than ever in front of the camera.

EPT San Remo 2009

PokerNews videos are often produced by one of our 22 foreign-language affiliates. A few months into the "durrrr Challenge," Frank Op de Woerd from PokerNews.NL got Patrik to open up about his progress and hid staggering reputation as one of the best cash-game players in the world. Op de Woerd clearly has the magic touch as Patrik was super chatty to the Dutchies.

EPT Grand Final 2010

I always like to talk to Patrik at the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. Patrik famously relocated to Monaco a few years ago and loves to play the tournament that is just a few steps from his home. Often he ambles into the tournament with wife Maya and baby girl Mila in tow. Easily one of the most beautiful families on the planet.

Sin City Series: Poker After Dark

So, remember earlier when I said Patrik was becoming so talkative, maybe I spoke to soon. Check out the latest PokerNews encounter with Patrik. Kristy Arnett was lucky enough to get special access to the Poker After Dark set. All the big-name players were there, even Patrik. Catch the poignant cameo from Patrik being, um, economical with his words.

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