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The Nightly Turbo: Two More Online Poker Sites Close Doors to U.S. Players, Online Poker Traffic Update, and More

Evelyn Ng

Two other online poker sites have decided to shut their doors to U.S. players. We'll tell you which ones, how the online poker traffic numbers are looking, and who recently re-signed with her sponsor (hint: answer in the photo).

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Blocking U.S. Players

Rumor has it that both and will cease accepting new U.S. players as of May 1. This decision comes on the heels of online poker's "Big Three" indictments by the U.S. Department of Justice.

It is said that as of May 1, new players from the U.S. will not be able to sign up for accounts on the two sites, but existing U.S. players will be able to play, deposit, and withdraw on the sites. This isn't just for the poker sites, but also for their sportsbooks and casinos.

Read more about the two sites' decision to quit accepting U.S. players.

Traffic Report

Two weekends have passed since the indictments from the U.S. Department of Justice on three of the biggest online poker sites in the United States. According to PokerScout, in the second weekend after Black Friday, PokerStars and the Cereus Network saw losses in traffic, 3% and 42% respectively. Full Tilt Poker on the other hand saw an increase in traffic of 28%.

The net change in traffic from the weekend prior to Black Friday (April 9 - 10) versus this past weekend (April 23 -24), PokerStars has seen a decrease of 28% in its traffic. Full Tilt Poker has seen a 35% decrease and the Cereus Network has the biggest decrease in traffic, at 65%.

There are changes happening in the rankings, as well. The Cereus Network has fallen from seventh place to 20th, while 888poker has moved from 11th to eighth. The Merge Gaming Network and Bodog have also seen movement up the rankings chart, landing at 12th and 22nd respectively.

To find out more on the traffic numbers of your favorite online poker sites, head on over to

Renewed Agreement

In an uncertain time for U.S. sponsored pros, one has locked in a sponsorship deal again - at least until the next contract negotiations. Bodog Team Pro Evelyn Ng announced via Twitter that she has renewed her sponsorship agreement with Bodog.

While Ng tweeted she was in San Remo, she was not in the Day 1a field of the European Poker Tour stop. Perhaps we'll see her in the Day 1b field, so be sure to follow the updates from the PokerNews Live Reporting Team for all the action from the felt.

Worst Fathers

We're not sure what makes the folks at Seattle Weekly the foremost authority on bad dads, but nonetheless, they have concocted a list of The 20 Worst Fathers in History. Darth Vader, Bing Cosby, Alec Baldwin, Michael Jackson, and Ivan the Terrible are among the men on the list.

What does that have to do with poker? You're smart enough to figure out that a poker player has made the list. Who? Sam Grizzle. And now you're probably asking yourself, "What did he do that was so bad?" Well, along with the post is a story told by Todd Brunson where Grizzle, who had a newborn, asked for a loan to make money to pay his bills. According to the story, Brunson gave Grizzle the loan and he turned it into $50,000 - which he lost no more than 12 hours later.

Want to know who else is on the list? Head on over to

Ciao Italia!

The PokerNews Team is in San Remo, Italy, for the second-to-last stop on season seven of the PokerStars European Poker Tour. If you didn't get a chance to head over to the seaside city, then do yourself a favor and watch Laura Cornelius' tour.

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