Gus Hansen Wins Big at the Full Tilt Poker Galway Festival; More Preliminary Results

Gus Hansen and Dave Nicholson in good spirits

The Full Tilt Poker Galway Festival, which is happening now on west coast of Ireland, will culminate next week with the Main Event, €2,000 UKIPT High Roller and €10,000 UKIPT Super High Roller, all of which PokerNews will be on hand to live report. In the meantime, we thought we’d take a look at the preliminary events completed thus far, which includes a win by FTP Professional Gus Hansen, who emerged victorious in the highly publicized Event #8 €1,000+€100 UK vs. Ireland Heads-Up Championship.

The tournament, which was live streamed on the Full Tilt Poker Blog, attracted 32 runners and created a prize pool of €32,000. The event was also built upon a UK vs. Ireland rivalry as members of each country squared off against one another. Among the participants were Marty Wilson, Jude Ainsworth, Steve O'Dwyer, Martins Adeniya, Dermot Blain, Donnacha O'Dea, Matt Perrins, Andy Black, Jake Cody and Surinder Sunar.

While that competition was heated for a bit, by the time the final four rolled around the Irish were mathematically eliminated. Even through the UK won 44 points to Ireland's 36 points, the Irish got a little hope when Hansen, who is Danish mind you, switched allegiances from the UK to Ireland.

Gus Hansen Wins Big at the Full Tilt Poker Galway Festival; More Preliminary Results 101
The Irish Gus Hansen

Hansen first defeated the UK's Max Silver 2-1 in the semi-final, before taking on Dave Nicholson in the best-of-five final. It was as heated as could be as both players took two matches, and it came down to the fifth for all the glory. Fortunately for Hansen, and his newfound Irish allies, he was able to clinch victory. Hansen, who donned green hat and draped the Irish flag over his shoulders, literally toasted a Guinness as he took down the €16,151 first-place prize and the title.

“There were no walks in the park,” Hansen said after winning the title. “I played twelve hours yesterday and twelve hours today. I didn’t sleep last night and haven’t eaten anything today."

Event #8 €1,000+€100 UK vs. Ireland Heads-Up Championship

1Gus Hansen Ireland — adopted
2Dave NicholsonUnited Kingdom€10,767
3Kevin WilliamsUnited Kingdom€4,486
3Max SilverUnited Kingdom€4,486

Here’s a video from the UK vs. Ireland Heads-Up Championship:

Check out the results from the preliminary events thus far:

Event #1 €135+€15 Galway Cup

Gus Hansen Wins Big at the Full Tilt Poker Galway Festival; More Preliminary Results 102
Diarmaid Kennedy wins the Galway Cup

1Diarmaid KennedyIreland€12,380
2Breandan ReaneyIreland€10,500
3Ian O`FlynnIreland€5,620
4Thomas McinereyIreland€4,330
5John-Ross WardIreland€3,250
6Ross AtkinsUnited Kingdom€2,281
7John Paul WoodfullIreland€1,670
8Paul MurphyIreland€1,210
9Andrius TruksaninasLithuania€9,90

Event #2 €50+€5 No-LImit Hold’em Turbo Deepstack

1Paul Mc NamaraIreland€1,299*
2Shane KearyIreland€1,299*
3Roman PechaCzech Republic€690
4Niall LarkinIreland€470
5Diarmaid RiordainIreland€360
6Marta MartinezSpain€255
7Kenneth Amell BoqueraSpain€210
8Thomas LynchIreland€160
9Igor EmanuilovIreland€120

*denotes deal figures

Events 3-5

Gus Hansen Wins Big at the Full Tilt Poker Galway Festival; More Preliminary Results 103
Mary Keary Athenry wins the ’25′ World Championship

‘25’ Card is Ireland’s National Card Game, and Events 3-5 were held in that variant. Mary Kearny emerged victorious for €1,665 in Event #3 €45+€15 World ‘25′ Card Championship, while Bernadette O’Neil and Jim Flanagan took home €300 in Event #4, €20+€5 ‘25′ Open Pairs, which featured pairs of players. Event #5 €30+€10 National ‘25′ Card Championship was actually postponed on account of players being involved in other tournaments.

Event #6 €35+€5 – No-Limit Hold’em

1Bobby CarpenterIreland€1,100
2Elizabeth KellyIreland€760
3Michael GogginIreland€500
4David MalloyIreland€330
5Marta MartinezSpain€250
6Karl John Paul SnowUK€180
7Patrick BrennanIreland€150
8Brian MurphyIreland€120
9Dara HesnanIreland€90

Event #7 €50+€5 – No-Limit Hold’em Turbo Deepstack

1Padraig McDonaghIreland€820*
2Aidan BarrettIreland€650*
3Paul CoyleIreland€650*
4Florin Bogdan AtanasiuIreland€290
5Michael RyanIreland€221
6Mark CaseyIreland€160
7Sean CleryIreland€130
8Kevin McGahonIreland€100
9Sean DempseyIreland€90
10Alan KelleherIreland€90

*denotes deal figures

Event #9 €35+€5 No-Limit Hold’em Daily Grind

1Alan HickeyIreland€720
2Nerijus AndriuskaLithuania€490
3Senan DormerIreland€320
4Christle TomIreland€219
5Jordi Segarra RocaSpain€160
6David ConnorsIreland€120
7Raymond CleareIreland€90
8Francis HealyIreland€70
9John BagnalIreland€60
10Florin Bogdan AtanasiuIreland€60

Event #10 €50 Pool Singles Tournament

Gus Hansen Wins Big at the Full Tilt Poker Galway Festival; More Preliminary Results 104
Players enjoying pool competition in the Full Tilt Poker players’ lounge.

1Stephen O’SullivanIreland€400
2Seamus KeaneIreland€250
3Rob TaylorIreland€200
3Gearóid O’GormanIreland€200

Event #11, a €135+€15 No-Limit Hold’em Freezeout

1Brendan SewellIreland€2020*
2Karl John Paul SnowUnited Kingdom€1900*
3Edward GlennonIreland€1900*
4Jonathan LeeIreland€810
5Dara DaveyIreland€613
6David ConnorsIreland€440
7Gary FieldsIreland€350
8Nial HendersonIreland€260
9Noel ClearIreland€240
10Robert TaitIreland€240

*denotes deal figures

Event #12 €50+€5 No-Limit Hold’em Turbo Deepstack

1Trevor ConsidineIreland€1000*
2Vytautas KvecysLithuania€1000*
3Pablo Nerro DiazUruguay€540
4Vincent McNeelaIreland€350
5David FlanneryUnited Kingdom€270
6Scott CollinsUnited Kingdom€191
7Thomas TullyIreland€150
8Mickael MurrayIreland€120
9Mark NolanIreland€105

Event #13 €35+€5 No-Limit Daily Grind[/H]

1Tony HarveyIreland€750*
2Alan HickeyIreland€700*
3Adrian Christopher HardimanUnited States€380
4Brian NoonanIreland€260
5Keith DunneIreland€190
6James Mc CookeIreland€140
7Joesph McCarthyIreland€110
8Stephane ChevenierFrance€85
9John PercivalIreland€70

*denotes deal figures

Event #14 €50 Pool Doubles Tournament

Gus Hansen Wins Big at the Full Tilt Poker Galway Festival; More Preliminary Results 105
Stephen Dempsey and Seamus Keane

1Stephen Dempsey & Seamus KeaneIreland€500
2John Percival & Mark CaseyIreland€400
3Tom Flanagan & Gearoid O’GormanIreland€250
3Henrique Rocha Andre & Everaldo de OliveiraBrazil€250

Event #15 €135+€15 No-Limit Hold’em

1Patrick BerminghamIreland€2245*
2Karl John Paul SnowUnited Kingdom€2245*
3Paul MurphyIreland€1600*
4Peter RyanIreland€841
5John BehamIreland€640
6William Robert WhiteUnited Kingdom€460
7Finbar Michael FitzgeraldIreland€360
8Justin LinnaneIreland€275
9Alexander TikhonioukIreland€250

*denotes deal figures

Event #16 €50+€5 Hold’em Turbo Deepstack

1Jarlath NoonIreland€700*
2Dean PowerIreland€700*
3Henrique Rocha AndreBrazil€680*
4Alan Sammon GlynnIreland€290
5Joe ConnollyUnited Kingdom€222
6Colm McCormickIreland€170
7Gerard FitzgeraldIreland€130
8Brian KearneyIreland€100
9Patrick Joseph CanavanIreland€80

*denotes deal figure

Photos courtesy of the Full Tilt Poker Blog.

PokerNews will be at the Full Tilt Poker Galway Festival next week to report the Main Event, as well as the €2,000 UKIPT High Roller and the €10,000 UKIPT Super High Roller. For more information on the FTP Galway Festival, click here.

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