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Gus Hansen Invests Millions in Bridge, Phil Gordon Tries to Replace Email Communication

Gus Hansen

High-stakes online poker regular Gus Hansen is diving back into the business world, joining a new bridge-related venture in Denmark.

According to Denmark’s, Hansen recently decided to invest millions in Bridge+ Company, a Danish firm that promises to solve some of bridge's most common problems with a tool named Bridge+ Dealer.

The device, which will be unveiled during the third edition of the Copenhagen Bridge Invitational running on Jan. 16-18 at the Radisson Blu Scandinavia in Copenhagen, is supposed to 'eliminate the luck factor' from bridge by intervening in the way the cards are dealt to the players.

Hansen’s passion for bridge, however, has never been a secret - as during last year’s Aussie Millions he was spotted reading Bridge at the Edge, the strategy book written by the World and European champion, Norway’s Boye Brogeland’s.

Phil Gordon launched a new platform to kill email conversations

Hansen’s investment came only one week after another former member of the pre-Black Friday team pro at Full Tilt announced his commitment to a new start-up tech company.

World Poker Tour whamp, successful author and experienced entrepreneur Phil Gordon has recently jumped on a new venture called Chatbox, a product created by a start-up company named Tetrapod Software.

The software, which has already secured $2.3 million in private investments, is a product that Gordon believes will help individuals and companies to communicate better by offering an easy, fast and secure platform that could replace a good part of today’s time consuming email communication.

Backed by former Yahoo President Sue Decker and PayPal board member Scott Banister, Chatbox is a platform that Gordon believes "makes it very easy to create a secure, private collaborative environment with anyone."

As the poker pro explains on his personal website - where you can test Chatbox for free - "Chatbox helps you reduce email clutter, collaborate in real-time, and takes the pain out of creating and administering chat rooms."

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