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GPL Results, Standings, and Schedule After Week 10

Global Poker League
  • Check out what happened in Week 10 of the Global Poker League.

Welcome to the weekly rundown of the Global Poker League here on PokerNews. In this space, all of the past week's results from the GPL will be listed, followed by league standings and a look at the following week's schedule.

The stratified standings of the Americas Conference got even more so after Week 10, as the top teams — the Montreal Nationals and the L.A. Sunset — pulled farther away from the pack. Each booked two wins during the week, with the Nationals racking up 21 points and the Sunset, 18. The teams finished one-two in both six-max matches, with Xuan Liu coming first and second for the Nationals, Chance Kornuth booking a win and Olivier Busquet trailing as a runner-up for the Sunset. The point difference came down to Jason Lavallee sweeping Jason Mercier for the Nationals, while Eugene Katchalov only got a 2-1 win over Kitty Kuo heads up. These two teams have opened a huge lead over the Mets, who are now 35 points behind second.

The team at the bottom of the Americas standings, the Moneymakers, remained so and did so quite ignominiously. Pending Saturday's rescheduled heads-up match, the Moneymakers put up a big, fat goose egg in the points column this week. The culprits were a couple of live tournament superstars Anthony Zinno and Jonathan Duhamel. Each finished in the basement of a six-max match, lasting a combined 73 hands. The only hope to salvage anything out of the week comes in the Saturday match against the Mets. The Moneymakers are now well behind even the fifth place San Francisco Rush.

The longtime doormat of the Eurasia Conference, the Berlin Bears, climbed off the mat and got their season in gear, jumping up two spots from sixth to fourth on the back of a 20-point performance. Brian Rast turned in one of the most impressive displays of the season, firing a double win in the Eurasia six-max matches. Then, Jeff Gross did his part, handing Guo Dong a 2-1 loss in the heads-up portion. The Bears leapfrogged the Hong Kong Stars and Rome Emperors and now sit in striking distance of second place, 10 points back.

Those same Stars struggled to a seven-point week, causing them to slide two spots from third to fifth, paving the way for the Paris Aviators to pass them. Dong was able to grab a win for his team last week, but this week had the aforementioned 1-2 loss. Bryan Huang served as the six-max player but managed only third and fifth for four points. The leading Moscow Wolverines also only put up points, as Sergey Lebedev got all of the team's clock this week but managed just two fourths in the six-max before falling 2-1 to Walter Treccarichi of the Rome Emperors. Luckily for the Wolverines, their lead didn't shrink much as the second place Royals only gained by one point.

Week 10 Results

Match 16-Max  
1Brian RastBerlin Bears7
2Fabrice SoulierParis Aviators5
3Bryan HuangHong Kong Stars3
4Sergey LebedevMoscow Wolverines2
5Igor KurganovLondon Royals1
6Max PescatoriRome Emperors0
Match 26-Max  
1Brian RastBerlin Bears7
2Igor KurganovLondon Royals5
3Walter TreccarichiRome Emperors3
4Sergey LebedevMoscow Wolverines2
5Bryan HuangHong Kong Stars1
6Fabrice SoulierParis Aviators0
Match 36-Max  
1Xuan LiuMontreal Nationals7
2Olivier BusquetL.A. Sunset5
3Thiago NishijimaSao Paulo Mets3
4Anton WiggSan Francisco Rush2
5Kevin MacPheeNew York Rounders1
6Jonathan DuhamelLas Vegas Moneymakers0
Match 46-Max  
1Chance KornuthL.A. Sunset7
2Xuan LiuMontreal Nationals5
3Anton WiggSan Francisco Rush3
4Kevin MacPheeNew York Rounders2
5Thiago NishijimaSao Paulo Mets1
6Anthony ZinnoLas Vegas Moneymakers0
Match 5Heads-Up  
Guo DongHong Kong Stars13
Jeff GrossBerlin Bears26
Match 6Heads-Up  
Walter TreccarichiRome Emperors26
Sergey LebedevMoscow Wolverines13
Match 7Heads-Up  
Mike LeahParis Aviators26
Igor KurganovLondon Royals13
Match 8Heads-Up  
Jason MercierNew York Rounders00
Jason LavalleeMontreal Nationals39
Match 9Heads-Up  
Kitty KuoSan Francisco Rush13
Eugene KatchalovL.A. Sunset26
Match 10Heads-Up  
Scott BallLas Vegas Moneymakers13
Thiago NishijimaSao Paulo Mets26


Americas Conference   
1Montreal Nationals17418
2L.A. Sunset16517
3Sao Paulo Mets13611
4New York Rounders12610
5San Francisco Rush12111
6Las Vegas Moneymakers1037
Eurasia Conference   
1Moscow Wolverines14312
2London Royals13012
3Paris Aviators12211
4Berlin Bears12010
5Hong Kong Stars1208
6Rome Emperors1199

Next Week's Schedule

DateTime (ET)Match
Oct. 412 p.m.Eurasia 6-Max
 1:40 p.m.Eurasia 6-Max
 3:30 p.m.Americas 6-Max
 5:10 p.m.Americas 6-Max
Oct. 512 p.m.Moscow Wolverines vs. Hong Kong Stars
 2:30 p.m.London Royals vs. Paris Aviators
 5 p.m.Rome Emperors vs. Berlin Bears
Oct. 61 p.m.Sao Paulo Mets vs. New York Rounders
 3:30 p.m.Montreal Nationals vs. Las Vegas Moneymakers
 6 p.m.L.A. Sunset vs. San Francisco Rush

For full match replays or highlight videos, check out the official GPL website.

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