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Off the Felt: The Best and Worst of Halloween in Poker

Off the Felt: The Best and Worst of Halloween in Poker 0001
  • Isn't Halloween just great? These are the best of the best in costumes.

Who are we kidding? There's no list for worst dressed from Halloween because everyone totally crushed it. It's the one day out of the year I look forward to and these folks surely did not disappoint.

Here's a look at some of the best costumes from Halloween 2017.

This kid wins for most creative. Well done.

This is kind of really spot on.

Not gonna lie, this is so hott! If there was a best-dressed, you'd be on top.

But then this is a close second because O M G so cute!

Igorys Targaryen!

Bobby Baldwin FTW.

Broke Hef.


Creepy good!

This looks so good, it's scary!

No costume but this is still adorbs.

“I’m going to hang by the bar. Put out the vibe.”

So. Damn. Precious!

Onesies always win. Always.

Ha. You win!

Why do you look scared? LOL

Backstreet's back, alright!

That's nuts, man.

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