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UK’s Simon Deadman Launches Poker Coaching Business from Las Vegas

Simon Deadman
  • You can now get professional poker coaching from Simon Deadman - and he comes highly recommended

While the likes of Dani Stern and Vanessa Selbst are saying goodbye to the world of poker, the United Kingdom’s Simon Deadman is going the other way and embracing the fact poker is becoming more difficult to win at and is giving players the tools to succeed.

Deadman has been a professional poker player for 10 years, mixing up cash games and tournaments. Originally from the UK, Deadman now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife Shola Akindele-Deadman, who is herself a talented poker player. Since moving to Las Vegas, Deadman has cut down on travelling to play poker and has been mostly hitting the live cash game and tournament tables and playing online on Nevada-regulated sites.

Getting into the Coaching Game

Many of Deadman’s peers shy away from poker coaching as it gives away their trade secrets. So why is Deadman bucking that trend?

“I often find myself lost for things to do in the middle of the day before my daily grind,” wrote Deadman on his website. “I thought I'd like to share some of my wisdom and help some aspiring poker players to improve their game and make more money. Let’s be honest poker is great but it’s so much more fun when we are winning!”

If Deadman has more fun playing poker when he’s winning, then he must have barrels of fun because he has so far amassed more than $2.8 million from live poker tournaments and countless more tens of thousands from playing live cash games from $1/$2 up to $50/$100.

Coaching from one of the UK’s best doesn’t come cheap. Deadman currently charges $295 for a single hour, $1,395 for five hours or $2,595 for 10 hours. There is an option of a VIP Boot Camp costing $4,995 where players stay with Deadman in his Las Vegas home and spend two days playing and talking about poker non-stop.

Two of Deadman’s fellow Brits have given him glowing references. 888poker ambassador Chris Moorman wrote, “Simon has been crushing the live poker scene for years. I think the professionalism he shows in the way he approaches poker coupled with his outgoing personality will make him a great poker coach,” while Charlie Carrel penned, “Simon has always been a nightmare to play against. I’ve seen him crush live cash games continuously, probably at higher rates than anyone else I know. We have discussed many live tell situations and his experience with this aspect of the game is immediately apparent.”

It will be interesting to see if any other professional poker players start offering coaching services during the coming months and which of them will be a success. If your coaching experiences are a success story or otherwise, why not reach out to the PokerNews team so we can chat with you further, or perhaps even pen a PN Blog article yourself?

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