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Biggest Names in Poker Come Together for Poker Cat Rap Video

  • This poker cat rap video is getting a lot of views. Yes, you read that correctly - poker cat rap

The first thing you ask yourself is why? But then you actually watch the video — through the end — and you say, "that was great."

Some of poker's biggest names in the game right now joined forces with Brad Owen to create this little gem of a masterpiece. We're not sure why it was done or how it was even thought of in the first place, but it's pretty entertaining. In the video, you see Owen's cat, conveniently named Cosmo, rap — yes rap — about how good he is at poker. Not just how good he is, but how he "beasts everything."

You have to watch through the end because Doug Polk, Phil Hellmuth, Scott Blumstein, and even Andrew Neeme join in on the fun and give their take on Cosmo and his poker skills.

At one point in the video, Blumstein says about Cosmo, "he has a bit of an ego to him. He is a great poker player but he's always bragging about how purrfect he is."

And the world just doesn't make sense anymore. Or maybe it's now complete. Watch below and judge for yourself.

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