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PokerNews Podcast 502: Phil Hellmuth, Joe Cada, Kelly Minkin & More!

  • Phil Hellmuth, Joe Cada, Kelly Minkin, Parker Talbot, Tommy Angelo: all on a jam-packed #PNPod

The World Series of Poker Main Event is reaching its conclusion and Sarah Herring and Chad Holloway (filling in for Jeff Platt) are right there at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino as it all goes down to bring you all the coverage.

We chat with poker superstar Phil Hellmuth about his controversial table talk during the Main Event broadcast.

2009 Main Event Champion Joe Cada is making another deep run so we caught up with him as well. Kelly Minkin finished as the "Last Woman Standing" in the Main for the second time in four years. We talked to her about that remarkable accomplishment.

Plus, Sarah sat down for an extended conversation with 888Poker Ambassador Parker 'Tonkaaaap' Talbot, and she also talked with poker coach, author, and player Tommy Angelo. And we find Seminole Hard Rock Tournament Director Tony Burns in the hallway as well!

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Show Time Stamps

0:10Intro: Chad filling in for Jeff, the WSOP Main Event is coming down the stretch!
2:00Phil Hellmuth causing controversy with his table talk during a hand at the Main Event
4:10Hear from Hellmuth as he speaks out on the controversy: "I was tired--excuse, he had given me a little needle--excuse...he moved in again...and I went off, and I should've just shut my mouth"
5:20After thinking about what happened: "I was out of line, I crossed the line, last night I didn't sleep well because of that."
7:10Summing it all up: "It is what it is, and I was out of line. Unfortunately, I've done it before...I immediately apologized...Justin Bonomo coming out and saying I deserve a penalty for that, do I deserve a penalty for that? Yes. I just will never be on the featured table again."
8:10Dealing with haters: "I've raised $52 million for charity, my friends love me, my family loves me, I feel great about who I am...I believe I've motivated and inspired millions...I feel like I'm a really great person."
9:15Should players be allowed to pull out of being on a featured table?
12:40Vanessa Selbst Bluffs It Off in Main Event, Draws Criticism
16:45Sponsor: E-Liquid (Use the promo code "PokerNews" at checkout)
20:00Seminole Hard Rock Tournament Director Tony Burns joins the show
21:10The newest project at Seminole Hard Rock, and the upcoming Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open (August 2-14)
22:40The Big Four: "We partner with Poker Night in America, and we live-stream and televise this event on CBS Sports. All (events) play down to a final table and simultaneously play down to a winner."
23:50The setup for the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open
25:10The support from Hard Rock: "The property loves poker, from top to bottom. If you haven't been to Florida, you need to come."
26:10How the series schedule can appeal to all players
28:10Check out SHRPO's website for more details, and reduced rates on hotel rooms
30:20Kelly Minkin was the Last Woman Standing at the WSOP Main Event...again
31:00Minkin on this experience compared to 2015: "It feels really great, to have such a huge rail early was incredible."
32:00Breaking down her run: "I definitely in hindsight made some mistakes. I'm a very aggressive player so sometimes it doesn't work out in my favor, and I think the fact that my hands are on the stream make it a little harder for my style of play."
32:40Handicapping the rest of the field: "I played with a lot of incredibly talented players...I was very impressed with the field."
33:15Will she tune in to the rest of the coverage? "I'm for sure following, I want to see who wins. It's still exciting to be a part of the whole storyline."
34:20Joe Cada making another deep run at the WSOP Main Event
37:40Cada on being in this spot before compared to now: "I guess the appreciation is there more, because I've busted this tournament several times."
39:00Players who make multiple deep WSOP Main Event runs
41:10Chris Moorman Leads Team UK to Victory in 888poker 8-Team Competition
43:05Sarah sits down with Parker 'tonkaaaap' Talbot
43:45How much he enjoys the transition to live poker: "I used to hate playing live poker when I was younger, but these days I love it."
44:30Is he less recognizable in a live setting? "It's different audiences, basically. If you went to a convention center and put a bunch of 15-25 year old guys in there, I'd be killing it."
46:00Can he fly under the radar in live events? "For sure. There are definitely tables where there are people who don't know who I am."
47:35Are women under- or over-represented in poker? "Obviously I want more women to play poker. But we try to walk on stones these days as far as introducing women into certain fields."
52:00Dealing with haters: "I kinda had a reputation back in the day of being a pretty obnoxious human...I definitely had some haters then, and I'm sure now. I think I'm a relatively hard person to really have qualms with."
54:30Confrontation at the tables: "I love banter and I genuinely love confrontation at the tables...I'm the first person to call the clock on someone at the table, if someone's being out of line, I'm the first person getting a penalty for telling them to shut up."
56:50Is there space on Twitch for more poker players? "I definitely don't think it's over-saturated, but I do think poker as a spectator sport and social media outing is for sure capped."
1:01:00Sarah finds Tommy Angelo at the Rio
1:01:45His new coaching product, which you can find on his website: "It's just $100 per half hour, and you just write to me with whatever you want to talk about...Before each call, I can completely review everything we've talked about it, it's been a wonderful model."
1:03:15Why he can coach people in mental health and poker: "I've made every possible blunder and terrible, decrepit mistake and degenerate lifestyle mistake in poker...for a lot of these people, I'm the non-judgmental voice...and on the betting strategy side, I did grind for 15 years."
1:04:45How the coaching evolves with certain clients: "That actually happens all the time...I'm always going to be looking for leaks in your game, your betting game, and your life game."
1:05:10A preview of his new book: "Basically it's about a particular pre-flop concept that applies to No-Limit Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha. It's a way of viewing the pre-flop strategy with some general concepts that anyone can work into their game."
1:06:10Find his last book, "Painless Poker", on Amazon
1:08:00An LFG Podcast Tournament breakdown: former PokerNews Podcast Host Matt Parvis ships it!
1:11:20We'll be back with more coverage from the Main Event next episode!

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