WATCH: All 7 Seasons of High Stakes Poker Available on YouTube

High Stakes Poker episodes on YouTube

There have been some great poker shows on television. Poker After Dark was a classic, a great enough format it has since been revived on PokerGO. The NBC Heads-Up shows were always good for some interesting confrontations, partypoker's The Big Game has delivered endless classics, and a plethora of live streams have left poker fans with an almost endless library of poker content to watch.

But there's no greater poker show than High Stakes Poker, many poker fans believe. The cash game television show premiered on January 16th, 2006 and ran for seven seasons, broadcasting for the last time May 21, 2011.

The show, which ran on GSN in the United States and found its way to poker fans all over the world, had AJ Benza and Gabe Kaplan in the commentary booth for the first five seasons before Kaplan did a solo job commentating in season six. In the final season, Kaplan was replaced by Norm Macdonald. Kara Scott conducted interviews with the players from the floor in the last two seasons.

While not new to the show, PokerStars signed on as the official sponsor in season seven, which resulted in a boycott from the Full Tilt Poker-sponsored players. The final season was not as popular as previous seasons but still made for some interesting poker tv.

While High Stakes Episodes appeared on YouTube before on numerous occasions, they usually received GSN takedown requests within days of publishing. Just last March, Doug Polk was forced to take down his analysis videos of High Stakes Poker. Some months before the takedown request, in January of this year, GSN had uploaded all the episodes to its official YouTube channel, but they were removed not much later. Now, last August, they reappeared online, now uploaded to a YouTube Channel simply called High Stakes Poker. They have since racked up hundreds of thousands of views and are all uploaded in great quality. The most popular episode is Season 6 - Episode 1 (featuring Hellmuth versus Esfandiari in flush-over-flush and Hellmuth versus Ivey in flush-over-flush) with 217,000 views. Season 4 - Episode 3 is the least popular with just 7,400 views.

Over in the PokerNews Strategy Section, we published a review of High Stakes Poker Season 1 - Episode 1 highlighting some of the strategic concepts of the first installment.

High Stakes Poker Season 1

Casino:Golden Nugget
Different players:18

High Stakes Poker Season 1 Players

Amir NasseriDaniel NegreanuJennifer HarmanSammy Farha
Antonio EsfandiariDoyle BrunsonJerry BussShawn Sheikhan
Barry GreensteinEli ElezraJohnny ChanTed Forrest
Bob StupakFred ChamanaraMimi TranTodd Brunson
Daniel AlaeiFreddy DeebPhil Hellmuth 

High Stakes Poker Season 2

Casino:The Palms
Different players:23

High Stakes Poker Season 2 Players

Amnon FilippiDaniel NegreanuGus HansenPhil Laak
Antonio EsfandiariDavid GreyJennifer HarmanSammy Farha
Barry GreensteinDoyle BrunsonJohn JuandaShawn Sheikhan
Brad BoothEli ElezraMichael MizrachiTed Forrest
Cory ZeidmanErick LindgrenMike MatusowTodd Brunson
Daniel AlaeiFred ChamanaraMinh Ly 

High Stakes Poker Season 3

Casino:South Point
Different players:28

High Stakes Poker Season 3 Players

Antonio EsfandiariDan ShakErick LindgrenPaul Wasicka
Barry GreensteinDaniel AlaeiGabe KaplanPhil Ivey
Bill ChenDaniel NegreanuIlya TrincherPhil Laak
Brad BoothDavid BenyamineJamie GoldSammy Farha
Brian TownsendDavid WilliamsJennifer HarmanShawn Sheikhan
Chris FergusonDoyle BrunsonJohn D'AgostinoTodd Brunson
Dan HarmetzEli ElezraPatrik AntoniusVictor Ramdin

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High Stakes Poker Season 4

Casino:South Point
Different players:21

High Stakes Poker Season 4 Players

Antonio EsfandiariDavid BenyamineJennifer HarmanPhil Laak
Antonio SalorioDoyle BrunsonMike BaxterSammy Farha
Barry GreensteinEli ElezraMike MatusowTodd Brunson
Bob SafaiGuy LalibertéPatrik Antonius 
Brandon AdamsHaralabos VoulgarisPhil Galfond 
Daniel NegreanuJamie GoldPhil Hellmuth 

High Stakes Poker Season 5

High Stakes Poker Season 5 Players

Casino:Golden Nugget
Different players:19
Alan MeltzerDavid BenyamineIlari SahamiesPeter Eastgate
Antonio EsfandiariDavid PeatJoe HachemPhil Laak
Barry GreensteinDoyle BrunsonMike BaxterSam Simon
Daniel NegreanuEli ElezraNick CassavetesTom Dwan
Dario MinieriHoward LedererPatrik Antonius 

High Stakes Poker Season 6

High Stakes Poker Season 6 Players

Casino:Golden Nugget
Different players:21
Andreas HøivoldDario MinieriJason MercierPhil Ivey
Andrew RoblDavid BenyamineLex VeldhuisPhil Laak
Antonio EsfandiariDennis PhillipsMike MatusowTom Dwan
Barry GreensteinDoyle BrunsonPatrik Antonius 
Bertrand GrospellierEli ElezraPhil Galfond 
Daniel NegreanuGus HansenPhil Hellmuth 

High Stakes Poker Season 7

Different players:18

High Stakes Poker Season 7 Players

Andrew RoblDaniel NegreanuJohnny ChanPhil Ruffin 
Antonio EsfandiariDavid PeatJonathan DuhamelRobert Croak 
Barry GreensteinDoyle BrunsonMike BaxterVanessa Selbst 
Bill KleinHaralabos VoulgarisPhil Galfond  
Bill PerkinsJason MercierPhil Laak  

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