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Spin & Gold Jackpot Sit-and-Go's Now Live on GGPoker

Get involved and start playing the new Spin & Gold format only on GGPoker

Another exciting addition to the GGPoker client is finally here with the release of the exciting three-handed Jackpot Sit and Go 'Spin & Gold!'

PokerNews broke the news earlier this month that GGPoker were set to launch this new game format where players can win up to 12,000 times their buy-in, and the game is now live on the poker client.

Check It Out For Yourself!

As part of the Spin & Gold announcement, GGPoker have announced that to enhance the game experience, poker players will now be able to squeeze the river card in order to increase the tension in certain scenarios.

According to GGPoker, both the favorite and the underdog with outs remaining will have a countdown to enable the squeeze feature and squeeze their river card.

Favorites will have eight seconds whether underdogs will have ten seconds to decide whether they want to ramp up the tension by sweating the final board card.

GGPoker Spin & Gold Board Squeeze

The squeeze option will only be available in Hold'em, Omaha, Rush & Cash and Chinese Hold'em when the pot is over 100 big blinds. In Short Deck, the pot must be over 100 antes, and in tournaments and the new Spin & Gold format, there must be an all-in situation with one player's stack is 0.

GGPoker Spin & Gold Prize Structure & Frequency

MultiplierFrequencyPayout: Buy-ins
x2464,882 in 1,000,0001st: 2 buy-in(s)
x3444,012 in 1,000,0001st: 3 buy-in(s)
x585,000 in 1,000,0001st: 5 buy-in(s)
x105,000 in 1,000,0001st: 8 buy-in(s)
  2nd: 2 buy-in(s)
x251,000 in 1,000,0001st: 20 buy-in(s)
  2nd: 5 buy-in(s)
x12075 in 1,000,0001st: 80 buy-in(s)
  2nd: 30 buy-in(s)
  3rd: 10 buy-in(s)
x24030 in 1,000,0001st: 160 buy-in(s)
  2nd: 60 buy-in(s)
  3rd: 20 buy-in(s)
x12,0001 in 1,000,0001st: 5,000 buy-ins
  2nd: 4,000 buy-ins
  3rd: 3,000 buy-ins

GGPoker’s Spin & Gold Twist: Challenges

Extra cashback

GGPoker always likes to put its own twist on products it launches to make them unique to the site and Spin & Gold are no different.

Players can earn extra cashback on their Spin & Gold play by completing special challenges.

These challenges are known as mining gold. You start the challenge with a simple mouse click and are greeted with a screen asking if you are going to play for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 5 hours, or 8 hours. Another screen loads where you can choose from one of six challenges, each increasing in difficulty in relation to the number of Spin & Gold tournaments needed to mine gold.

The challenge we saw challenged players to mine between 700 and 27,000 gold for cash rewards ranging from $1.60 up to $120.

Gold mining rates

Gold is earned at different rates depending on the Spin & Gold tournament’s buy-in and your finishing position, with a maximum of 750 gold possible from one tournament.

Buy-in1st place2nd place3rd place
$50750 Gold500 Gold250 Gold
$20300 Gold200 Gold100 Gold
$575 Gold50 Gold25 Gold
$115 Gold10 Gold5 Gold

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